The obsession

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Submitted: October 20, 2016

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Submitted: October 20, 2016



This is the story of Verner family, with a long history and a big passion for archeology.

The Verner boys are always complaining about the fact that they will have to take care of the old grandmother for two months, while their parents are going to Peru for archeology researchers.To spend time with granny is just the worse thing that could happen, until one day when they find in the attic an old mirror and a hole in the wall, covered with blood.In the night when Henry falls asleep, the true nightmare begin.He wakes up and hears a sound from the attic. In there he sees a lady, dressed in black, with a veil covering her face, crying for help.

When she touch the mirror, she disappears, and Henry follows her.He sees himself in a desert and stabs his hand in a cactus, it hurt so much, but just after that a mysterious person, with the face disfigured start to chase him with an ax.

Killed in a dream, Henry wakes up screaming, and a few moments later, he sees that his hand is bleeding. The wound where the cactus stabs him is real.

In the second night, the lady dressed in black come again, crying for help.This time, Henry arrive in a village. A village near the forest is still night and he walks on the street, scared, waiting.Then, he arrives in front of a house and walks inside. There is the man with the big black hat and another one.

They are speaking Spanish and the young Scandinavian boy can’t understand, but he sees that the killer buy something and then, looking back, he realize that Henry is there.Screaming, yelling of pain, Henry is running as fast as he can, until he is killed again.

He wakes up, sweating, screaming, he has an open wound on his leg where he was stab by a piece of wood.During the day he is feeling even more sick, so weak, and he starts ti spit blood.He can’t concentrate on anything, is being angry all the time and his fever goes stronger.

When the darkness come and Henry hears that cry of the lady again, he is terrified.With all his body shaking, he is trying to go to his brother’s room, but he falls on the stairs and remain unconscious.

Is another dream, Henry scream when he falls on his knees, on the rocks. He raises his eyes and sees himself in front of an Aztec pyramid.In that moment he realizes that all this is happening in Mexico.Just near the pyramid, he sees an archeology sit and a team of five people digging.

He goes closer and sees one man, tall, blonde with blue eyes, a Scandinavian man who look so much like him.From near the pyramid, the man with black cape came and call the blonde one Harald.Now Henry realizes that this man is his grandfather in his youth.The one with a black hat now look normal, his name is Sigurd. Both of them go inside the pyramids, and Henry follows them and has a shock to see that Sigurd is killing Harald.

Terrified of his grandfather’s death, Henry want to make one step back, but then, Sigurd is looking at him, and with the ax in his hand, is chasing the young boy until he kills him, breaking his body into pieces.

Henry is screaming again, waking up on the floor, with his nose bleeding.He is trying to stand up, but is too weak and fall.His pain is huge. So scared, Henry is crying.Rurik finds him on the floor, and Henry decides to tell everyone what is happening to him.

Lady Ellen goes into the attic and sees the mirror and the hole in the wall.She takes all of them, and in front of a big cup of coffee, she tells them the truth. What really happened back then, at that sit in Mexico.Henry realizes that lady with a black dress, crying for help, every night is his grandmother in her youth.

Back then, inside the pyramid, she was tortured by Sigurd, and when she had to be killed, she used an ancient Aztec totem to ask for help.When she was almost killed, a young Scandinavian boy helps her. She thought that is her husband, Harald, but he was already dead.That boy was Henry, this thing was meant to happen. Henry’s fate was decided in the moment when she used the amulet.

Henry feel like he is losing his minds, and for him, is no other choice, but dream again.In next night, after a long talk with his brother, he falls asleep and wakes up in the pyramid.He is running, because his grandma doesn’t have too much time.He is so scared, but he knows that this is the only way to stop the nightmare.

In that room, in the darkness, lady Ellen is injured, bleeding on the floor, and Sigurd want to kill her with the ax, but then, Henry manages to help her.Fighting with that man, he is injured so badly, with his hand broken, and an open wound on the leg, in his last moment, Henry use the totem and burn Sigurd. His face will be disfigured forever.

He takes his grandma outside, but on the stairs, he falls.Henry wakes up, so tired, with his nose bleeding again, but this time, he wasn’t screaming anymore.Richard and Lya are there, near his bed, but he looks behind them, at the door, and see the lady with the black dress.

She takes the veil from her face, and now Henry can recognize his grandmother’s smile.She thanks him, then she just leaves.

Richard’s phone ring, he answers and talks with Rurik. Thier brothers are at the hospital, with lady Ellen, and now, Rurik tells them that grandma had a heart attack and just passed away.

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