Siberian wolf

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Submitted: October 20, 2016

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Submitted: October 20, 2016



In the 1560’s year Russia, the winter was colder than any time before.Everything around is frozen, people are gathering near the fire, the animals warm breath is like a fog in the air.In one evening, at the local bar, riding a black horse, a man came. Alexei Nikolayevich.He left the village when he was just a boy, but now, he came back.

Soon after that, in one of that cold night, murderers begin to appear. First, there were the animals, dead bodies found in the front of the house, or split away on the forest, and then, a human victim.

Igor Mironov, the mayor of the village, and few other men decide to hunt the criminal, and Alexei will join them. They go in the forest, but only him will come back, on the horse, bleeding to death.Just because of one woman, lady Tatiana Mironov, the mayor’s wife, all the village will turn against Alexei, accusing him of being the criminal.

When they find the big ax, covered with blood in Alexei’s house, they condemned him, and the sentence is death.Almost all the people come to see the death of the criminal.Is so cold outside and from the black sky, snowflakes are falling.Alexei is chained, the executioner hit him, and force him to knees. Alexei closes his eyes and waits for the ax to cut his head.

One single voice heard screaming, and everyone turns back. One little girl is murdered, turn into pieces.Just nearby, the dog starts barking, and then, his head falls on the ground.Everyone is scared, screaming, terrified.

When one of them is murdered, the chaos begin. People running in all direction, yelling. Some of them are getting killed, so fast, so now one can see by who.Chained, Alexei is looking at them, like at an old picture, but then, with big eyes, he looks at the creature.He starts to scream, to yell so he can be  released, but no one seems to listen to him.

All around turns into a blood rage, and then, people are dying in front of his eyes, breaking in pieces.He is screaming so powerful, that his eyes, for one second, turns yellow and he breaks the chains.

Running, Alexei grabs the ax and hunt the creature. Face to face with the beast, with a bloodthirsty werewolf, he can barely breathe.The creature hit him so badly and throw him away in the bushes.

Lady Tatiana is screaming, so scared, her little girl is just in front of the beast.This one growls and attacks the child, but then, a white wolf with blue eyes appears from behind, kill the creature, look at Tatiana for few seconds, then, he just go away.

In the morning, Tatiana found Alexei drinking vodka at the local bar, near the fireplace. She  thanks him, even he seems not to have any idea about what she is speaking, then, he stands up, take his ax, his hat and then, he leaves.

Tatiana runs out and finds him near his horse. It’s snowing again, and the snowflakes sit on his hat.She doesn’t say anything, for one moment, just look at his blue eyes, and they are the same with the white wolf’s eyes from last night.

Tatiana just smiles and tell him, that she heard about the legend of Siberian wolf many times, but she never thought that is real.

Alexei smile, take his horse and leave without saying a word.

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