Nurse's Cap

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An old man is dying of cancer in the hospital and his serial killer son is waiting impatiently for him to die or for his chance to kill him so he can collect his inheritance. A very strange nurse who nobody knows becomes the old man’s protector. She wears a nurse’s cap that was worn by the serial killer s first victim. It is a very special cap that can harness a universal energy that allows the nurse to alter outcomes caused by past evils.

Submitted: October 21, 2016

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Submitted: October 21, 2016



Colorectal cancer late stage IV.He had it and Sammy Cepeda age 71 was dying.He always kind of figured he would die from cancer because he smoked incessantly, but he thought it would be lung or throat cancer.  It’s not like he stuck the things in his butt.  The idea of a butt in his butt made him laugh.  A rare oasis of pleasure in his desert of misery.

“Hey Pop I gotta get going.”  His son Chucky said sounding disinterested in his father’s current plight.He was slouched rather slovenly in a chair next to his father’s hospital bed molesting the latest smart phone with his hands and eyes.

Well it happened again.  He cracked a second smile when he thought of the phrase “smart phone.” Yeah right smart phone his dumb shit son along with 99 percent of the rest of the US was spending 200 bucks plus a month for a phone.  And it was amazing Chucky could afford it on Gubermint disability.  A fricken Obama phone wasn’t good enough for him.  “What are you looking for Kiddie porn?”

"Dad dammit I was not convicted of that."  His son shouted at his father while spewing out a spray of spit.

“Yeah that damn hot shot lawyer I had to take out a second mortgage to pay for got you off.”

“I didn’t do it!  I was framed by those damn pigs.”  His son leapt out of his chair shaking with anger.

“Same time tomorrow Sonny Boy” 

“ You know Pop you keep it up and you are going to regret it.  And I ain’t fucking coming to this piss-hole anymore.”  Chucky threatened as he started to leave the hospital room.

“Nor rain nor sleet nor snow will stop you from your Death Watch.  You’re too afraid I might go and marry one of these cute nurses and cut you completely out of the will.”

“Yeah Warren Buffet I am really gonna get rich off your estate.” Chucky replied sarcastically

“I admit I am not exactly rich, but you are going to come into more money than you will ever see otherwise you unemployed bum.  When was the last time you had a job…..ten years.”

His son sighed. “Pop I told you a million fucking times; I am disabled, I can’t work.”

“Whatever just get out of here.”

Chucky left the room in a huff, but Sammy was right, there was too much money at stake and Chucky knew he didn’t have long until pay-day.


It was 1984 and Doreen was finishing here first month on the night shift at County General without the supervision of Senior Nurse.  She was good, she was smart, but more importantly she cared.  So often people entered the medical field because it was a decent paying stable job.  But not Doreen; she truly wanted to help people.  She would if she could survive the night, bring relief to countless patients in the years to come.

Doreen grabbed her coat and purse from the nursing station.  She smiled at Amanda the nurse that would replace her on the graveyard shift.

“No real problems. It’s all in the charts.”  Doreen pointed at a clipboard on the counter.

Amanda sighed.  “I just hope they all just sleep through the night.  Last night that Mr. Daley in room 306 was squeezing the call button all night.  Whimpering away about all his pain and how he misses is dead wife.  Fuck the guy is ninety two years old what does he expect.  I mean if I get that age just blow my fucken head off.”

An image of Doreen sticking a 45 to Amanda’s head, pulling the trigger and a spray of blood, brain and skull splattering on the wall flashed in her mind.  Doreen didn’t like Amanda; she was a horrible nurse and a simply awful person.  But being so new she felt it wasn’t her place criticize.

“Mr. Daley did just have a lung removed.” Doreen replied.

“Oh please they dope him up so high on drugs he doesn’t know what planet he is on.”

“Yeah okay I have to get going.” Doreen replied trying to escape

“Oh and honey another thing, that beanie on your head, we just don’t wear them anymore.”

“You mean my nurses cap.” She gently and respectfully removed it from her head.  It was the standard white winged style with a ¼ inch blue band across the top.  Two pins were attached to it.  One for a long defunct Nursing Vocational School and the other was for the 106 Infantry Battalion.

