The time Summer left (Part 2)

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Part 2 of my fan fiction in the Natsume Yuujinchou series. In wake of an attack from a Youkai she had escaped from with the help of the mysterious transfer student, Haru suddenly dreams about how she met Natsume.

Submitted: October 20, 2016

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Submitted: October 20, 2016



"Everyone! Take your seats and be quiet!" Our homeroom teacher was a bit later than usual, but it seemed like he had a reason for it. As he walked towards the front of the class, I noticed that he left the door open. "Now I know it's in the middle of the school year, but for reasons I don't want to dwell on, because we're already late as it is..." he continued. "...we have a new transfer student." he beckoned towards the door with his right hand. A boy started walking in. He had pale blond, but messy, hair. He was fairly tall, but he looked skinny. As per usual, the whole class reacted in their own ways. "Eh? I thought it was gonna be a girl." whispered a guy sitting close to me. "He's actually quite the looker." squealed another girl. But to me, he just looked really plain. He was smiling, but... "No..." I thought to myself. "He looks... really sad..." The teacher handed him a piece of chalk. "Well then son, go ahead and introduce yourself." As he pointed towards the black board. The transfer student bowed a bit a went on ahead to write his name on the board. "Nat... su... me... Ta... ka... shi..." I read his name in my mind. "Nice to meet you all. My name is Natsume, Takashi. Even though I transferred so late into the semester, I hope we can still have fun together." He bowed politely after. "It's so fake, though his acting is good, I'll give him that. But, I'm pretty sure some of them would fall for it." I thought to myself. "Good!" the teacher replied. "Umm, Sakamoto!" he called out. "Be a good lad and help Natsume get an extra desk and chair from the storage." "Understood, sensei!" Sakamoto replied gleefully as he stood up from his desk. The teacher started talking to Natsume, but his voice wasn't loud enough for the rest of the class to hear it. Natsume accompanied by Sakamoto went out of the room. "You can all introduce yourselves later at free period, but for now open your English book to page 34!" said the teacher. And in unison the class let out sighs as we all took out our text books from our bags.

Sure enough at lunch, everyone wanted a piece of Natsume. "Where'd you come from?" "Why'd you transfer here to the country side?" "Hey, man do you have a girlfriend yet?!" "What're your hobbies?" and so on. I'd be lying if I wasn't the slight bit of interested in him as well. "He does look kinda cute to be honest..." I thought. But for now, I'd just have to wait until people started to lose interest in him. "In the end, they always do." I said to myself. "Hmm? Did you say something Haru-chan?" Mari suddenly asked. "Eh? Not really." I tried to play it off. "Aren't you gonna talk to Natsume-san too?" she continued. "Yeah, sure. But right now, I don't think we'd get to talk to him just yet." There was a lot of people around him and his face told the whole picture. He was flustered and didn't know who to talk to first. It looked fun honestly. I never experienced some thing like that.

But, soon after, just a measly two weeks had past. Everyone lost all interest in him. What was once Natsume the transfer student was now just plain Natsume. I guess that's just middle school for you. It also didn't help that he was quite most of the time. He'd only talk when someone initiated a conversation first. And even then, it would quickly get awkward. So, naturally people would stop talking to him. As for me, I never really sat down and tried a conversation with him. We would exchange words. "Natsume, sensei is looking for you." "Ah thanks..." "Here's your test paper back." "Sure..." "Is that a number 3 or an 8?" "It's a 3..." But maybe this time, we could have a proper introduction. I stood up from my desk and decided to go look for him. He wasn't in the classroom and figured he'd be eating lunch by now. "Hmm? Haru-chan, where are you going?" Mari asked. "Just going our for some fresh air." I lied. If I told her that I would go looking for Natsume, who knows what kind of rumors would spread?

I made my way towards the cafeteria first. He wasn't there. Then the roof. No good here too. I wondered around the school grounds for a while until I found my way behind the school building. He was sitting under a tree eating a sandwich of some sort. He was facing away from him, so I'd have to get nearer to grab his attention. The tree's leaves were dancing along with his hair as a breeze passed by. The scene in front of me looked peaceful, and yet, very sad and lonely as well. I mustered up a bit of courage and started walking towards him. If anyone I knew would see trying to talk to him, I wouldn't hear the last of it. I really did want to at least talk to him. But as I was walking, he suddenly stood up. From a neutral face, his expression did a complete 180. Dread and worry filled him. I stopped dead in my tracks. He looked out into the open fields. "Don't come closer!" he shouted. He wasn't looking at me though he was fixated something, but I didn't know what it was. "I said stop!" again, I didn't know who he was talking to. "Wait a minute. Could he?!..." I said to myself. Natsume raised his arms up as it he was going to block something. Then his uniform's right sleeve ripped apart. It was if something had cut him. Natsume winced in pain and then looked like he was struggling. He threw his sandwich he was holding away from the tree and bolted in the other direction. Surprised wasn't a good way to describe my feeling right now. I was utterly horrified at what I'd just witness. I slowly made my way closer to the tree. I looked at the area wherein he threw his sandwich, but it was gone. And upon further inspection I noticed a bit of red on the grass. I knelt down and touched it. It was fresh blood no doubt. It was very little, but still, it was grim. Ideas started to fill my mind, but I had to know what actually happened. "Yup, it might of been a ghost." I said out loud.

