a bee

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how a bee possibly changed my life.

Submitted: October 20, 2016

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Submitted: October 20, 2016



Iis a warm lazy summer afternoon, it's all quiet, so quiet I thought I had gone deaf. I am feeling lazy, I am not able to sleep anymore but I don't want to get up either. I just keep lying in bedSeo-Yeon comes and tries to get me to get up.  

"Get up." She says. Siting by my side and ruffling my hair. I grab her hand and yank her in my arms hugging her as tightly as I can rolling on and crushing her under my weight. She playfully screams in delight. 

"What are you doing? Stop it, Iseul is up." She tries to push me away. I do not let go and give a really passionate kiss.  

"Get off." She starts playfully slapping me. "What if Iseul walks in on us?"  I do not get up instead I burry my face in her neck and lay there. Seo-Yeon starts caressing my hair. I raise my head to look in her beautiful eyes, eyes that had stolen my heart five years ago, they have still not returned it. She plants a gentle kiss on my lips. "Get up, please." She says. 

I finally get up and sit straight. She sits besides me, caressing and ruffling my hair. "Can you look after Iseul for some time, I have to go get my hair done and get some grocery."  she says. 

"You have to go out in this scorching heat!" I ask her surprised. "We have to go for Hana's weeding tomorrow." I remember it's her friend's wedding tomorrow. She gets up and  starts to leave, I follow her to the living room. Iseul is sprawled upside down on mat watching cartoon. I find those cartoons very irritating, but Iseul likes them very much, "what does she likes in them so much?" I muse to myself. My wife gives each of us a hug and a kiss and takes off for beauty parlor. I slump on the sofa looking at IseulIseul is watching T.V. I open the window behind me to let some air in.  

"Daddy". "Yes". "Can I have some ice cream." I wonder why she suddenly desired to eat ice cream. I look at the T.V. there is a big ugly yellow skinned purple faced monkey eating ice creamwonder exactly when did evolution of cartoons took wild turn. "Do you want to eat ice cream?" , "Yes", "Okay, let's eat ice cream then.", "Yay." she throws her little arms in air triumphantly. We both get up, she leads me to the kitchen running on her little feet and opens the refrigerator, she is too tiny to reach the freezer section, I see there are some pastries in the refrigerator we both quickly devour one. "What flavored ice cream do you want.", "Vanilla with lots of chocolate sauce on it." She cries in delight with her eyes lit up, I wonder how little it takes to make little children happy, then what goes wrong when we grow up? I give her a small bowl full of vanilla ice cream with lots of chocolate sauce on it. She is thrilled. 

"Daddy, daddy", Iseul  chimes up again, "Look that bird is trying to break the window." She gets up and starts walking towards me. I wonder why would a bird try to break my window. I turn around to have a look, I see a honey bee trying to fly though a glass pane to get outside, Iseul has climbed up the sofa now and is watching the bee with curiosity, I immediately educate her that it's not a bird but an insect and it's not trying to break the window it's trying to fly away but as it cannot understand the glass it's stuck, she is amazed at how intelligent I am, her innocence makes me laugh, I wish my wife would think same about me, but she is confident I am far away on the opposite sideIseul continues watching the bee with concentration, she takes me back in time and I remember watching a bee in exact same way eight years ago. 

In a far away western country from here, where I was born, I was once sitting by a window watching a movie named "Lord of the Rings." The main character Frodo was going somewhere with another character named Gandalf. Gandalf was a wise wizard. I was just staring at the T.V. I was not actually watching the movie as I was stressed because my manager wanted me to go to Korea on an assignment, I did not want to go to Korea and was trying hard to avoid it. I wished to go to New York or London but my manager was unyielding and was determined on sending me to Korea the life was getting really hard on me. 

Suddenly I heard an irritated by a discrete buzzing, I looked around for the source. I noticed a honey bee had found it's way in my house and after discovering there are no flowers in here, wanted to leave but it was stuck behind the glass of the window. It would hit itself on glass couple of times, get tired turned around buzzed here and there in the room and returned to hitting the glass. It rested on a curtain for a while and then resumed hitting the glass, this went on for a long time. The bee would stop and always return to hitting the glass. More than half of the window was open but it had to fly through the glass. I was irritated I grabbed a news paper and rolled it up, determined to smack it and get rid of the irritation. 

I was about to deliver a deadly blow but just then I heard Gandalf saying "…....he does. Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement. For even the very wise cannot see all ends. I have not much hope that Gollum can be....." I looked at the rolled up paper in my hand, I looked at Gandalf, he was looking out of the T.V. with his wise eyes, as if looking at me. I shrugged at him and the bee oblivious of my intentions continued hitting the glass. I changed my mind. I pushed the bee towards the open part of the window it won’t resist at first but as soon as it reached open part it would fly away and then return to hit itself of the glass. I finally delivered a blow to push it towards the open part of the window. It lost it's balance and reached the open part of the window and flew away. I looked at Gandalf with triumph but he had vanished I saw a young girl instead, she told me if I want to attract women I should start using axe deo. I wanted to tell her I had tried it and it never worked and I want my money back but before I said anything she was gone. 

I returned to staring at the T.V. going back to thinking how to avoid my trip to Korea. The bee may have flown out of the window but it was still stuck in my head try as I may but I could not stop thinking why it was so dogged about flying through the glass when more than half of the window was open. I thought it was idiot, of course it was a bee, it was just being a bee. Then I realize there was a strong breeze flowing inside the window, it might have to make more effort to fly against the breeze than it had to make while flying from where there was no breeze, obviously it tried to take the path it thought would be easier, and got stuck behind the glass. It tried to make it's task easier but ended up making it impossible. In it's determination to fly through the glass it missed the open window, almost getting itself crushed, I would have definitely crushed it if Gandalf had not interfered.  

wondered if I was doing the same thing, if was myself being the bee, being an idiot, missing the open window with breeze and determined to fly through the glass, missing Korea because I want to fly to USA or BritainMissing Korea because I thought it would be difficult to be there than in USA or Britain, maybe I should fly to Korea, who knows what is waiting for me there, I hope it's something good, and I would never find out what it is until I go there. I decided to go to Korea. I immediately called my manager, he was delighted to know I agreed to fly. I looked at Gandalf again, Gandalf was smiling.  

I show up at Incheon international airport, hell, I can't even pronounce it properly. I show up at our office next day. I meet my new colleagues here. While introducing me with my team hintroduces me to a girl "This is Seo-Yeon. She one of the........." he says, but I am not listening to him I am lost in Seo-Yeon's eyes. 

"Daddy, Daddy, it flew away. Where did it go?" Iseul drags me back to present time. "It flew away to where beautiful flowers are waiting for it." I say, realizing Seo-Yeon and Iseul were once waiting for me here.

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