“This was my grandmother’s cap.  She wore through her 45 year career even when she cared for WWII vets in the Army.  It has much history; it has seen a lot of life and….death.She said it was magical cap because it never seemed to get dirty; it never ripped, never fell off her head and seemed to bring good health to all she cared for.  It was her dignity.”

“Dignity my ass.  It brands you as a dumb assed bed pan cleaning, ass wiping servant woman.  The Nurse Manager is going to talk to you and some of those old biddies still wearing them.”

“Okay you are entitled to your opinion.”  Doreen replied.  She left the floor thinking maybe she would have to give into the pressure.  She was part of a team and fitting in was important.

Doreen looked up at the night sky as she fumbled blindly in here purse for her car keys.  Got them.  Her right hand snatched the keys.  County General had practically no security.  On her second night a homeless junkie made his way onto her floor and rummaged through the drug cabinet.  They called the police and he was arrested, but it was a bit unsettling, especially for a newbie.

She spied her AMC Hornet parked about a quarter mile from the hospital where she left it at the start of her shift.  There were a lot of people at the hospital at that time and this was as close as she could get.  Now the lot was practically empty.  She did think it was odd that a Chevy G-20 van was parked rather close to her car on the driver’s side.  But she shrugged it off.

As she stood with her back to the van she stuck her key into the door look and tried to open it.  Damn it wouldn’t open.  She knew she should have put some WD-40 into the lock because it always had a problem sticking.

She sighed with frustration when the van side door flung open and big man looped a thin wire over her neck.  He pulled the wire tightly causing it to slice into her neck.  Blood flowed out of the wound.  She tried to let out a sharp scream, but the wire was choking off her airway.

“Hey you! Stop it!” A local homeless man shouted from the shadows.  This distracted her assailant enough to allow her to lift up her right foot and to stomp his foot as hard as she could.  He released his pull on the wire and Doreen and the man slammed into the side of the Hornet.  She grabbed onto the car mirror and she felt his hot fetid breath on the nape of her neck. 

Fucking homeless piece of shit.  Chucky hadn’t seen him in the darkness.  If he had he would have eviscerated him.  This allowed the cunt to turn this into fight.  But not for long.  He wrapped his large arms around her slender body and violently dragged her kicking and screaming into the back of the van.  Her nurse’s cap fell to the ground.

Once inside the van he jabbed Doreen in the neck with syringe that contained etorphine and in an instant she became immobilized.  He looked out the back window of the van and saw that the old drunk had attracted others.  At least two people.  But no heroes in that group as they just stood and stared.  Still it was time to exit stage fucking left.

He went to close the van and he noticed Doreen’s cap on the ground.  Angrily he snatched it up and just as quickly he let out howl and dropped it back onto the ground.  A pin in the cap pierced his finger.

“Hey you let that girl go.” A young man was standing outside the van door.

Chucky using a machete from the van floor sliced the kid across the neck.  A death blow.  He struck his carotid artery.  Blood gushed all over the van, all over the Hornet, and all over the ground.  So much blood it even surprised Chucky.

Chucky threw the van door shut and hopped into the front seat, started the engine, threw it into drive and sped away.  This was his first victim and it was way too fucking close for comfort.  But he would get away with it.  He made a number of mistakes, but he would learn and get better.  It helped that the cops in this city were dumb and couldn’t smell a clue if it was a piece of shit stuck to their ass.

The van was stolen.  He would ditch it as soon as he could and then he would satiate his perversities.  He looked at the unconscious Doreen and even though he was incapable of being empathetic towards another living thing he was not devoid of feelings.  He felt hatred; jealousy of all the so called normal people that lived their merry little lives oblivious of his existence.  And more than anything he felt unadulterated, intense rage that had no logical origin or end.  Doreen; who brought only goodness to this world in her short life would be used to quench that rage if only for a brief time.

Later Detectives Ted Johnson and Joe Riley examined the crime scene.  It was good that the first responders did not touch anything.The young man who tried to help Doreen lay on the parking lot beneath a yellow police tarp and was obviously dead as his head was nearly severed from his body.

