Faith, Even There

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This story is not really about time-travel. This story is fiction, but Christian in nature. My intention is not to offend, but to expand hope using other viewpoints.

Submitted: October 20, 2016

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Submitted: October 20, 2016



Nestled in the hills is a rather small Christian University of some renown. It is noted for its academic studies and for its Christian theology programs, but as of late it has turned science.

A brilliant young businessman and history buff, who speaks six languages and claims this university as his own, has given millions of dollars to the school to study the probability of time travel. And after fifteen years he is about to receive an answer.

"Hello, Jim, this is Rodger Townsend from the University. --- Oh, I'm fine. --- Say, listen, can you clear your schedule anytime soon? We have something to show you and I know that you are going to be elated when you see what we have discovered.

Yes, Tuesday will be great, see you then."


At eleven-thirty on Tuesday morning Jim Ogden arrived at the University doors and was whisked away by a staff member. They soon arrived, by golf-cart, to the continuously expanding science wing of the school; they drove directly through the cargo bay doorway.

As the cart stopped Jim marveled at the huge machine that was situated at the far end of this building’s interior.

The interior of the building itself had to be the size of a football-field and the exterior walls support the massive arched roof.

Rodger Townsend approached with a beaming smile on his face, then he said, "Welcome to your Science wing, Jim! What do you think, is it impressive enough?"

"I'm blown away," Jim replied, "I've been so busy that I haven't had a chance to check up on you guys. I must admit, I'm impressed."

Townsend replied, "That's great; now let me show you the surprise and the reason you drove all the way up here. --- Step right this way."

Townsend lead Jim to a platform where a man stood dressed in a suite reminiscent of the 1920's.

"Frisk this guy Jim," Townsend said.

"What?" Jim asked while looking a bit bewildered.

"Yes, go ahead; Frisk him Jim," Townsend said again."Make sure that he has no cell-phones on his person. We want you to be thoroughly convinced that what you are about to see is real."

So Jim removed the guys suite coat and checked all the pockets, then he patted him down before returning the coat.

"Well, looks like he's clean, no cell phones anywhere," Jim replied.

"OK, here is a new phone that has never been used. Will you check it please, to make sure that there are no photos stored in its memory?" Townsend asked politely.

"A-OK," Jim replied, "no pictures stored."

At that point Townsend escorted Jim off the platform and into an adjacent viewing room. At that point Townsend gave a signal to the professor at the controls and ZAP, the guy in the 1920's suite was gone from the platform. About ninety seconds elapsed and ZAP, the guy was back.

Townsend invited Jim back onto the platform and the guy in the suite gave Jim the phone.

"Go ahead, look for pictures now," Townsend insisted while pointing to the phone in Jim's hand.

Jim checked the phone and found six photos on it. Two were selfies of the suited man with time square in the background and the rest were of time square itself, all taken from one vantage point in a panoramic series.

"No Way!" Jim blurted out.

"It is true," Townsend replied, "but we are still working on how to pinpoint our target for the return trip. We are afraid that we will not be able to locate him for transport if he moves from where we placed him originally."

"I am blown away," Jim replied.

Then Jim started asking all sorts of technical questions and was very interested in talking to Ben Turner, the man in the 1920's suite. Those conversations wasted away all of the afternoon and much of the night in the university cafeteria. 

Jim stayed overnight in the Special-Guest apartment and remained for the rest of that week, until business dragged him away.


Jim called several time over the next year only to find that they had reached a dead-end as far as the return trip of the time traveler.

They tried longitude and Latitude coordinates, but due to the earth's tectonic plate movements and slight movements in the earth's axis, over time, precise fixes could not be achieved. The person, or object, had to be in the exact place, at a pre-agreed time, for a successful return.

"I'm sorry Jim," Rodger Townsend said, "The Time-travel Generation Machine is far too big and requires massive amounts of energy. We can't send it with the Time-traveler. This isn't ("Back to the Future"), I really wish it was, but it isn't. All we can do is to keep working on reducing the Time Machine's size and power consumption, or to come up with a location device of some kind."

Jim countered by asking, "But we can still send someone back into any timeframe. That is right, right?"

"Into the past, YES, but the future isn't working too well.

"That is OK; I’m not concerned with the future as long as into the past is assured?" Jim replied.

"Of course, you can go back but you can't leave your landing sight and still be assured of a return to our time."

"I understand," Jim replied, and then he hung up.


A few months passed by and it was time for Jim's greatest adventure; Jim was going to visit Jesus.

He had the opportunity to see the miracles, first hand, to hear the sermons, and possibly to talk to Jesus himself. It was his fondest dream and he was going to take the chance.

When he arrived at the university he brought everything that he would need for the trip; handmade clothing suitable for the time, Roman coins as well as gold jewelry that he could use as currency. He brought expertly crafted papers noting his Roman citizenship, his good standing with Cesar, and his birth to a family in Greece.

He spared no expense accumulating those things that would give him the ability to rent accommodations and buy whatever he needed during his stay.

But what if he could not return, what then? He had planned for that too. His business prowess, his high IQ, and his knowledge of history would afford him the means to build a life in the region; if that is what was needed.


The morning arrived; all the disclaimers and wavers were signed by Jim and his lawyers, and notarized by the university. An additional ten million dollar check for the time-travel research to continue was given to the University too.

Jim stepped onto the platform, decked out in his period clothing, and was gone in an instant.


For months Jim search the region, along the Jordan river, Jerusalem, Galilee, Gadarenes, Bethsaida, Tyre and Sidon. He even went into Samaria and then to Nazareth looking for Jesus, but could not locate him, or anyone who had even heard of him or the apostles.

Finally Jim decided that he would go to the place where Jesus revealed himself to his apostles for the third time. He would go to the Sea of Galilee, to Tiberias, and camp in hopes that Peter and the others would come there.

"If they show up there, then Jesus will be there soon after," he told himself.

Days turned to weeks and at the end of the second month Jim's faith was at risk.

"History must have the dates all wrong," Jim said to himself as he built a fire to cook his morning meal, "my belief shall not falter and my faith will remain firm."

Jim skewed the fish filets that he had prepared and placed them over the fire.

"Have you enough for two?" said a voice that was near Jim.

Jim was startled because he saw no-one approach, but as he gained his composure he replied, "There is always enough for two, please be seated."

After a moment Jim made his way to a satchel that was hanging near his Donkey and pulled a loaf of bread, a partial flask of wine and some dried fruit from it. Then he returned to the stranger and seated himself.

"Why have you chosen this place to make camp?" The stranger asked.

As Jim handed the stranger a portion of the bread he said, "I was waiting for the arrival of my Lord, Jesus, but I'm afraid I have erred in the date."

The stranger reached for the bread and as he did Jim could see the Nail mark on his hand.

Jim humbled himself with his face to the ground and cried as he said, "Lord, where have you been? I have looked for you all over the region and you were not to be found.

There were no crowds of people, no feeding of thousands, no sermon on the mount, no apostles, and there was no crucifixion. The earth was void of my salvation, Lord. Did I arrive too soon?"

Jesus stood and as he did he pulled Jim up with him. With his sleeve he wiped Jim’s tears away, and then he looked him in the eye he said, "All that is written in the Testaments about me is passed, that was done on earth, now I come here to teach.

On earth there is but one life to live, but in this place there are many. This is done so that those who are cast into this place may eventually learn from their mistakes.

I have faith that many will find a path to salvation before the judgment day, and that is why I have come here.

Now come with me Judas, we have many to teach.


D. Thurmond / JEF --- 10-19-2016

© Copyright 2018 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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