The Ultimate Greed On National T.V.

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The truth about what's really going on

Submitted: October 20, 2016

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Submitted: October 20, 2016



Last night, before a world wide audience, The Doninator proved, as if he hadn't previously, the lengths he's willing to go to, to try and set up another money-making scheme for himself, and showed his utter disdain for the American people, and our system of government. He's willing to embarrass himself by refusing to promise to abide by the election results if he takes it in the shorts, as we all better hope he does, because if he somehow pulls off a miracle and prevails, we, and the government, we're screwed. He's willing to shake the very foundation of our system, just so he can falsely claim that system was rigged against him, that he was never competing on a level playing field. That way, he never has to admit he lost, and can set up his own network, so he can continue to spout his outlandish and ridiculous theories, and oh, by the way, make several millions of dollars, willingly shelled out by his delusional followers, who won't even be aware, or refuse to admit, they're being scammed, and he can wheel his windfall to a bank in a golden wheelbarrow.


He doesn't care about consequences, such as a freak-ass supporter taking matters into his or her own hands, and using a second amendment remedy to fix the problems that his hero, Donald Trump, has assured him or her are happening, despite offering absolutely no proof whatsoever. We all should be afraid, very afraid, of what happens when an egomaniac-slope-head, put the needs of one over the needs of the many (millions!)

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