Fixing History

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With World War 2 still raging, the world is in a terrible state. Only have of its original population remain. A time machine has been put together though, and it could change everything.

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Submitted: October 20, 2016

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Submitted: October 20, 2016



Redirecting History.

“So this is it huh.” I came here with a mission and one only, to prevent World War 2 to the best of my abilities.

“Yea, this it bro.” said Gizmo.

He’s the engineer that put together the Time Machine. Without him, nothing would’ve been possible. The world still in a state of collapse and anarchy. All the lives of those who did nothing bad. The horrible fate of the innocent people whose lives were ruthlessly taken by the Nazis. If World War 2 would have been avoided, the world would not be in such a terrible state with only half of its population remaining. As I took my first few steps towards the machine, I touched its surface. It was greasy, rusty and old-like. Cables everywhere. It’s incredible how Gizmo found all the things he needed for this project scavenging barren lands of what remained of earth. Offices, banks, supermarkets everything.

“It’s time.” says Geraint. “It’s almost noon. Hitler's rally will start in 2 hours.”

Geraint’s historic knowledge is why Gizmo recruited him on the team. After all, we needed someone that knew everything about the beginning of World War 2 and all of its events.
“If you don’t go now we will have to wait 2 more months until his next rally, and by then, the situation will have worsened, millions more would’ve died. We can’t afford that.” he continues.
So I turn the switch to 1938 and brace myself for an adventure of a lifetime. One that could possibly save earth.

“Good luck.” Gizmo and Geraint say in unison as I step into the machine.


Of course, because the war is still going in present day, couldn’t someone just go and finish Hitler off right away without going back to the year 1938? We can’t do that simply because we would need incredible amounts of man- and firepower to execute such a mission, it is simply unfeasible. So we had to take the slower and way more dangerous route instead. After all, anything we do in the past could take a huge turn on the future.


Here I was. Nuremberg, Germany 1938. It’s 13:30 pm. I showed up by a corner of an abbey, I could see other people walking in a cluster towards a direction. The rally was starting soon. I decided to join the crowd. The streets are full, full of people all going to the rally. People pouring in from alleyways into the main street towards the stadium. It’s scary. All of these people- supporting such a terrible man and his ideas. Who could’ve guessed that he would go so far with his campaign?


14:00 pm.

I’m blended in to the group now. My excellent german proved useful as I earned the trust between a few nazi followers. I’ll just use them for intel on how to get to the roof. I’m nearing the stadium entrance now.

14:15 pm.

I’m inside. The stadium is fully packed with people. Like a can of sardines... I was told. I don’t know how those used to look like. I’m scared. The people here are chanting. It’s a terrible feeling, I want to get this over with.

14:30 pm.

Now I have to get to the roof. Thankfully the intel I collected earlier tells me how. Or just a high point so I can get a clear shot. That reminds me, I still need to get a firearm somehow. Damn.


14:45 pm.

I see it. My chance to get an adequate gun. There is a two man patrol walking back and forth; maybe I can nick a gun off of them. Alright, I only have one chance at this. I have to keep it quiet not to lure too much attention as well. I have to be precise. I blow to the neck to both should do the trick.

14:50 pm.

Got it. Just what I needed. Incredible what firearms looked like so long ago. They are so bulky and metallic. But it should do the trick. I have to find a spot from where to shoot from aswell, quick.

14:58 pm.

I can see him. His presence in the stadium made the air around me feel thick. He’s standing on the podium now. My heartbeat accelerating. I can change the world- no, history here and now. I take the firearm out of my jacket, my heartbeat increasing little by little. All the destroyed lives I’m about to restore, with the click of a button. I slowly position my arm into the right position. I take a deep breath. I can hear footsteps. Someone is approaching from behind. No, not now. I can hear them coming, louder and louder, faster and faster. I aim my gun towards the stage and-

15:00 pm.


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