Evening Terrors

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This short story is based off of and inspired by Scott Cawthon and his series of the Five Nights at Freddy's games/novel. This is not an original idea. I wrote down what I wanted to so badly to be solved in the games and novel. So here is my spin off of the lore of Five Nights at Freddy's. This is the Evening Terrors.

Submitted: October 21, 2016

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Submitted: October 21, 2016



Evening Terrors

Part I:


Was last night a dream? Or was it reality? If it was a dream, then my mind went to a whole new level of fucked up.  I have had fucked up dreams before, but main about my ex's. Sometimes they were about my friend, family, or even my dogs dying. This though, this was something far more sinister. Something created by someone truly demented, only a mass murderer would think of it. Whatever it was, I did not want to ever go back.

When I was younger, Circus Baby's Pizza World was where I had my eighth birthday party. It was 1987. We wanted to get there early so we'd have time to set up the tables and put up decorations. At that time, my dad still ran the factory where the animatronics were built. We greeted two men to help my father bring in the animatronics from the truck. They get sent back to the factory every week for maintenance, just to make sure they work properly. The party started at five o'clock and my mother and I were outside setting up the rest of the decorations and waiting for people to arrive. People started to show up as we greeted them at the door and took their presents and set them on the table.

The party started off in the dining room where the animals were on stage singing songs and interacting with their audiance. They were singing and dancing and the kids sang along. Something was weird about their movements though. They were jerky and awkward, almost as if they didn't want to move at all. I thought nothing of it though and thought it was all normal. Until the lead singing animatronic looked right at me, her eyes glowing bright red.  

My first instinct was to scream, but I didn't want to draw attention to myself. I just hid behind my father and gripped his shirt as tight as I could.

"What's wrong with you, Shane?" He asked, looking as confused a can be.

"Look! Look!" I pointed at the lead singing animatronic. I tried to get him to see what I saw, but it was no use. He just shrugged it off. I then look at my mom, she didn't see anything either. I looked around the room and I noticed the other children had terrified expressions on their faces while their parents didn't notice a thing except for their children's reactions. Some parents tried to reassure their kids by bringing them closer to the stage. That resulted in more crying and screaming. The fear of everyone slowly subsided as the show went on.

The end of the show couldn't come fast enough. I decided to run off and explore the pizzeria. I finally came across a dark room with only one streak of light hitting the wall. I stood right past the doorway. After what happened during the first part of the show, I was too scared to go on further into the room without a light. I ran into a small human like statue of a boy holding a balloon and happened to knock a flashlight off of him. I turned it on and started to look around the room. It looked like a storage room where they kept spare animatronic parts and metal skeletons. I wasn't paying much attention to the ground in front of me and I tripped and fell over a metal skeleton. My first reaction was to scream, but since the music and the laughter was so loud, no one heard me scream. I calmed myself down enough to get closer to the skeleton. I saw that it's stomach had a door on it. I reached down to try to open it and a loud bang echoed throughout the room. I bolted out and ran back to the dining room where the show had just ended. I acted like nothing had happened.

The night could not have gotten any weirder. After the pizza party and everyone had eaten, we'd started to play games. Game like tag, hide and seek, kickball, and others. First one we played was hide and seek. We had teams. One team was the seekers, the other was the hiders. I was on the seekng team. My team had counted to ten and we spread out individually to find the other team. I liked being on my own to do things because I've always been a very smart and very clever kid. And I never really learned much social skills. I was home schooled. I tried to be stealthy so the other team can't easily see or hear me to run and hide somewhere else. I creeped into the storage room that I had recently explored earlier. So far I had not seen anyone. I searched one end, and then the other. I quickly left the room and went down the hallway. I stopped right as a heard a loud, violent scream coming from the storage room. I'm not the only one who heard it because kids and parents ran to go see what had happened, but no one was in the room. At the end of the night, everyone was packing up to go home. My mom's friend Dotty realized her daughter Camile was missing. She had checked everywhere all around the pizzaria. All she found was Camile's necklace on the ground next to the doorway of the storage room. Dotty called the police. For the next eight years, police searched and searched for Camile and never found her or seen any other signs of her. Until her sixteenth birthday.


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