Imperial Matriarch

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Here is a romantic sci fi wedding story set in the Imperial Matriarch of Planet Anastania where Lewis Hansen is introduced to his new wife, the Provincial Matriarch of the Vali Continent.

Submitted: October 21, 2016

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Submitted: October 21, 2016



I took a shower in the Matriarchal Palace in the city of Valhon, capital of the Imperial Matriarch of Planet Anastania. Valhon was located on the northern shore of the continent of Vali Province, one of the five continents that ran around the equator. There were two smaller continents in the south and another in the north. Each continent was ruled by a matriarchal province.
My name is Lewis Henderson. I was sent to Anastania as the representative of the human race by the United Nations Star Fleet.
The warm water felt nice and warm against my skin, it messaged me. Once I had washed all over I washed my hair. Then I climbed out of the shower, dried myself off and put on my tuxedo which the Imperial Matriarch had provided me. I looked at myself in the mirror and put on aftershave.
I exited the bathroom, walked down the corridor and down the stairs towards the matriarchal foyer where the Imperial Matriarch and her husband were waiting for me. Her name was Imperial Matriarch Borhon Yaghan and her husband was Matunak Yaghan, Imperial Servant to the Matriarch.
"My, my," replied Borhan with a smile. The Anasti were a hominine race that live in a matriarchal lifestyle. Borhan was 62 years old with long gray hair that fell around her shoulders. She wore a long white dress with purple sleeves and had a medium build with blue eyes. "Aren't you the handsome one. You're new wife is going to love you".
"Wife?" I said. That was the first time I heard about it.
Matunak looked up at me with his brown eyes. He was 72 years old with a tall thin frame, grey hair and he sported a tuxedo with black shiny shoes. The Anasti wore clothes similar to what our people wore back in the 1920's. Which was awesome.
"Yes, Lewis," replied the Imperial Matriarch "You are going to meet your new wife". My heart was pounding. A new wife? I never thought I'd get a wife. I was hoping my wife would be the Provincial Matriarch. But … in the Anasti Matriarchy, it is the women who chooses who to marry. Men don't get a say in it.
"OK," I said. I was shocked. But I was excited at the same time. "I'd like to meet her. Who is it?"
"No, no, no," said Matunak "Men are not allowed to ask that question? It is forbidden". He looked me sternly in the eye.
"Now, honey," said the Matriarch "He's new here. He doesn't know any better. He has a lot to learn about our customs".
"Sorry, my matriarch" said Matunak, as he stepped back and bowled to her.
"Come. We have a wedding to get to. Your bride will be waiting".
We followed the Imperial Matriarch out of the double wooden oak doors of the Matriarchal Palace and stepped down the white marble steps towards the white limousine that waited for us at the bottom of the stairs. Matunak opened up the back door of the limousine. We let the Imperial Matriarch climb into the limousine first, as is their custom. Then I climbed into the limo as I was the Matriarch's guest. Then he climbed in after us and shut the door behind us.
The matriarchal chauffeur started the limousine. We pulled out of the driveway and turned right down the street. The crowds were cheering outside the Matriarchal Palace. I waved out to them and the paparazzi was there with their cameras.
"Looking forward to the wedding, Lewis?" asked the Matriarch.
"I'm nervous to be honest" I replied. Man, was I sweating.
"Don't be nervous," said Matunak "I was scared when I got married to the Imperial Matriarch. My palms were sweating. I met her at the stables when I helped groom her horse. My matriarch chose me as her husband".
We went through the residential area, past all the houses and entered the Valhon City centre with all the skyscrapers with clear glass. People waved at me on the streets as we went past, waving their Matriarchal flags which was the white and yellow horizontal stripes with a yellow dove carrying a twig in its mouth. Some of them waved the UN flag with the Earth surrounded by olive branches.
We pulled up into the driveway of the Matriarchal Temple of the Valhon City Centre and parked at the bottom of the steps. I was not expecting to see my mum, standing at the bottom of the steps waiting for me. We pulled to a step. Matunak opened up the back of the limousine and we let the Imperial Matriarch out first. Then I stepped out of the limousine followed by Matunak.
"Oh, Lewis," said mum as she held her arms out to me, ready to hug me. Her name was Marian and she was 72 years old with long white hair and medium build. She wore a white pink floral dress and cream jacket. "How are you, love?" She said as we hugged.
"I'm fine, mum. Just found out I am getting married". We pulled back as she looked up at me.
