Opinions Are Like Laminated Boat Anchors...!

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Everybody's got one--err--don't they?

Submitted: October 21, 2016

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Submitted: October 21, 2016



I'm as guilty as the next person in saying what I think.

I know everyone's got an opinion, and even though I no longer drink,


some people have accused me of head-in-the-sand, or being high.

Two subjects that I've tried to stay away from, and one is the reason why


I just can't keep my self-made promise, and the other is religion.

Yes, politics has proven to be irresistible, I set phasers on stun,


but the argument can quickly escalate into 'phasers on kill!',

an electronic 'trying to choke the other to death' battle, if you will.


Neighbor vs. neighbor, stranger vs. stranger, and kin against kin.

you're blind to facts and logic, you just have to win.


I hope not I, but I've noticed this disturbing trend

among the verbal combatants, and the comments they send.


You can watch them losing logic, and jettisoning common sense,

when all they care about is finding creative ways to call you dense


and win this electronic war of words!








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