“Hey Ted look at the Nurse’s cap on the ground.  The kid’s blood splattered all around it, but didn’t get on the cap.”

“Well obviously Sherlock Riley the cap must have fallen on the ground after the blood got there.”  Officer Johnson replied sarcastically.  He picked up the cap, but there was no blood underneath it.

“There was so much blood on the ground it actually formed an outline of the cap.”  Detective Riley said amazed.  “That’s just not possible that it didn’t get on the cap.  But look there is a little spot of the blood on the cap.”

“It looks like the 106 Infantry struck again.Whoever grabbed the cap got stabbed with the pin.”  Detective Johnson commented.  “Well bag it up with the other evidence.”

In the present Sammy was still dying and Chucky the serial killer was still sitting in the chair next to his bed on his death watch.  Sammy knew that Chucky would soon become impatient and put a pillow over his head and suffocate him and nobody would be the wiser.  He wondered why had done it already. Maybe he wouldn’t even struggle.  He had so little time left anyway.

“Time to change you colostomy bag Mr. Cepeda.”  A pretty brunette nurse with a name tag that said Mary came into the room.

“Oh great.”  Sammy groaned.

Mary became immediately aware of Chucky lascivious stare.  Only it wasn’t entirely sexual.  It was also like a hungry predator eyeing wounded prey.  She just smiled.

Mary quickly and efficiently changed his Sammy’s bag. “Set for another 5000 miles.”

“Another thing Mr. Cepeda I think we need to clean you up.  How about a sponge bath?”

“You are not going to get me with that one again.  Yesterday a cute nurse like you came in here and asked me if I wanted a sponge bath and I said yes and she sent in a male nurse.” 

“Oh Mr. Cepeda whether we are male or female we all provide the best care.  But no bait and switch this time.  I will do it.  I just have to close the curtain.  Will you excuse us for a moment Chucky?”  Mary gave Chucky a toothy grin that for some reason sent shivers up his spin.

It wasn’t fifteen minutes when Mary finished cleaning up Sammy and opened up the curtain.  “All done Chucky.”  She smiled at Chucky again with those perfect teeth.  Why was Chucky all the sudden nervous and how did that bitch know his name.  He would like to see that smile when he crammed some sharp object up her vagina.

Sammy had a big smile across his face.  “I have not felt this good in while.”

“Pop you do look better.  How about you give me one of them sponge baths Sweetie.”  Sammy said in a threatening voice.He would get the upper hand on this bitch, he always did.

“Well Chucky I do acknowledge that your bloated smelly body needs a cleaning, but I am afraid if I was ever to get my hands on your dirty stinking body I would rip off your testicles and shove them down your fat throat.” Mary shouted inches from Chucky’s face.  Chucky recoiled.

Oh my…Oh my my….that bitch was dead.  She numero uno on the death list.He was going to finish off Pop today, but that could wait.  No fucking broad was going to talk to him like that.

“Did you hear what she said to me Pop? Pop???”  But he didn’t hear anything.  He had nodded off like he did a lot lately.  

He was feeling the rage.  He couldn’t kill her now, the hospital was too public, and he wasn’t prepared.  He had killed dozens over the years since Doreen’s murder and had never been caught or even arrested except for that one kiddie porn charge.  But never for his many murders.  He was able to disassociate himself from his reign of carnage by never having witnesses, at least not live ones, never leaving behind a scintilla of evidence, never allowing his rage to diminish his ability to clean up his crime scenes. In fact Doreen’s murder was his most sloppy one.  But it was his first murder and he hadn’t yet thoroughly honed his craft.  

“Another thing, why don’t you nurses wear those cute hats anymore?” Sammy woke from his slumber as quickly as he fell asleep.

“You mean a nurse’s cap?  Today’s nurses don’t wear them for a number of reasons.”  Mary answered.  She turned and glared at Chucky, “But I think I have an old cap at home that might be appropriate for this situation.  I have other patients I have to tend to, but I will be back.” Mary said as she left the room all the while smiling at Chucky with that unsettling grin

Chucky remained in his hospital chair for a few minutes seething with anger and then said “Pop I got to go.”  He left the hospital immediately without saying another word.  He had much to plan.