"Ready to meet your new wife". Mum smiled at me.
"I'm really excited about it. My heart is pounding right now".
"Come. Let's go meet your new wife".
Mum grabbed me by the left arm and led me up the concrete steps towards the entrance to the Matriarchal Temple. I could hear the crowd cheering behind me as we approached the wooden double doors of the Matriarchal Temple. The matriarchal heralds blew their trumpets to alert the congregation that we were coming. As we entered the temple I spotted whom I recognised as the Provincial Matriarch standing at the end of the aisle at the bottom of the steps.
My heart was racing as mum took me up the aisle towards the Provincial Matriarch. I could feel it in my heart. I was terrified and excited at the same time. There were news cameras of the Imperial Matriarch and from Earth, along with seven other alien worlds in the temple. I spotted UN Secretary General Lisa Gyne and UN Star Fleet Admiral Jim Benson in the audience. I saw my colleagues with their partners, two of them alien and one human. My step-dad stood in the front row next to the Provincial Matriarch's parents.
As we reached the front of the temple, my mum turned to me and said "Son. This is your new wife, Siviliar Neaster. The Provincial Matriarch of the Continent of Vali".
I could not believe it. I was going to marry the Provincial Matriarch of Vali. I was so happy. Siviliar was so pretty with short brown hair that went down to her shoulders, light blue eyes and a medium build. She stood at 1.7 metres wearing a white silk dress with a white hat. Siviliar had such a beautiful smile. She was only 22 years old.
"I am so glad you chose me as your husband, my matriarch" I said to her smiling. I felt this warm feeling all over. "I was hoping you'd choose me. You are so pretty".
"Thank you, Lewis," replied Siviliar "Shall we get married?"
Siviliar grabbed me by the right hand and led me up the steps onto the wooden stage where the Matriarchal Priestess was waiting for us. We stood in front of the priestess as she took a deep breath and looked around at the audience.
"We are here," said the priestess "To wed the Provincial Matriarch, Siviliar Neaster, to her new husband, Lewis Hansen of New Zealand, Earth. This is a very important part in life as the new husband must submit to his wife and obey her at all times. He must look after her, protect her and help her around the house as well as at work. Under Matriarchal Law he is to obey his wife's rules and if he commits any crimes he would be punished by his wife.
"Love is a very important part of matriarchal life. It is important that the husband supports his wife, stands up to her and comforts her in times of need. And to be there for her when she needs him. The wife is to guide the husband, instruct him in matters of matriarchal law and keep him in line. The husband must be disciplined at all times. So let us wed the happy couple".
The priestess turned her head to Siviliar and said "Siviliar Neaster. Provincial Matriarch of the Vali Continent. May you take Lewis Hansen to be your subservient husband. To guide and discipline and keep him in line. To make sure he always helps out and that he doesn't cause any trouble. To love and nurture, as long as you both shall live".
"I do" said Siviliar with a nod of her head.
The priest turned to me and placed the bronze necklace of obedience around my neck. Then she said "Lewis Hansen of the human race. As the Husband of the Provincial Matriarch of the Vali Continent. You must obey Siviliar at all times. You must be subservient to her and respect her as your matriarch. You must do whatever she tells you to do. You are to help her around the house when needed. You must support her, be there for her when she needs you, comfort her and, most importantly, protect her.
"Lewis Hansen. Do you promise to obey her?"
"I do".
"Do you promise to be subservient to her wishes at all times?"
"I Do".
"Do you promise to respect her and support her?"
"I do".
"Do you promise to help her and do as she says?"
"I do".
"Do you love her?"
"I do".
"Matriarch Siviliar Neaster of Vali. Do you accept Lewis as your husband?"
"I do, priestess. I love him very much. I want to be with him for the rest of my life. I want to guide him and lead him  and keep him in line. I want to marry him, Nakreta".
Priestess Nakreta took a deep breath. In Anasti society, it is the bride that has the final say. Nakreta looked at me and said "Lewis. From henceforth, you are now married to Siviliar Neaster, the Provincial Matriarch of the Vali Continent. You are to be known as Lewis Neaster, Husband of the Provincial Matriarch of the Vali Continent. Your name is Lewis Neaster HPMVC". The priestess then turned to Siviliar and me. Now that I'm married to the Provincial Matriarch I must write her name before mine. Part of matriarchal tradition. "Siviliar and Lewis Neaster. You are officially wife and husband".
