What You Learn After Your "Friend Group" Turns Against You

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This is an article describing how my "friend group" turned against me and severely bullied me my senior year of high school, and the postives that came from it. It describes everything I learned from the experience and may help others.

Submitted: October 20, 2016

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Submitted: October 20, 2016



High school friendships are always complicated, especially when it comes to forming infamous "friend groups".

Friend Group: A large group of close individuals who can always rely on each other, and can always turn to each other for a source of happiness.

At the beginning of high school, I was lucky enough to be blessed with a large, loving, and stable friend group. Everyone knew us- we were seen as some sort of happy family, which we were. Until senior year. 

Senior year was when things took a turn for the worst. Our "group" became "cliques" that would often intermingle, however most times, I didn't quite fit in anywhere. There was lying, secrets, and a lot of gossip. Tensions escalated as the lying, ditching, and fake apologies continued and became more and more frequent.

One night myself, along with a few others, weren't invited to a party one of our friends was having. It wasn't a huge deal, in fact it was almost expected, but others who didn't recieve an invite were much more upset. Someone called the police and reported the party. Where did the blame fall? Me. Altough I didn't do it, no one listened, they wanted someone to blame. I was now isolated, ignored, ridiculed, and I lost everyone. Luckily, I was able to find a great new group of friends (God bless them!). However, the old ones eventually came back. "Let's just forget about this and be friends again", they said. I forgave them. But I will never forget. Never.

I pray that this doesn't happen to anyone else, but in reality it does all too often. If it happens to you, here is what you'll learn:


1. You're better off without them.

You always relied on these people for ideas, plans, and help. You never got to do any of these things for yourself. You were a follower, you had to be like them. But not anymore. You are free to do what you want, when you want, with who you want, without worry. You can be who you are, and no longer have to blend in with the ordinary. After all, following that crowd somehow always left you a step behind.

2. Never feed into drama from closed-minded people.

You'll never get anywhere. In fact, you'll drive yourself crazy desperately trying to talk some sense into these people's ignorant minds. They see their opinions, that's it, and that's all they will ever see. Arguing with them will only make them stronger, because you are feeding into the drama that they dished out. There is no door to open up a closed mind, persistently trying to drill a hole in it will get you nowhere. 

3. They probably weren't your type. 

If a group of individuals is willing to intentionally hurt you that badly, they're probably not your type of people. They certainly like drama, and maybe they can handle it. But if you can't, they aren't the people for you. Don't let yourself be surrounded by them, simple as that.

4.They never cared, but honestly... did you?

This group, did they stick with you through bad times? Were they the "I'm panicking and I know exactly who to call" friends, or were they the ones who said "Text me if you ever need to talk"? Did they actually know your struggles? Did you know theirs? Enough for deep conversation? Were they the first ones you'd talk to if you needed to vent? Did you guys ever check up on each other, just to see how things were going? Did these questions make you reevaluate the friendship you valued so much?

5. You weren't the problem. They were.

They made you feel unworthy. They ignored you, gave you dirty looks, whispered about you in front of your face, and made you feel alone. You thought it was your fault because all of this made you feel like for some reason you weren't "normal". But quick question: What normal person goes around treating others the same way these people treated you and can still sleep at night with ease? Zero. 

6. Never treat anyone how they treated you. 

No matter how many people tell you to "just forget" about what happened, you won't. It's not necessarily a bad thing. You now always have a reminder of how NOT to treat a person. Despite your bitter feelings, the pain they caused you is something that you wouldn't even wish back on them. Be nice, let karma do its thing, and never sink to their level.

As much as we hate to admit it, every bad has its good. Now, you don't have to worry about those people trying to knock you down, because they're already below you. 



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