Ego Mortem

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Submitted: October 20, 2016

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Submitted: October 20, 2016



Ego Mortem


Ryuu, a 19 years old guy who can't remember anything from his childhood is dragged into a fight in order to gain some money and he wins. The people who organized the battle, known as the six lords invite him to participate in another fight or he will be killed.

Ryuu has no chance but to accept, then he finds that the battle is to death and against one of the champions. He is scared, injured and he only has a knife, he is losing, but then, they get into a sword fight and somehow he decapitate the champion and win the fight.

For that, he is invited to another stage of the tournament. This time is at an industrial complex, for more days, the first day he fights near a village. He goes there by bike but he comes back with a car as the prize for his winning.

The first battle is against Tanaka, a strong guy, a master of the ice. He has a sword that turns into an ice shield. In this battle, they fight with artifacts. Ryuu received from one of the lords a fire dragon sword.

His opponent uses the incantation, the ice gets on his arm and his word extends, and Ryuu uses the fire which is strong enough to burn the ice and absorb it.

After a break, in the second round, Ryuu kill Tanaka.

Next day his opponent is Eri, a small girl, with short white hair, dressed in military pants and a black bra. The girl is an expert on traps because of is night, Ryuu uses infrared vision glasses. The girl is strong and very fast, she fights with guns. They fight in many ways around, but at some point, while following her he notices a string and stops.

using the infrared glassed he see that there are many strings, this is more than a battle, than a game, why would the lords kill both of them. It becomes a psychological game, he has to avoid the mines and the guns. Then, he catches her, but she escapes.

Fallowing her, he is hiding as well and then notices a huge string and a pathway between. he activates the string to fire and hide, looking there from a hole. Eri comes there and realize what is happening and throw a grenade to Ryuu, but using his sword stop it.

They fight like this for a while, but then, he gets injured and uses his fire dragon to burn everything. To survive, Eri, for the first time uses her sword, an ice dragon, but Ryuu uses the shield that he took from Tanaka and absorb her dragon.

When he think is over, her sword turns into a burning phoenix, but then the round is over.

She starts changing her clothes, and then when Ryuu turn back he see her ass and just can't hold himself not to say something about it, but she just smile.



Arriving back at the place where he supposed to spend the night, on the bed he finds a black spear and a letter from one of the lords which offered him the artifact of the sea serpent. He sleeps like dead in that night, and in the morning, with the first sunlight, he is in the arena.

This time he fights against two opponents, brothers and at the same time the masters of the white wolf. Fighting with the two of them doesn't seem that hard, he can dodge their attack, but he can't use the serpent.

Trying over and over again, it seems impossible, he gets injured, and his blood touches the spear.

The brothers beat him even more, but then he can hear a voice, from somewhere from the crowd, the strong voice of a man giving him an advice, teaching him to hold the spear, and then, when the brothers were about to kill him, from nowhere a sea serpent rising and kill both of them.

Ryuu is the winner of the battle, but he is confused, who was that person, and also, when he killed them it felt like he can't control his body anymore.

He goes on backstage and there he meet Satoru, the closest person to the six lords, the president of the arena. They watch together the fight of Eri against another woman, and even if she gets badly wounded, in the end, she wins.

He can hear again that voice, saying something to him, calling his name. He leaves and goes in another room, is so dark in there, so he uses his infrared glasses. On the floor is a trap, an open door so he manages to go in the basement. On the stairs, he falls and then when he raise his look he gets terrified.

Many people are caged, most of them are dead and the ones alive are just corpses. He looks around so scared and then on a table he see a sacred person and it's heart in a jar. He starts puking, falling and walking back and then a hand grab him.

An old man, he recognizes the voice and the gramps confess that he was the master of the sea serpent, Ryuu, the young and innocent kid should run away when he still have time... but then.. the old man recognize those eyes, he is no kid and neither more innocent. From the cave, he becomes violent, so angry and while trying to choke Ryuu, this one kills the old man.

Scared, he goes back upstairs but there Satoru and the soldiers are waiting for him.

Ryuu is captured and taken to away. When he wake up, the chains are keeping him prisoner, is so dark in the room that he can't see the face of the man who's there, talking to him. It seems that he's one of the six lords, the one that provides those weapons for him.

For what he have seen he can't be free anymore, but they don't intend to kill him either, instead he will be sent to the underground, a damned place, an arena where the beasts are fighting. If he manages to kill the champion, Suzuki Kai, then he will be free.

Next day, while waiting for the fight to begin, in a cage like an animal he sees a young boy, even younger than him, so wounded, so scared, crying. He seems to pray for a quick death, all he want is to put an end to the suffering.

Ryuu assists at the fight and sees how a warrior wearing a black mask turn that child into pieces. Screaming and yelling in pain he is dying. the blood touches the cross from his hand.

Satoru comes there with an artifact in his hand, the two swords of the firefox. In the next moment, Ryuu realizes he is in the middle of the battle. The same masked warrior is his rival. All he can do is fighting back, defending himself, trying to save his own life.