The crowd cheered and clapped as the provincial drummers started drumming wildly. I wrapped my arms around Siviliar's waist and she placed her arms around my neck as we kissed each other on the lips. The crowd cheered. He lips felt nice. We pulled back and we smiled at each other.
"We are officially married," squealed Siviliar "I'm so happy".
"I'm happy too" I replied as we hugged on the stage for a while. I stroked my matriarch's hair as she rested her head on my chest.
"You can head back to the audience, Matriarch and Assistant Neaster" said the priestess.
Siviliar smiled at the priestess, grabbed me hand and led me off the stage and down the steps into the audience, where our parents were waiting. She introduced me to her parents. Her mum was Matriarch Naton Neaster, the City Matriarch of Volhon, Capital of Anastia; And her father, Peteka Neaster, known as the Husband of the City Matriarch of Volhon. I was wrapped.
"Hi, Marian" said Siviliar, whom had met my parents before the wedding.
My step-dad was Jeremy. He was 68 years old with black hair and a tall strong build. They were retired farmers. My step-dad used to be a dairy farmer.
"Congraduations, sweety," replied mum, as she and Siviliar hugged. "I am so happy you chose my son to be your husband".
"Yes," said Siviliar "I'm so blessed to meet him. He's a wonderful guy". Siviliar placed her arm around my waist.
"Shall we head to the table?" said Naton to Siviliar "Get to know your new husband".
"Yes," said Siviliar with a nod. "Come".
"Yes, my matriarch" I replied.
We followed her to the table which was at the back of the hall close to the stage. We sat down at the table.
"So," said Siviliar, leaning her head on her right fist "Tell me about yourself".
"Well," I replied "I was born on Bexhaven Station which is close to Tokomaru Bay, on the East Cape of the North Island. It was a sheep station. My dad died when I was only five years old".
"Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. How did he die?"
"From a brain aneurysm. My mum and I moved to Gisborne then, where I attended Makaraka Primary, Gisborne Intermediate and Lytton High School. I did my Bachelor of Science at the Starfleet Academy at the University of Waikato".
"That's interesting. What made you join the academy?"
"I've always wanted to travel to other planets. And then I came to your planet. And that's when you chose me. And I'm glad. Because you are an amazing woman, my matriarch".
"Really?" Siviliar blushed when she asked me that. She moved her hair out of her face.
"Ladies and gentlemen, dinner is served" announced the priestess.
"Come. Let's get us dinner" said Siviliar.
"Yes, my matriarch".
We got up and we served ourselves some dinner. The men stood beside their matriarchs, picking up the plates and holding them out to the caterers who were a team of men supervised by a woman. Siviliar told the caterers what she wanted. We chose the kumara, peas, a white root vegetable called jatal, poultry, beef with gravy, cabbage. We took our dinners back to the table and we talked.
Siviliar talked about her life growing up in the city. Her mum started out in the matriarchal city council, supervising the contractors, planning any upgrades to the motorways and infrastructure and instructing the workers. Then she joined the city matriarch where she worked for ten years. Her dad worked as her assistant. She had been the City Matriarch for five years now. Her dad works as her secretary.
Siviliar did a Bachelor of Political Studies at the University of Valhon. Only women are allowed into university in the Imperial Matriarch. The women did all the planning and instructing while the men did the labouring and building. Like an effective machine. Siviliar had recently been elected to the Provincial Matriarchy by the women of the province. Only women were allowed to vote.
"That is fascinating," I said "You must be proud to be elected Provincial Matriarch".
"Yes. I'm happy" she popped a piece of beef in her mouth as I stroked her left hand.
"Ladies and gentlemen," said the priestess "it is time to give the wedding speeches. May the matriarch of the Hansen family give her speech?"
The priestess smiled at mum who stood up to give her speech. Only the women were allowed to give speeches at the weddings. Mum stood up from her seat and said "I'll be glad to. Let me think. I am proud to have my son married to this beautiful matriarch over there". Siviliar giggled nervously. "Lewis is such a wonderful man. I remember when he was a little boy. He gave his stuff toy rabbit a swim in the bucket of water. I was not pleased. But he is a joy to be around. Even if he is quiet. I had known Siviliar for a few days now and I know she's right for him. She is a good, kind person that brings a lot of joy to the room. To the matriarch and her groom".
"Now may the matriarch of the Neaster family give her speech?" said the priestess.