He couldn’t find anything on that bitch Mary.  Nobody knew who she was.He broke into the hospital records department and roughed up a guy there who pleaded there wasn’t a Nurse by the name of Mary working on his father’s floor, in fact there wasn’t a Nurse named Mary in the whole hospital.  And he believed the guy in records because he was so scared of Chucky the dork wet his pants.

The next day he came to hospital as usual.As he left the elevator on his father’s floor he decided that he was sick and tired of coming here, and he really wanted the money.  Since his father became ill he was always worried, actually paranoid, that some charlatan would come along and abscond with his father’s money, before it had a chance to become his money.  His father had a worth of about 100 K and he could use that money to set up a new life some place away from this fucking shit hole.  He lived his entire life in this dirty city and had never been further than 100 miles away.  That made his evasion of the police all the more amazing because he killed so many people over a very small area.  But even so this fish bowel seemed a bit tapped out.  With his Pop’s money he could go in search of more fertile hunting grounds.

He had calmed a bit from yesterday and decided it was best to bide his time before he took care of that bitch Mary.  He would put his father out of his misery today.  Even before his father became ill he had planned on killing him and hiding his death from the authorities, so he could continue to collect his social security checks.Obviously now with his father passing away in a hospital he wouldn’t be able to conceal his death, but at least he could get at his father’s money.  This way was actually much cleaner.  Chucky could always find the silver lining in things.

His father had lost so much weight; he was a shell of man that used to take the strap to him.  Killing him would be easy.  He would set with him for a while and wait till he dosed off and then he suffocate him with a pillow.

He entered his father’s room and he saw that his father was sound asleep.  No wait time, he could kill him right away.  He put his head outside the room and peaked up and down the hallway.  Nobody was coming.He picked up the pillow and raised it over his father’s head.

“Good morning Chucky.” Mary appeared out of nowhere

Chucky dropped the pillow and let out a large gasp of shock.

“That’s okay Chucky you can go ahead and fluff your father’s pillow; I know you want him to have a good LONG SLEEP”

His father woke up.  “Nurse Mary how are you doing.”  It was obvious even on the precipice of death the old guy had a crush on Mary.  Even a corpse could have a stiff dick.  “And I see that you are wearing your nurses’ cap.”

At first Chucky was so startled he hadn’t noticed that Mary was wearing a cap, and not just any cap, it was Doreen’s cap, after all these years he remembered those dumb pins and the blue band.  He also knew it was in police evidence.  There was a spec of blood on the cap, his blood, back in 1984 they didn’t have DNA testing, but now they do.  The cops never got a sample of his DNA, even when he was arrested for kiddie porn.  And even though the cops to the best of his knowledge did not suspect him of Doreen’s murder, and were not trying to acquire his DNA, he did his best not to leave any behind.  Not a licked cigarette butt, or spittle on a beer bottle, he took it all with him.  He even burned his trash.  Was this bitch a cop?  Were they fucking with him?  Okay they want to play games, Chucky would play games.

“Yes Mr. Cepeda this cap is very old and has much history.  If this cap could only talk the tales it would tell.  What do you think Chucky?” She struck a pose for him.

“Uhhhh.”  Suddenly he was starting to lose his focus and he didn’t know why.  Chucky didn’t feel well and even Sammy noticed.

“Chucky what is happening to you.”  His body appeared fuzzy and then all features faded away until only a blurred outline of his body remained.  Sammy believed maybe his ailment was corrupting his vision, although he had no problems with his sight up until now.

The outline of Chucky stood up and his features suddenly came back into focus.  His pock marked face, oily hair along with the rest of his porky body were again viewable.  Sammy felt the usual pang of repulsion when viewing his son

“I gotta go.” Chucky scampered out of the hospital like a scared rabbit.  He didn’t like having to yield ground, but something weird was happening and he needed to recoup.

