Modern Perfection

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toying with reality, written this year

Submitted: October 19, 2016

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Submitted: October 19, 2016



The sun caressed my face like fingertips
I let my mind wander through the forest trees while i sipped on coffee that was the perfect temperature, the ember from the cigarette lit up as i drew it in.
life was never meant to be this perfect but here i am...

still sitting, fretting that my perfect world will crumble around me, giving in and letting go. Its so hard to wrap my head around, lifes big revolving door, repeating back on itself over and over, pointless monotony, the virus of the human mind, constantly correcting, constant criticism, distracting oneself via webs filled with spiders and snakes with names like 'friends' and 'family'. Add one and click next, judge one, swipe right back and forth till minutes turn into hours, days turn into weekly blurs of different sized screens and years of constant torture of ones self, never smart enough, never small enough, never good enough to  fit into the boxes we create for ourselves on what we are told life should be like.
born, school, work till your old then you can spend time doing what you love, money hungry giants teaching your children whats right is wrong and whats wrong is right, squashing any hope of actual thoughts and creativity.

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