In the backstage Lord Teruo, the person from last night arrive near Satoru. He is wearing a black cape that covers his face. They talk about Ryuu, and the lord is sure that the kid will manage to survive, he has to, if not the moment yet for him to break his soul. Satoru doesn't understand what the lord is saying so he just remain quiet.

Ryuu is terrible wounded, one of the swords are on the ground but he manages to grab it in time and to summon the firefox. He attacks over and over again and kills the masked warrior.

Ryuu keeps fighting day after day, over and over again, and eventually, he will be nothing more than a killing machine, a master of the artifacts.

In the middle of the night, Satoru comes and pick him up in order to go at the Lord's Teruo Palace, but on the road, on the way there Ryuu kill the man and escape.

At the Palace is a ball, important guests are there, among them is Suzuki Kai as well.

Lord Terou is wearing a white mask that covers a part of his face and now his long and white hair can be seen. The landlord have a drink or two with the champion but his words are sad, somethings seems to bother him, so then he goes outside.

A servant comes near him and tells about the murder of Satoru.

Ryuu goes back to his life of doing nothing and losing time around all day, without going to school, or working. All this for a month, then, in one evening, while he was at shopping for dinner he just bumps into Eri.

First was strange for him to recognize her because now she is dressed in a pretty white dress and tall hills.

They grab a soda and go to have a talk on top of the building, they talk about all kind of stuff but none of them ask what happened after their battle.

Eri works now as a waitress at a coffee bar just near the corner, and they still need one more person, in case Ryuu is looking for a job. Of course, he wasn't but for her, he says yes.

They spend another month working together at the coffee shop like nothing happened before, they enjoy the time and Ryuu seem happy. 

In that evening Eri come over at his place to have dinner together and on the same night they take their relationship to another level and they become as one.

In the morning Eri go to work, and Ryuu decide to go later, but when he arrive there everything is a mess, the windows are broken everything is upside down, the owner is killed, and another person is killed just now, in front of his eyes by lord Teruo. Ryuu is terrified but then he realize that Eri is safe, she sits on the floor, near a table. Ryuu is so angry, he gets in a fight with the lord and his cape falls. He is a handsome man with the same eyes as the boy, for Ryuu, he looks very familiar.

The lord put an end to this and force Ryuu to listen, he saved the girl, that man was sent there to kill both of them.

Ryuu has questions, but the lord tells him that all the answers are in the death of Suzuki Kai, and his memories as well. Now Ryuu is, even more, confesses, how did Teruo possible know about this... the lord want to leave, Ryuu grab him by the arm but he can't even speak anymore, a terrible headache put him to the ground.

When Ryuu visits Suzuki Kai he understands what Satoru was trying to say some time ago, the champion is a very important person in the daily life with a huge influence at the royal palace, but in the same time he is a warrior, a monster that can fight only in the underground so his business can't be affected by this dark hobby of his.

Ryuu keep asking questions about lord Teruo, and nothing of what Kai is telling him seems to match with the person he saw just a few times. The boy starts lying that the lord send him here to buy an artifact, and Kai believes him.

They go to a basement and the champion recommends him the two spears of the Lion, but Ryuu's attention is somewhere else, the halberd of the zodiac.

When he is just about to get out from the door, Ryuu stops and ask Kai why would lord Teruo want to kill him, and he confesses that was sent here to complete this mission. The champion smile and answer: maybe because he is also one of the six lords.

Ryuu arrives home and sees that everything is destroyed, the floor is covered with blood and the dead body of Eri lies there. He screams in pain, then he takes the zodiac and goes at lord Teruo's place.

He gets inside like a storm and starts a fight with this one, but he is no match for the lord. Crying he yell at him, causing of the murder of Eri, but the lord can't believe something like this is true, he saved her, he stopped the killing... just for few more days.

Even if Ryuu can't believe that the lord is innocent he keeps asking questions about why is all this happening, who want to kill Eri, why he want to kill Kai, and the most important thing... who truly is lord Teruo?

Because Teruo refuse to answer any question, Ryuu leaves but before that he swear that will learn how to master the zodiac and kill the person who murdered Eri.

After the boy leave, near lord Teruo appears a creature called Kuro, a daemon. The lord complains about not being able to stop the murder of Eri, about the fact that he couldn't change it, not even now... how many times he have to see her dying... he find out from Kuro that the murderer is lord Mitsuro, then Teruo ask for his artefact, the scythe of Death.

By the sunrise, Teruo finds lord Mitsuro, torture him asking about the death of Eri, and then murder it in cold blood.

In the same morning, Ryuu goes again at Suzuki Kai's place and ask for this one to become his teacher, to teach him to master the zodiac.