Chucky didn’t like the Holiday Diner, the food sucked, but it was cheap, near his house and the waitresses had big tits.  He stared out a large window onto the city street.  Overflowing garbage cans, rats scampering in and out of the darkness, dilapidated buildings.  Yeah this was home sweet home.The streets were empty except for the usual human castoffs; a couple of homeless guys and Cherry, the hooker that stood on the 12th and 9th seven nights a week.  Don’t mess with her on her turf, she was one bad bitch.

Chucky craned his neck and looked a little further down 12th street and it was her!  A nurse.  It had to be Mary because she was wearing a Nurse’s cap.  She turned down 9th right past Cherry, who didn’t appear to notice her.  There was something unnatural about her gait or more appropriately she didn’t have one, she appeared to be flowing as she traversed down the street.

This was his chance!  He wanted to spring to action, but he knew he would have to be stealthy.  He slowly got out of his booth and slipped out of the diner.  He even managed to get by the prying eyes of Cherry.  He saw the nurse standing outside the old fish market; it was like she was waiting for him.  This concerned him a little, but he didn’t smell cops, he had a sixth sense that way.

She turned down an alley.  This was going to be easy; he felt inside his pocket for his box cutter.  The blade was a little dull.  He liked them that way so he had to strike his victims with more force.  Something was wrong, but he didn’t care because he smelled a kill as he followed her into the alley.

It was dark, but he was hesitant to pull out a flashlight so as to not alert Mary.  The smell of urine and rotting trash was overwhelming.  Why the hell was she going down this alley?  Was he being led into a trap or was it some shortcut to her apartment.

He kept walking until finally he came to a chain link fence.  He could not go any further.  Where did she go?  Was there an opening in the fence?  He could not find one. 

He turned around and came face to face with the nurse.  Only it wasn’t Mary, it was Doreen!  The flesh on her face was rotten and grotesquely discolored.  In some spots he could see bone.  Even in this state he knew it was Doreen.  It was her eyes which were a piercing blue and oddly not decayed.  And her strawberry blond hair that was still pretty even though it was caked by dirt from the grave.

“We are waiting for you.” Doreen said in a raspy voice.

“We are waiting for you,” said a girl that appeared from nothing.  Her throat was cut from ear to ear.  He remembered her.  She was that cute college coed he killed back in 1992!

“We are waiting for you,” said a woman holding a child by the hand.  Her abdomen opened up and her entrails spilled to the ground.

“We are waiting for you….We are waiting for you….We are waiting for you……”  More and of Chucky’s victims surfaced from the world of the dead. 

“Wow…”  Chucky responded not scared, but excited, even proud.  “My portfolio, 19, 20, 21.  I am approaching Ted Bundy numbers.”

The spirits kept chanting “We are waiting for you.”

“Oh my gosh…..I got to get a picture, a group picture with me in the center.  Maybe I could get Cherry to take the picture.  She would do anything for 20 bucks.”

He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket, but dropped it immediately as the ghosts swarmed all over him.  They were tearing at his flesh while screeching an unworldly wail.

Just when he was about to be consumed they disappeared.  He sat for a moment on the ground shaking in fear his hands covering his eyes.

“Fuck them. They won’t be seeing me for a long, long time and when they do I will slaughter them all over again.  Ah it is just a delusion.  I have been smoking too much crack lately.”  He got to his feet and brushed off his dirty pants.  It didn’t help.

He started to leave the alley when he noticed Cherry was standing in the street staring.

“Waz up what with you?  You were howling like you slammed your cock in a car door. Is that what you doing back here, jacking off that Chucky steak of yours….probably more like a minute steak?”

“You heard them?” Chucky asked excitedly.

“I ain’t heard nuthin you crazy boy.” Cherry answered.

“Ah fuck you.”  Chucky shoved Cherry out of way. Cherry toughened by the street growled at him.

He was still hungry so he headed back to the Holiday diner.  No sooner than he sat down he noticed that a nurse with a cap sitting three booths away.  This wasn’t another walking corpse it was Mary.He quickly put the menu in front of his face.What were the odds of her being the diner?  Well the hospital was only a mile away.  It was plausible.

