The Sky Is My Friend

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
This story is about the bond between a small girl and the sky. Ever since she was born she had special bond that was unbreakable.

Submitted: October 21, 2016

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Submitted: October 20, 2016



Ever since the day I was born and sent down from heaven, the sky befriended me with a huge burst of color and happiness. The sky never has any shame, and the sky and I have a beautiful bond no one can break. The stormy days may come and the rainy seasons may appear. But in the end the blue sky comes back and greets me with a warm sunny, marshmallowy cloud, a smile that never makes my day fall. 


When I cry, the sky cries with me, with buckets of rain that not even the notorious ocean can hold for long. When I’m upset, thunder and lightning roll through the sky like a rush of angry bulls going through a small town. When I’m sad, the sky cheers me up with a huge spotlight of sunlight that shines down on me and the sky tickles my face, which puts a huge smile on my face. 


When I am feeling alone, the sky shelters me with a loving white puffy cloud that follows me through my whole day and night. When I’m happy, the sky smiles back at me with a sunset that has never been seen by anyone in all of mankind. The sky fills up with colors that have never been even created before, along with mixtures of pink, gold, yellow, baby blue,violet, and the clouds' light huge magnificent plushes of cotton candy just float to where only God himself knows. 


Then when the sunset falls, the sky still greets me with a night that will never be forgotten. The sky fills up with millions and trillions of starts that cannot be seen by anyone else’s eyes but my own. The sky surprises me with planets and constellations. While I’m there enjoying the night sky and the time we are spending together, the sky gives me a calm, soothing wind that only someone who truly appreciates my true friend can ever feel. The wind blows through my hair just right — neither too forceful nor too chilling, but warm and protecting. 


Like the sky was whispering to me that I will never be alone. Then once I close my eyes to sleep, the sky watches me until it brings back the sun with another greeting for the next day of our beautiful friendship that only I will know.  Others will not appreciate it as much as I do. The sky and I have had a bond since I was sent down from heaven to live life on this earth, and the sky will never leave me alone.  


Even when I die, the sky will take me into its beautiful home beyond the clouds and will greet me at the gates of heaven in a robe that is shinier then gold itself and with the sunniest, whitest smile, saying “Hello, I’ve been waiting for this day to come so we can finally be together as one,” and it will give me the warmest hug that I’ve only felt from the sun. The sky will walk with me and never let me go once I walk through the pearly gates made of pure gold. 

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