A Love Affair

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The greatest of love affairs aren't always with people.

Submitted: October 20, 2016

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Submitted: October 20, 2016



I breach the surface.

The warm, silkiness kisses the first layer of my skin.

Floating, the softness laps every inch of my body.

It's as if it's a hungry tongue tasting for the first time.

Eager for more I slip deeper into the abyss.

The silky heaven becomes greedy.

Its entirety gripping at my torso, my arms, my thighs.

My muscles tense.

It is inevitable, deeper I sink.

Every sense is blasted with a new sensation.

It's as though an infinite amount of lightning charged finger tips are caressing each part of me.

Sexual, sensual, lustful, passsionate; my mind is flooded.

Soon I am released from the grip.

I feel the cool of the air whisper to every cell in me, waking what has drifted into darkness.

The muscles relax first in my neck, then my arms, then my chest, followed by my quivering torso and arched back.

I feel a heated tingle, then soon my thighs release the rest of the tension.

It's as euphoric as the highest peak of erotic exitance.

I tread softly away from my brief love affair. \

I long for the day we meet again.

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