I figured Natsume would head over to the nurses office to patch himself up so I headed there instantly. As I approached the office, I could hear people talking inside. I slid the door open and saw Natsume standing beside the school nurse who was in turn tying a bandage around Natsume's right arm. Both of them looked at me. "Mikoto-san?" Natsume asked. I was panting heavily because I had ran here. "Umm... Natsume are you okay?" I asked. "I saw you running past me holding your arm... and.. umm..." I didn't know what to ask. "Nothing to worry about dear!" the school nurse replied. "I've already patched up his wound in a giffy!" she continued. "It's only a minor scratch, but be sure to go to a proper hospital later young man! A wild animal like that, might have rabies. It's better to be safe." "Yes, ma'am. I'll head on over after our classes." Natsume replied. The nurse smiled back. "I swear these tanuki are getting more bolder! Why attacking my precious students for food, good grief!" the nurse explained. "So, that's the cover story he chose..." I thought. "Thank you again sensei." Natsume bowed down. "I'll make sure to talk with our grounds keeper as well. We'll get that darn tanuki for sure!" "Ah! There's no need, I'm sure it had it's reasons. It must have been trying to find food it's family or something." Natsume said. Surprised at what Natsume said, the nurse just smiled back at him. He simply bowed down again in thanks and left the office. "Sorry to worry you Mikoto-san." he said as the door shut in front of him. "But there was really no need to..." "You liar..." I cut him off. Bewildered, he looked straight me. "I saw you. Under the tree behind the building." His face suddenly went pale. "There wasn't any tanuki that attacked you. In fact there was nothing. But I saw it all. You were shouting at nothing when..." "W-what are you talking about Mikoto-san? It was pretty fast so I'm sure you didn't see it." he tried to plead with me, but I didn't want to back down either. I saw what I saw. "No, there was defiantly nothing there. But you were struggling against... Something." I pondered if I should actually say it to him. "Were you fighting with a ghost Natsume?" there's no going back now. I had to know. It was the one thing that made me interested in this boring country side town. Ghost hunting was my passion. And for the first time I might have a lead. "T-there's no such thing as ghosts Mikoto-san." Natsume tried to lie his way out of it, but it was too obvious. I know he had seen something there. "Please no more lies." I said firmly. Natsume looked down in defeat. "Don't..." he said softly. "What was that?" "Don't get involved with me..." he said. "What did you say?" I heard him perfectly, but I wanted him to say it again. "Please, from now on, leave me alone. It's better that way." Natsume started to walk away. "No! I'm so close to seeing one! I can't let this slip past me!" I thought. "Wait a minute!..." I tried to grab a hold of him as he was rushing away, but then he suddenly grabbed hold of my arm. "Ouch! Natsume, it hurts!" I cried out. At this point some students were already looking at us. Natsume looked straight at me. "If you don't want to get hurt. then don't talk to me every again." he was firm and asserting. Suddenly he shoved my hand away and I fell on the floor. "Haru-chan!" a familiar voice came up. It was Mari, she rushed beside me and knelt down. "Are you okay?! Did he hurt you?!" she asked. "Not really, I just fell." "Hmph! That jerk!" Mari sneered at Natsume who was already far from us. He never looked back to see if I was okay. "I guess, I just lost my chance again..." I thought in despair.

Soon after the rumors about what happened in front of the nurse's office spread like wildfire. People started calling Natsume a jerk and a bully behind his back and did horrible things to his stuff. "It was my fault..." I kept thinking to myself. But no matter how much I wanted to tell the other students the truth, how could I? It would only make things worse for both him and me. So, I did what I'd normally do to make me feel better. Search for more clues about the supernatural. After school I went online and started to search for anything related to Natsume, Takashi. Nothing came up. But after some digging I found an interesting article about weird phenomenon. "Mysterious circles appear in quite town." I read the article out loud. The basic gist of the story was in a town just a few train stations from here, there were sudden appearances of weird looking circles. The circle itself had what looked like an eye in the middle with a bunch of runes surrounding it. It was seemed to be drawn in dirt fields and near riverbanks. The article did also mention that it might be an elaborate prank, but to me, it looked like a lead. I copied the design as best as I could on a paper and headed out. I told my mother that I'd buy some extra school supplies at the convenience store. Armed with a flashlight I decided to head over to the most haunted, or what people think was the most haunted, place in town, the old Kishimoto mansion.

