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the word child always represents something. this is what it means to me.

Submitted: October 22, 2016

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Submitted: October 21, 2016



i am just a child.

i am to young

to understand

art, literature, food, love, work, people, animals

oh no, i am just an 12 year old girl.

no power

i am just a child. 

i cant handle the responsabilitys

i challenge my age,

i sing what i want

i cant wait to grow older 

where i can finally dance,

to the music

that i want.

it is always, "shush, this is not for the likes of you"

but i promise that is not true.

it is always "you dont understand, you've never been through this before, you're too young."

but i have a different theory. i am just a child, thats been born again.

i have been through that, but in the past life

in fact, i probably know more than you do. 

"i am the boss, i am the adult."

it makes me sick.

that our world is so closed up that the generation of "adults" rule.

even though some, if not most children are more cabable. 

but whatever. i'm just a child.

so what do i know?

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