True Race - a dream

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Submitted: October 21, 2016

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Submitted: October 21, 2016



Once I had a dream of hinderland.

A line of people was on a path of sand.

As they walked on a road so hot,

they met a giant dog.

Some left the line with fear,

but others walked for courage they bear.

Ahead they met an angry ox.

Those who had courage of fox,

ran but forward to fight lions stepped

and won as if blessed.

Then they reached a foodless town.

Some choose death and lied down,

for hunger they couldn't bear.

But others moved for more than hunger failure they fear.

Ahead they faced a desert so dry.

Thirst swallowed those who couldn't try

to resist the pain.

But those strived who knew it will not be in vain.

Then there were two paths to chose

and two travellers to move.

Each one entered a different path.

One cursed his fate in wraith,

but the other one believed in god

and bearing the pain just moved on.

Both the paths ended at an iron gate,

but both the travellers stopped and gazed,

for the inside blazed with fire.

His follower steped for his desire

was very strong for success in life.

Other one exhausted and choose to die.

As the daring traveller steped inside

he had a specticular sight.

The fire turned into a beautiful town

and there came a fairy wearing a gown.

She gave him clothes, water and food to eat,

sitting under the shade of tree,at last he had peace.

God came and asked him for a favour.

At once he asked for dare.

Apart from that, he got a grand house,

in His beautiful town.

There he lived and shined.

'Wake up! six O' clock is the time'

I spoke- 'Mom! I dreamt a true race of life.

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