"Well, thank you, priestess matriarch," replied Naton as she climbed to her feet. "I always knew that my daughter would be destined for great things. When she came and told me she wanted to marry Lewis, I was ecstatic. I was so excited for her. I'm so glad that she found somebody that she can love. A man who would serve her and obey her and give her love and attention. Lewis is a kind hearted man, a good man with a good heart. He is wonderful to talk too. To the matriarch and her groom".
"Matriarch and her groom" chorused the congregation as they raised their glasses of wine.
"Now if the young matriarch would like to give the speech herself?"
As Siviliar stood up, I stood up beside her as is part of matriarchal tradition. She raised her glass in the air and said "I thank you for attending my wedding to this find young man standing beside me. The first time I met him, during one of my campaigns for the Provincial Matriarchy of Vali. I fell in love with him for the first time. The Imperial Matriarch introduced him to me. And since that time I decided I wanted to marry him. And I did". Siviliar paused as she looked around the room. "I must admit. Lewis is a kind hearted man. He's interesting, smart and I enjoy being with him. I am glad to have him as my husband. He's awesome".
Siviliar wrapped her arm around my waist and kissed me on the lips. "To my new husband, Lewis Neaster".
She raised her glass into the air. The audience chanted "Lewis Neaster" as they raised their glasses in the air. Siviliar and I smiled at the audience. Then Siviliar went and kissed me on the lips. We wrapped our arms around each other.
"Pudding is served" announced the priestess.
"OK. Come" said Siviliar.
"Yes, my matriarch".
I followed her to the buffey table, hand in hand. Again I picked up the bowls and Siviliar told the caterers what she wanted. She chose the jelly, the custard, sponge pudding and ice cream. We went back to the table. I put the bowls on the table and offered her the chair. Then we sat down and ate our pudding.
Siviliar talked about how she travelled to the province of the Massi Continent, where her grandmother, who was the Provincial Matriarch at the time, took her fishing off the northern coast. She taught Siviliar how to fish and then they returned to the cabin where they had a wonderful feast. The men cooked the fish while the women sat and drank wine.
"When I was young," I said eating the ice cream which tasted sweet and tangy "My mum took me to Taupo where we went sailing round the lake. The skipper gave me a turn on the wheel. It was beautiful".
"So, you're part Maori?" asked Siviliar.
"Yes, my matriarch".
"What tribe?"
"Ngati Porou".
We had finished off our desserts and the Priestess announced "May the matriarch and her groom get up and dance?" as she gestured towards the dance floor with her right hand.
The drummers started drumming enthusiastically. Siviliar grabbed my hand, we got up from our seats and Siviliar led me onto the dance floor. We started to dance as the trumpeters blew their trumpets. We swung our arms around. Siviliar grabbed my arm and took the lead as it was the women that took the lead when dancing with their partners on Anastania. We danced around a half circle and she grabbed my other hand as we kicked our legs out. Then we spun and we  spun, spinning very fast. It  was a fast type of dance which the Anasti called chakatol. It was exhilarating. My heart was pumping as the adrenaline rushed through my veins.
After we had finished our dancing, we returned to our seats to had a rest. Siviliar grabbed my hand and led me to the table.
"Phew," she said "That was exhillarating".  I pulled out a seat for her and we sat down. She kicked off her shoes and placed her feet on my lap. I messaged her feet. "I remember when my grandmother took me to all the parties around the globe. We used to go visit the provincial matriarchs and they would hold these exquisite dinner parties. It's usually the husbands of the provincial matriarchs on the barby. We also visited the district and city matriarchs too. They would take us out to dinner".
"That must have been fun," I replied "Travelling the world".
"It is. Did you go to any other planet before this one?"
"Oh, yeah. I went to Planet Muracis".
"Oh. That's with all the different creatures I believe".
Two younger women and a man approached us. The young blonde slender girl, who had her husband in tow, said "Hey, sis. Are you headed to town?" as she leaned over Siviliar's left shoulder. Her husband stood at the side and the other girl to the other side.
Siviliar looked over her shoulder and said "OK. This is my husband, Lewis. Lewis, this is my sister, Ombusta, her husband, Bremngan and my best friend, Yavom Munswan".
"Hi" said Ombusta. Yavom just waved. She had blonde hair that draped over her shoulders. Bremngan smiled. He had a tall slender build with red hair.
"Yeah. Let's go" said Siviliar. She looked at me and said "Come".
"Yes, my matriarch".
