Trust, Suspicion, Fear and "Why"?

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Just a short story about a man named David and his target - Tom.

Submitted: October 20, 2016

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Submitted: October 20, 2016



There was once a man named David. He lived in a village in which he moved into a couple weeks ago. David was a good man. He helped out everyone in the village and people thought of him as a very kind man. But one night someone from the village noticed David leaving, and only coming back early in the morning. Since the village wasn't very big, the rumours spread quickly and more and more people started to notice David leaving in the night and coming back in the morning. People were getting suspicious, although no one was brave enough to ask David what was he doing. 
One day a man named  Tom, closest Davids neighbour, decided to find an answer. As he was quite anxious living near someone with such suspicious activities. When the night settled in and David left, Tom left his house and was looking for a way to get into Davids house, as expected the front door was locked, so Tom had to find another way in. He walked to the window and surprisingly enough it was opened. He thought it wasn't anything weird, since it's a hot summer night. He climbed through the window and entered the house, he noticed something rather strange - everything was packed and put near the front door. Tom realized that to find any clues, he would have to unpack the bags, and that was far too risky, so he climbed through the window to go back. He went home and decided to wait for David to come back, hoping to find some clues in his car. 
At around 5 am David came back, stepped out of the car, locked it and went home, and after a few minutes Tom left his house and approached Davids car. He peaked through the window carefully, trying not to start the cars alarm. What he saw was shocking - there was a rifle sticking out of a huge bag, and some documents lying next to it, one of the pages were ripped out and it was showing Tom's personal information with a picture of him. He was devastated, he started to walk back, but he tripped over and accidentally kicked the car, which caused the alarm to go of. It woke up many people around. David opened his front door and saw Tom laying next to the car, however, people were beginning to go outside and see what was going on, so David had to react quickly. He took his bags and ran to his car. Tom was already running home. when he got home, he called the police. 
The police arrived in around 30 minutes, since it was just a small village far away.  Tom told the directions of where David drove off to. Later in the evening the police said that they couldn't find anything and that David probably already managed to hide, but just in case they left some policemen to guard Toms house for a few days. Everything seemed to have calmed down, Tom was a bit relieved, but many thoughts ran through his head as to why would anyone want to hurt him. 
That same night Tom was still to anxious too fall asleep, so he walked to the window to take a look outside, but he when looked down he saw the 2 policemen dead near the car. After that he started to hear footsteps on the stairs. Out of overwhelming fear and confusion he hid in the closet. awaiting his doom. Even thought he was heavily breathing, he could still hear the footsteps of Davids, but suddenly... they disappeared.He waited out there all night, unable to find the courage to come out of the closet, but when the morning came, he opened the closets door, he heard a police alarm coming from further away. He thought someone had called the police, so he checked around his house, he didn't find anything, like David came, killed the 2 policemen, came to Toms room, and disappeared.
Everything to Tom was unclear, how did he escape, why didn't he kill him and who wanted him dead. But he had to live with it, so he did. For some time.

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Trust, Suspicion, Fear and

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