The wildflower

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Submitted: October 20, 2016

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Submitted: October 20, 2016





During a summer storm a taxi stop in front of the yard and Rurick, a teenage boy gets down, take his bags and run inside his father's house.

He is all wet, upset he just let his bags at the door and walk around the hold house until he finds his father, prof. James Alden having a phone call with his boss.

Busy all the time with his research at the archaeological site, James lost the time and had no idea his son was supposed to arrive today.

Finding himself alone in the house in the morning, Rurick grabs a coffee and get to take some fresh air when a cat get scared from something from the bushes he decides to take a look. He walks trough the forest until he sees a girl crying at the edge of the river. He gets close and apologizes for getting her scared. Her name is Ophelia, and he manage to make her smile about the fact that is name is Rurick Thorin Thorsten Alden, and his father has an obsession about Vikings.

Ophelia takes him to a walk trough the forest and shows him some Celtic ruins, she was telling him the story of a lunar symbol when Kieran arrive there as well. He becomes weird and gets in a fight with Ophelia, accusing her of speaking too much, but when he want to threat Rurick blood start falling from his nose and his head is in horrible pain. Kieran looks at Ophelia with disgrace, he apologizes and then leaves.

In the evening he wants to talk with his dad about what happened today, but as always he is too busy with his research.

In the night Ophelia comes at his window and he let her in. Her eyes are red like she had been crying for the past hours. They watch a movie, play a game of cards, then during the second movie Rurick fall asleep, and when he wake up in the morning Ophelia was gone. Only a note on the desk is left, with the message that they should meet in the evening at the river.

Ophelia run trough the forest and arrive at the river in time to save Liam. The boy is dying, he can't breathe anymore, but she heals him.

Markus, the leader of their clan is there as well, together with Kierran and Felix.

After healing Liam, Ophelia takes the life of a mouse to take her powers back. She wants to leave but Markus follow her, they get into a fight and he wants to hit her but she grabs his arm. He reminds her of the full moon tomorrow night and if that boy will be in her way, he will end up dead.

Ophelia is crying again, running through the forest when her leg get stuck in a root and she falls. Raising her eyes she sees a male deer in front of her.

She stops crying, set her leg free and then get closer to the animal. When he can trust her she takes the thorn out from its ear, and then the dear let her ride him out from the forest.

In the evening when Rurick arrives at the river Ophelia was already there, preparing a picnic for them.

After they eat she start singing and her song is different from anything he heard before. So beautiful and peacefully, her song seems to bring peace to the forest. Everything is quiet now, not even a sound can be heard.

Till midnight they searched every corner of the forest for ancient or medieval ruins and each of them has it's own story. Is completely dark outside and only the moonlight their path. They arrive at some ruins and there a pack of wolves is feeding on a flesh.

Rurick gets scared and wants to start running but Ophelia stops him. In no time the wolves notice them and attack, but they stop when she knee in front of them.

Rurick is terrified. The wolves are growling, the big white one, the alpha look into Ophelia's eyes and they glow blue. The wolf is still violent but then, they all walk back to their flesh. Ophelia takes Rurick and leaves from there as fast as they can.

He keeps asking questions about what the hell just happened, how they can still be alive, and again she tells him that the forest has many secrets, you only have to find them.

All the night for Rurick was impossible to fall asleep, every time he closes his eyes he can see those wolves. Something is strange and he wants to find out what.

Ophelia dream of a cold winter evening with a red sky, she is wearing a white dress and walk trough a river. On the side the grass is dead, frozen and covered in snow, she look down and the water turn into blood, then she wakes up scared and sees Markus near her bed.

He was the one that showed her that dream, he keeps seeing that for a month and the pain is more that he can bear.

Ophelia hug him and touch his head, making the pain go away, then they talk about Liam, he doesn't have too much to live, if they don't succeed tonight the boy will die. Markus apologizes for what he did to her, but everything was for his little brother. He hates himself for not being strong enough to help Liam, and after losing his parents, the boy is everything he has. But Ophelia let him know that he will always have the clan.

Rurick was trying to cook when Ophelia come to visit him, using the front door this time. She offers to help him, and together they prepared the lunch, eat while watching a horror movie, the prof. Alden arrived home. They all drink a coffee outside, on the stairs, Rurick sees that Ophelia is troubled by something, so he takes her to a walk in the forest.

She was quiet all the way to the river, and there she started crying. She is afraid, scared that everyone might die because of her. When Rurick wants to hug her, she pushes him away, if she will disappear, he shouldn't suffer.

In the night Markus and his clan gather on a hill near five big stones, engraved with symbols. Ophelia is wearing a white long dress but it gets dirty of blood when she sacrifices an animal. She looks at the full moon, her eyes glow blue and a light appears around her.

They all cut their palm and hold hands.

From the bushes Rurick watches it terrified but at the same time curious of what will happen.

They are singing a strange song, the lyrics are in an old language and then only Ophelia is singing. A light surrender all of them and the wind become a storm.

Liam's nose start bleeding and he almost falls but Markus and Felix hold him tight.

Soon they are all on their knees, on the ground screaming in pain, only Ophelia still stand up and keep singing.

Liam falls unconscious, she look at him but Markus tell her to continue.

For Rurick such a thing is terrifying, she is killing them, he wants to go there but prof. Emma Krauss, Ophelia's mom stop him.

They watch together and see how Ophelia take their light into her palms and let it flow to the sky.

Now all of them are in pain, even Markus is bleeding but he is trying not to pass out.

Ophelia's song change, now is a peacefully one, from the forest thousand of fireflies come around her. She looks at the moon and for a moment she sees it blue. She smiles and then falls unconscious.

Both Rurick and Emma run there and help the guys. Markus is a bit scared to see Rurick there, but Ophelia wake up, and he doesn't even care anymore.

The girl run straight near Liam and grab him so tight in her arms, she starts crying of pain, of his pain, Ophelia is healing him, she cured Liam's lungs cancer.

Rurick is staring at her with huge eyes, but she smile and confess that her powers work only on her kind, she is not able to help humans.

They are druids, one of the oldest clan in Ireland, but with only 5 people to continue the rituals, but now they have power. She is the flower of the forest now, and if he can accept her like this... but Rurick don't let her finish the phrase and hug her.

She hugs him too and whispers in his ear that she is the wildflower.

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