Angel of Death

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Marcus, a 21 year old Italian man has the abilities to see people right after they die, either as an encounter in person, or as a spiritual dream, how ever his abilities start to escalate when Marcus has a dream of a family friend who seems distressed. Little does Marcus know his abilities can and maybe will save a life. Marcus will soon realize the meaning of the saying "When life hands you lemonades, you make lemonade." Even if that "lemonade" happens to be sour.

Submitted: October 20, 2016

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Submitted: October 20, 2016



"When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade." Isn't that how the saying goes? Life can hand you many things, doesn't always mean it will exactly be sweet, lemonade in fact, can be sour. Life can throw curve balls, and what if you try to curve those curve balls? Will life stay the same, or can that be a mistake? Marcus has a lot to learn, the hard way, and fast.

Marcus was your typical guy. He had a typical job, and his life was basically normal, as normal as you would expect for a twenty-one year old male. Marcus went day by day, not realizing how truly special he was to the human species. Marcus lives in a small town of Delta, where nothing really ever happens, so when some thing does happen, everyone already knows about it. Drama swept their town like no other. When everyone knows everyone and every thing, its hard to get away with much or to not become a trending topic.

Even being out of school, you hear about in school drama. A kid named DaQuan had killed himself, he shot himself in the head in his bedroom. The news of this young man's death had not yet reached Marcus, so he had no clue of DaQuan's death. Marcus had decided to roam by his local McDonald's for a sweet tea, and there sat DaQuan. He didn't move, he didn't even say a word to Marcus, he just sat there in the booth, eating food. Only at this point, Marcus didn't know DaQuan had died earlier. Marcus strugged it off, since he and the deceased were not close, so he had no words for him. Marcus made his way home to jump on social media. That's when the statuses over flooded his newsfeed. "R.I.P DaQuan", "Gone too soon, DaQuan." Marcus sat their in shock. He just saw DaQuan barely an hour ago, but apparently DaQuan had died that morning. Shivers explored Marcus' body. He decided to share to his friends that he had recently seen DaQuan, thinking nothing of sharing his experience, hate started to spread in. People thought he was lying, making it up, and just plain being rude. So many hatred comments had Marcus delete his status and ignore his encounter.

Weeks had passed without another encounter, and Marcus was completely grateful for that. News then flooded Delta of a car accident, where another male had died. This time Marcus heard right away, only to realize it was one of his own friends who died this time. David had gotten into a car accident, and did not survive, the news had Marcus dumfounded. He had just talked to David the other week, and now he would never see his friend again, so he thought. The encounter didn't even happen right away, it took a while this time. Months actually had flown by, and people still remained sad over David's death, but it was no longer talked amongst the town of Delta. Marcus had a dream, and there stood David. David went up to Marcus and had a request, to tell his girlfriend how much he misses and loves her. Marcus was also friends with David's girlfriend. The dream seemed so real, however, Marcus woke up and chose to ignore it. The next day, Marcus went to his friend Tiffany's house, and he told her of his experience the night before. Tiffany told him not to tell David's girlfriend anything, due to what just happened a few months back, where Marcus got hate due to him posting about his encounter with DaQuan. Marcus agreed with her, and he ignored yet another encounter.

His encounters became less and less, so he chose to ignore his past encounters more and more. Months had passed this time, Marcus was actually enjoying life again. He was always with his best friend Tiffany, and his new girlfriend Miley. The three literally did almost every thing together, and no encounters occured again. Tiffany and her husband Jeremy had Miley and Marcus over one night. Little did they know they were about to hear about yet another encounter Marcus had. They all sat around drinking, and having a good time, then it was time when everyone went to bed. Marcus will soon regret his decision to even go to sleep that night. He had another dream, this time of a man he did not even reconginize. The man was asking Marcus to save him, that he needed his help, as if Marcus knew what to do. The next morning when everyone woke up, Marcus told his group of friends of his dream, they warned him not to ignore it, yet thats exactly what Marcus did.

The next event didn't even take weeks or months, it took only days. A few days after Marcus chose to ignore the encounter, his parents had woke up to a phone call. A family friend had just passed away, a family friend that Marcus did not know the face of, but has communicated with before. Marcus decided to do some digging, to see if this man was the man in his dreams. Marcus soon dreaded that decision when he revealed the truth, the man in his dream was the man who recently passed away. Marcus started to realize he should not be ignoring all of these signs. He then went to vented to his friends, who told them to start listening to all of his signs, since they seem to have escalated since the beginning. Marcus always knew he was special, but he didn't want to be so special that he was basically an angel of death. Marcus didn't know what to do, he just knew that if an ecounter happened again, he certainly would not ignore it. Marcus started replaying his childhood, wondering if maybe he had signs back then too, and he surely did. Marcus once recalled walking his dog, when a shadow man appeared out of no where in his yard, when he lived in Kentucky. All of his thoughts, of his encounters gave him more and more shudders. He wondered why him? Why did he have this gift? 

Marcus didn't know why him, but he believed that gifts and special abilities have always been in his family. He started to recall where his mother would visit people, by herself, at the hospital, and in a day or two, that person would be died. He then decided that is part of where he gets his ability from. Marcus, knew from day one he was special. He was handed his own lemons from day one. He didn't want this ability, he didn't choose this ability, but he has it, and he knows he can use it for good. He turned to google for help on his ability, but sadly not even google had all the answers he needed, he decided time would tell more about his abilities, what they mean, and what he's suppose to do with them. For now, Marcus is just focusing on life, conflicted about his abilities, and realizing the lemonade he had made, was in fact, sour.



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