As I squeezed through the main gate, I noticed a big hole on the side of the mansion. But instead I headed for the front door. I tried to turn both handles of the front door, but it was obviously locked. So I decided to enter the mansion through the hole in the wall. The moment I entered the mansion, the air started to get heavy. It reeked of rotten wood and other unpleasant smells. The room I entered looked like a western style grand dining hall. There were no traces of a table or chains anymore. Just some wooden planks and rubble. In the far end of the room was a fire place I headed on over towards it and found some old charcoal. "Perfect!" I said out loud. I picked it up and took out the piece of paper with the weird circle I saw in the article. I figured that it had to be connected to the supernatural. Maybe it was a summoning circle? Who knows? But I was determined to find out. After what seemed like a long time, I managed to draw at least six of them in the dining hall before I decided to try another room in the mansion. But the air got denser even more. I took in more longer, deeper breaths, but it didn't help much. As I made my way more into the mansion, I heard rustling noises coming from behind me. The moment I turned around a chill ran down my entire body. There it was, illuminated by the moonlight was a tall slender black figure, around 7 feet high. It was standing still staring right at me. It's head resembled that of a wolf. It had no eyes or nostrils but it's mouth was wide open. I took a step back, and tripped on rubble. "Oh my..." It spoke with a deep voice. "Can you see me child of man?" it asked me. My mouth was open, my heart was racing, but no words could come out. "Speak human, I was kind enough to let you in my territory due to boredom. And this is how you repay me?" it continued. "If you will not speak, then maybe I'll just eat you and be done with it." the thing started to walk towards me. I tried to move my body, but fear had kept me in place. Soon after it disappeared from sight. Not instantly, more like faded away. I franticly scanned the room for it. And after a short while it appeared again in front of me. I let out a short cry of terror. The figure moved it's head downward. "I see... So it's by these circles that give you the ability to see me... Interesting child of man! I was wondering how it was that you could perceive me, and yet I sense no spiritual powers in you. You humans never cease to amuse me." it then raised it arm up and suddenly it's fingers started to grow larger. "But as much as I find you fun to play with, humans are very tasty..." it slammed it's hand over me. I tried to struggle free, but it was no use, it wasn't budging at all.

"I'm such a hypocrite. I've been looking for ghosts for so long. And now that I actually see one, I'm gonna get killed by one." I began to reason with myself. "Maybe it's karma from what I did to Natsume. Killed by my own stupid curiosity. What a way to go." I stopped struggling and laid down quietly. "Hmm? Another one?" It suddenly said. Before I could grasp what was going on another figure appeared and I saw it crash it's body onto the tall wolf. The wolf head tumbled sideways and disappeared from my sight once more. I felt a hand pull me up as I gasped for air but was quickly pulled away by the other figure. It lead me out of the mansion and into the forest surrounding the mansion. "Ah! This is fun! I'll play along! I'll find you children of man! And I'll eat you both alive! Go ahead I'll give you a little head start! Don't disappoint me now!" it was the voice of the wolf head and it laughed. I began to catch my breath as I ran at full speed away from the mansion. "We'll stop here for now, I think we lost him." I fell back on a tree in exhaustion and gasped for air. After a minute of heavy breathing, I finally looked up. "Of course it's Natsume, who saved me." he too was covered in sweat and tried. "Natsume..." I finally said. "...what was that thing?" Natsume looked at me. "You... could you?..." he replied. "Haru?! Where are you?! Answer if you're there!" there was someone calling my name in the distance. I could see some light flashing around in the thick of the forest. "I'm gonna lead him away and make sure he doesn't follow you. Please, stay here Mikoto-san. The police are gonna find you soon enough!" he continued. "Wait?! Police? Natsume what's going on?!" I demanded. "There's no time, just stay here! And if you can, avoid this place in the future at all costs!" Then Natsume ran back into the forest towards the mansion. "Wait! Natsu..." My body started to feel limp and tired again. "Hey! Over here! I think I found something!" I could hear faint voices as my body started to tremble. And just like that, I blacked out.

The next thing I knew I woke up in a hospital bed. "Haru! You're awake!" My mother was standing beside the bed I was in. But my Dad however, wasn't too happy to see me. "Where have you been?" I looked at him in confusion. "I told you guys that I went to the convenient story to buy school supples." I tried to explain. "Haru, dear... You really don't remember do you?" My Mom asked. My Dad looked over at my Mom. "It's okay honey, you don't need to get mad at her anymore! What's important is that she's safe with us!" my mom continued. "What's going on guys?" I asked in worry but as soon as I asked my Uncle entered the room, and all attention shifted towards him. "I've told the rest of the department to not talk about this with any outside sources. They're loyal to me and won't go telling anyone without my say." "No, seriously guys, what's going on?" They all looked at each other. Silence fell the room for quite some time. "You've been..." my uncle broke the silence. "...missing for nine days."

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