wallflower I

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one day in the future, human lives depended on robots.

Submitted: October 21, 2016

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Submitted: October 21, 2016





until one day the world is in peace, no more wars; everything depended on the technology——everything depended on robots. robots lived with humans but they were only used as servants. they were controlled by humans, the law clearly stated that if a robot gained brainpower, it must be killed.

she is the queen’s daughter, one of them. the queen gave birth to dozens of babies just to find the right one to take her place. she was one of the youngest kids, but the wisest, and the loneliest. her brothers and sisters hated her because she's too intelligent. they tortured her, they locked her up, they tried everything to stop her from being the next queen; but she never wanted to be queen. she is a wallflower and as beautiful as one——flawless pearl white skin, eyes sharp like sapphire, red hair and rosy cheeks decorated with the cutest smile. but she did not smile often, she didn't have a reason to smile locked up in her huge mansion. she lied on her bed facing down because the wounds on her back hurt too much——her siblings slashed her. it was heartbreaking to see the bright red slash marks on her perfect skin, but it seemed like she didn't feel anything——her face was stone cold. her siblings kept her intelligence a secret, they did it so well the queen was almost completely unaware of her existence.

she was feeling better on the next day and decided to walk around a bit. “father used to live here.” she spoke to herself as she saw her father’s portrait on the wall. even though he died a long time ago, she still missed him like he just passed away yesterday. he was the only person who loved her, who was nice to her. she talked to him about everything when she was young, about how she felt about the robots, how she did in school, and how she knows that she was the most intelligent one among all of her siblings. but now he’s dead, she decided to remain silent. if there’s no one left to talk to, what is the point of talking? she walked slowly down the hallways, the stairs, she walked up until there were no higher stairs in her mansion. so she sat down on the dusty attic floor, looking around at her father’s old things. she has always known that her father owned lots of interesting stuff but this was the first time she has seen them. and there, in the darkest corner, stood a robot. 

it was the old fashion design, hardly in a human shape but very delicate——nails nailed down in the straightest line, the body was made of the smoothest steel. she has never owned a robot before and she was shocked to see it, and soon she learnt to turn it on and make it move. it was surprising that this old machine still works. almost every joint of it was rusted but it still move smoothly under the princess’s control, like it was made just to obey her.

days after days, the robot became her closest friend; she shared everything with him, she told him about her life, her family, the kingdom, and her father. she cried every time she mentioned his name. 

“my dad… if only mom can treat me like he did… i hope he’s here to see what they turned me into…”


then she realized how lonely she was. even with the robot.

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