Little Kitten

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i was in a dark place when this was written, just finished high school

Submitted: October 19, 2016

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Submitted: October 19, 2016



Turning around I panicked. Where do I go? How could i get away? The tightness in my chest was familiar and i knew a panic attack was imminent and then id be really screwed. I just stood the resting on the tree, the rough bark grazing against my hand made me feel grounded. I grasped the tree and breathed and listened to myself. I open my eyes and just ran the way my body took off, the wind caressing my skin as my body cut through it. He was going to catch up, he was going to catch, me. The anxiety sat heavy in my stomach like id swallowed cement. I cant outrun him. The thoughts of all the horrid things he'd do to me if i caught me. I couldn't breathe, i had to stop running. My vision was blurring and going dark. It felt like a hand grasped around my throat, squeezing, closing the air ways. My ribs felt as though a vice was around me getting tighter crushing me in. My hands wouldn't stop shaking, as though my arms were being controlled by someone else. I felt like a stranger in my body, I had almost no control over my limbs. Every little movement made me exhausted, one step felt like one hundred, lifting my hand felt as though id been lifting weights all day at the gym. The terror of the situation set it completely. He was going to catch me for sure now, i cant move, i cant breathe. I heard footsteps, i tried hard to drag my body into a bush of any kind. I didn't even care if it was poison, anything to hide from him. I heard the footsteps getting closer and the slight call of; "Here kitty, kitty, kitty" He was toying with me, i try to shrink down into the leaves and make myself as tiny as possible. I could see his disgusting orange t-shirt and could almost smell the stink of his cologne, which basically smelt like off milk, and the alcohol that soaked his beard and breath, he stopped and his mouth turned into a creepy smile that reminded me of the joker, his teeth stained a dark yellow and he walked toward me. "Found you, little kitten."

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