Home, Kuro was waiting for his master and now tells him about Ryuu, but lord Teruo already knew about this. Like this started everything, wishing to revenge Eri's death the kid become a monster itself, the master of the zodiac, Kai turned him into a killing machine and eventually, by killing his own master he was able to become the lord of the scythe.... but not this time, Teruo swear to Kuro that he will stop this from happening again. Kuro leaves in the shadow, but before that, he tells to the lord "be careful, Ryuu!"

Next week the games begin again, this time taking place in a suburb at an old manufacture. Wearing long and dark capes that cover their identity, all the five lords are there, among them Suzuki Kai and lord Teruo. By the voice, one of them is a woman and she is complaining about the death of Mitsuro, but then they forget about him and pay attention to the games.

During the battles, Kuro appears behind Teruo and keep talking all the time, laughing and swearing, he enjoy the games very much but the lord is just bored.... until Ryuu walk in the arena.

He stands up from the chair and says that this shouldn't suppose to happened, the other lords don't understand what he said, he realizes that is acting weird, apologizes and sits down again. Behind him Kuro is laughing hysterically, so excited about the event, so Teruo forces him to disappears in the shadow.

Ryuu's opponent is the master of the white wolf spear, a powerful man that almost put the boy to the ground few times. Ryuu is using the firefox and then the sea serpent, but he doesn't have any chance of winning.

Bleeding he fall on the ground, but then he stands up again and keeps fighting.

Lord Teruo is watching his every move, his every attack. A hard battle and then Ryuu can't fight anymore. His body is bleeding and he falls. His enemy attack and is just about to kill him, and so Ryuu calls the zodiac. He is too fast so everything can be seen, he kill his opponent, an explosion ca be heard and then he falls unconscious on the ground.

The crowd is excited, amazed by what just happened, but lord Teruo knows that for Ryuu should be impossible to master the zodiac now... it shouldn't be like this.

In the middle of the night lord Teruo attack Suzuki Kai. This one was expecting for such a thing, he sees the scythe in time and manage to defend himself. Then he grabs the sword of the fire dragon and with no problem fight against the lord.

This one is powerful and fast, but so is the champion.

During the fight, Kai recognizes that fighting style, those techniques, and he smile. He hit the lord and scratch him, he recognizes him, Daijro Ryuu, he can't understand how is possible but he know is true. He asks him to fight better than this because surely he taught him better.

The master of the scythe confesses how he killed lord Teruo and took his place. Once, as a kid, he managed to murder Suzuki Kai, his master, what makes him think that now, after so many years he have a chance to win.

Kai asks what made a kid like Ryuu turn into such a beast, into a master of death... and Teruo confesses how he was betrayed, murdered in cold blood... and even in death he couldn't find peace. He lived hundred of years and for what end.... all he want now is to find peace, to stop Ryuu to become him.... to erase himself from this world.

Ryuu walks in the room, with tears in his eyes, shocked by what he just heard.

He refuses to believe that such thing is even real, he would never become someone like lord Teruo, he grabs the zodiac and wants to engage in a fight but Kai stops him. Teruo is no match for him and the kid would be killed.

All the memories from Ryuu's past are gone because Teruo is there, to have the same person in the same place can cause a disorder in the universe. The kid yell at him, refusing to believe that they are the same person, he is nothing like the lord.

Suzuki Kai attack lord Teruo but this one managed to injure him. The champion falls on the floor bleeding. Lord Teruo go near Ryuu and show him his own memories. From the beginning, when he was just a child and his family was murdered by the six lords, when he grow up alone, in pain and hardly surviving, to the moment when he was not able to save Eri, to his training with Kai, the battle when he mastered the zodiac and then death of his master. A child covered in blood and then the master of the scythe. Then the hell begins, what happened after that moment was a living hell for him.

Lord Teruo scream and let go to Ryuu.

He feel the fire dragon sword piercing trough his heart. He walks back bleeding, but then he smiles, looking so creepy at Kai, while his wound is healing.

No weapon mastered by a mortal can kill him because he is already dead, he is death himself.

Kuro appears in the room, hoping so much that Teruo will kill Kai so he can take his soul.

Teruo grabs his scythe again and attacks Kai, but then he stops. Blood is falling from his nose. Both of them look back, sacred and see Ryuu need on the floor, with the halberd of the zodiac piercing his chest. He is dying, but he is smiling. Maybe is no weapon that can kill Teruo, but is a mortal that can put an end to this.

The scythe of Teruo disappears and Kuro starts laughing hysterically.

Teruo runs near Ryuu when the halberd disappears he grab the kid in his arms. He came back to save him, him and Eri but in the end, he just managed to kill both of them.

Little by little the body of lord Teruo is disappearing, turning into dust.

With tears into his eyes lord Teruo disappears completely, Ryuu look at his master and smile, then his dead body fall on the floor.

Suzuki Kai is bleeding. On his face, a sadness can be seen.

He walks outside on the balcony and there he fall on the floor.

Bleeding he sits near the wall and looks at the stars. he hopes Ryuu will find peace and will be safe... until they will meet again in hell.

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