My Mind Was Messed Up But I Turned It Around

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A women named Nickey Turner who was known to her family as a druggy and a lier. Has a tragic accident happen to one of her bestfriends. She tries to go to her older brother and he doesn't believe a word she says. So she uses force to save her friend's life and in the end. She makes a huge decision that saved her own life as well

Submitted: October 21, 2016

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Submitted: October 21, 2016



"Why are you looking at me that way Malik?” He shouts “Because I do not believe that BS story you just told me Nicky!” I scream back at him “I’m not with those people anymore brother I swear!” I continue “ Please hurry he will die if we don’t make this move now!” He shouts back “ Who are you shouting at Nicky I don’t believe you that story does not make any since, and you’ve been a liar ever since you had that dead beat boyfriend.” He continues “ He got you hooked on drugs and you let him do that to you for 7 years, and all of those years you’ve been going MIA, you would lie to me, momma, pa, and even grandma, saying that you would go to rehab and you never went. We gave you the money and we'd soon find out that you would spend it on that dope, crack, and liquid crap that you call a stupid stress reliever. You know that, that sorry excuse of a boyfriend would force that stuff in you or force you to sniff that crap up your nose, and what would he say Nicky?” I go completely silent. Then he yells “ What would he say!?” I continue to be silent as the tears rush down my face. Then he mimics what he said “ He would say, If you love me you would do it, and what did you do every time!?” 


I mumbled “ I would do it…..” He screams at me “ What would you do!?” More tears run down my face. My throat begins to burn and I became all choked up. He repeats in a louder more frustrated tone “What would you do!?” I put all of my strength and power into my voice and I screamed to the top of my lungs “ I would do it!!!!!” He says in a disappointed tone “ That’s right, you would for a crappy load of lies, from a person that has no life and look what he dragged you down into…..just look Nicky.” He finishes “ You lost your credibility and trust when you lied to us the first time, and when you started shooting crap up your nose, your veins, and smoking that nasty crap, knowing it was drugs, knowing that it would squash everything you've built, now today your thinking I’m supposed to believe this crap load of a story you just made up to get my attention, get me to waist my most precious time on you, a failure to this family, a disgrace, a stranger to the generation of this clan, this family will not be discredited for your dumb mistakes and actions that you put on yourself.” 

I fall to the ground and weep. I cover my face due to me being a shame to this family. My brother looks at me with noncredence and disbelief that my soul has been crushed completely. I say with the most shameful voice “ I remember when I was young.” He sighs and says “ You was creditable, you had a good reputation, and you had honor, and you was drug free.” I look up and say “ I’m not trying credulous Malik this is a huge and serious moment.” He squats down and looks me in the eyes and said “ In this family and in this clan we do not respect or endure creed, in this clan and in this family we respect ourselves and we have the power, to endure temptation, and turn away things you’ve lead yourself into.” He stands up and chuckles and says “ I will give you some accreditation, your lies have improved over the year lil sis I’ll give you that.” I look up with shock filling my face and anger growing stronger. I jump up and grab him by his hair knowing that it would weaken him and I can pull him into my car. I throw him into the car and get in the drivers seat i lock the car doors from the inside and drive off. 

He yells “ Nicky Turner, where are you taking me!?” I chuckled and lightly smile and said with a calm and angered voice “ I thought I was a stranger?” then I speed up. He yells “ If you don’t slow down and open this door right now I’m calling the cops." I look at him and smash my foot into the ground and I yell “You can call the cops when we get there!” He shouts “ When we get where!?” I go silent then I swerve the car into the my friend’s drive way. I turned off the car then got out the driver’s seat. I unlock the door then I open the door to the passengers side. I drag him out of the car by his hair and he screams “ Let me go Nicky!” I scream back “ Shut Up!” Then I kicked the door in. I sling him to the ground my face full tears and scream “ Does that look like I’m lying Malik!?” I point to my friend and he was covered in blood and he had a bullet wound in his stomach. He was breathing hard and was trying to say "help me,” but the blood choked him up. I run to him and I cry even more and say “ Calm down, your gonna make it worse. Shhhhh don’t say anything.” I turn around and yell “ Are you gonna just sit there and let him die, or are you gonna call for help so he can live Malik!?” 

He gets up and pulls out his phone and calls the police. My friend makes it to the hospital and makes it out just fine. While we were waiting for him to get to is room a police officer walks in the door. I stand up and greet him in a creditably and proper way, and shake his hand.  He says “ I’m officer Tyler E. Bradson and I would like to ask you a few questions Ms. Turner, would that be alright with you?” I respond and say “ Sure that wouldn’t an issue.” We walk out the room and he continues to ask “ Do you know the identity of the victim and the shooter?” I answered and I say “ Yes sir.” He continued and asked “ Do you have the victims credentials?” I thought about it and remembered I had his wallet and driver’s license in my purse. I said “ Yes sir, I have his wallet and driver’s license in my purse. May I go get my purse if it’s not an issue with you?” He said “ Yes that’s not an issue , I’ll wait here.” I go get the wallet and hand it to him. Then I respond and say “ I hope this is enough information to identify him.” He responds and says “ That’s just enough information, thank you ma’am.” 

Later he arrives to his room and i spend the night with him. The next morning he wakes up and I asked “ How you feeling?” He says “ I’m fine I think”  We both chuckle, and we both look each other in the eye.” I am so sorry about yesterday I did not expect my ex, to be so miscreant and shoot you like that such a small reason.” I begin to choke up and a tear runs down my face. He wipes my face and smiles and tells me to give a hug. I hug him not too tight but I hug him tight enough to let him know I care. He lets me go and we’re face to face and we’re looking each other in the eye. He says “ You did an incredible thing for me saving my life like that and that’s the most kindest thing someone has ever done for me. Most people would’ve just let me die but you went out of your way to save me…… Thank You Nicky.” My face was full of tears and I responded and said “ No problem man your my dog. I’ll never let you die man.” We both chuckled again and i hugged him and wiped my face. I stayed with till he got and help him through rehabilitation. After he was released we both went to rehab and we’re both drug free and living a drug free life. 

They later caught my ex and he was locked in maximum prison for life without parol. I reunited with my family and gained my trust back and I later married my best friend and had three kids and raised them right. My life is better and I turned around and happy and I gained my credibility back. My pride reputation was restored, and the family name had respect once again. I tarnished the Turner name and I regret the day I ever did that. but I took my lies and my humiliation and learned from. I was on death row but I turned around and I my life straight. Now today I walk free and clean, and I am living to tell my story. My name Nicky Turner and I stand before everyone to tell all of you how I thought i could never turn back. But a tragic near death experience had to happen to my best friend now known as my husband for me to turn around and find the light and pathway to success today.

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