Siviliar took her feet off my lap, picked up her shoes in her right hand, grabbed my hand and we climbed our feet. As Siviliar led me from the table, she looked over her shoulders and said to our parents "We are just going into town" as she waved to them.
We walked across the dance floor and headed towards the exit of the Matriarchal Temple. I heard the priestess say "Bye" as we exited the building and walked down the stairs. I saw my colleagues, Vivien Leigh, Andrew Scot and Sam Nelson leave the building with their spouses. It was as if everybody were in a relationship.
As we reached the bottom of the stairs, the people went up to us and congratulated us on our marriage. I heard Siviliar say "Thanks". She had such a beautiful smile.
We turned left and headed down the main street of the city. All the skyscrapers around us. Yavom went "Yahoo. What a night. I'm going to find me a man".
There were people standing in queues outside the night clubs. The bouncers stood at the doors, letting the matriarchs through with their husbands. Men weren't allowed to go to the nightclubs or bars without the presence of their matriarchs. That was the rules. Who was I to argue with tradition. I held my left arm around Siviliar's waist as she leaned her head into my chest.
We stepped into the queue to get into the nightclub waiting for the bouncer to let us in. Everytime a woman entered the nightclub, the bouncer would bow to the woman. When it came our turn to enter the night club, the bouncer bowed to us and said "Hello, Provincial Matriarch. Hello, HPM".
"How do you do?" replied Siviliar "As you do".
"Hello, boss" said the bouncer to Ombusta.
Siviliar said in my ear "My sister owns this joint. Let's go dance".
Siviliar led me through the crowd to the middle of the dance floor where everybody were dancing by pumping their fists in the air. There were lights flashing everywhere. Siviliar grabbed my hands as we bobbed to the rhythm. The music was intense. We laughed as Siviliar wrapped her arms around my shoulders and I wrapped mine around her waist. She kissed me on the lips. It was like heavy as we gave each other tongue. Her lips felt warm. My boner was getting erect. She pulled back. We smiled into each other's eyes. Her eyes were the colour of the sky.
"I love you. You know that," I said "You are so special to me".
"And I love you too," replied Siviliar "You are the most important person in my life".  We then kissed each other on the lips. It was intense. Siviliar stood on her tip toes so that she could kiss me on the lips. Then she smiled at me as she said "Let's go home". She had such a beautiful smile.
"OK, my matriarch".
She placed her left arm around my waist and looked over her shoulder as she said "I'm taking my husband home. See you tomorrow".
She waved to them and the girls waved back. Siviliar led me out of the nightclub and into the cool street outside. She waved down the hover taxi which landed on the street and opened up. Siviliar climbed into the taxi first. Then I climbed in after her. After we got in, the taxi closed up and we hovered a couple of metres above the ground before heading south.
On our way home, Siviliar nuzzled up against my chest as I stroked Siviliar's hair. I asked "Did you have a good night, my matriarch?"
Siviliar looked up at me and said "I enjoyed it very much". She then kissed me on the lips, giving me some tongue.
Before long the taxi landed outside the Neaster Mansion in the southeast of the city. I followed Siviliar out of the taxi. Siviliar turned around and said "Thank you" to the taxi driver as we waved goodbye to him.
"Have a good night, matriarch?" replied the taxi driver. It is only the men who fly the hover taxis on this planet.
The taxi hovered a couple of metres above the ground and took off towards the east. Siviliar took the keys out of her purse, unlocked the front door and led me into the mansion saying "This is your new home, honey. You'll be living with me from now on. Once mum passes away, this place will be mine".
On Anastania, it is the daughter that inherits the property from their mums. Never the men. Siviliar grabbed me by the hand and led me across the foyer and up the stairs to the second floor. Once we reached the second floor, she opened up the double doors into the bedroom and said "This will be our bedroom now. Come. I want to have sex".
Another interesting fact about Anastania is that it is the women who decide when to have sex. The men don't have a say in it. Siviliar led me to the bed, shutting the door behind us. Then she unbuttoned my trouser and rubbed my dick. That was heaven. I unbuttoned her dress and let it slip down. She unbuttoned my shirt, we kicked off our shoes. We were stark naked. Siviliar smiled at me as she dragged me towards her, wrapped her arms around my waist and kissed me on the lips.
She led me onto the bed. Siviliar laid back and I lied on top of her. I rubbed her left breast as I kissed her on lips. She rubbed my dick until it was erect. Then she told me to put it in and I penetrated her virgina. My dick warm inside her pussy as I rubbed myself against her, kissing her on the lips.

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