A waitress named Ruby came up to his table. “What are you having Chucky?”  There was disdain in her voice.  She didn’t like Chucky because he was an obnoxious louse, never tipped and always leered at her breasts.

“Just a coffee.” He whispered trying to avoid any attention.

“What was that Chucky I didn’t hear you?”

“A damn coffee…black, now scoot your butt back behind the counter.” He said little louder.  Ruby shook her head and left.

An old man at another table noticed Chucky sneaking peeks at Mary.  He got up and came over and sat down in Chucky’s booth.

“She is a hotty isn’t she?”  The old man smacked his lips.  He looked and acted like the late Edarem of YouTube fame, a little creepy, but oddly charming.

“What is this? A fucking old bum’s convention.  Bounce old man before I hurt you.”

“Bounce? Well I don’t think I have a ball, but I do have information.”  The old man replied.

Suddenly Chucky became interested.

“So you know something about the nurse?”  Chucky asked.

“For twenty bucks I will tell you where she lives.”

“You better be right old man or I will take the money out of your stinking hide.” Chucky pulled out twenty bucks and flicked it at the old man.

He greedily slid the money towards himself and deposited it in parts unknown.  “She lives alone at the Embassy Hills Apartments in Apartment 306.  She moved in last week.  Comes and goes at all weird ….” The old man paused.  Chucky’s face froze and his image was beginning to fade like a one of those old analog TV’s losing its antenna signal strength.The old man rubbed his eyes and Chucky was back in focus.

“What the fuck is wrong with you.” Chucky snapped

“Nothing, nothing.” The old man replied a bit spooked. “I got to get going.”

“Remember the terms of our deal old man.” Chucky threatened.When he did kill Mary he would also have to snuff out the old guy, he was a witness who could connect him to Mary you know.One less sewer rat, who cares.

The Embassy Hill Apartments was a large brick building that despite its glamorous sounding name was just a tenement for the financially impaired.  Why would a nurse stay a shit hole like this, didn’t they make good money?

The apartment had a buzzer system to gain access to the front door, but it had been disabled, well actually it looked like somebody smashed the panel with a brick.  The front door opened with a hard tug.  Good he didn’t want to have had to buzz somebody with some dumb hard luck story about forgetting his keys.  He avoided the elevator and took the stairs to the third floor.  The hallway wall was adorned with your typical random graffiti tags.  Her front door was locked with a simple pin and tumbler lock which was an easy pick. 

He opened her apartment door and it was as dark as pitch inside.  Of course he left Mary back at the diner, so nobody was home.He thought.  He went the turn on a light when he was cracked on the head with a bat.

He didn’t know long it had been.  He woke with a horrific headache.He went to move his arms and he couldn’t move them. He was tied to a hard wooden chair.

Mary was standing in front of him dressed in a black all leather outfit, smacking her hand with a wooden bat.  “Good old Louisville slugger.  I like the sound of American hardwood on skull.  I never really cared much of the high pitched ping aluminum bats make.  To each his own I suppose.”

“What the fuck do you want with me?”  Chucky winced.

“Hey Chucky you’re the one who came her.  Are you looking for a little pussy or were you going KILL me or maybe a little bit of both?” 

“No, no I was just wanted to talk to you my father’s health.”  He pleaded. “I am really worried.”

“Chucky, Chucky.  I suppose lying is a pretty minor sin for a serial killer and by serial killer I don’t mean you polished off too many bowls of sugar pops.  I mean you slaughtered a lot of innocent women.”

“HOOHAHAHAHMAHAHA MAAAHAHA,” Chucky laughed hysterically.“Yep you caught me.Guilty as charged.I put the M in mass murderer.  So what are you going to do about it bitch?  Are you going to call the cops?Or are you a pig.  You got no proof of shit.” 

“Nah….I am just going to carve me a big fat pumpkin.”  Mary held a plain old utility knife in her hand.  In a downward stroke she slashed Chucky’s cheek.

Chucky howled.

“Is that a tear I see?  Is the big bad psycho killer really just a little bitty baby?

Chucky cried out for help.

“Nobody is going to help you here.  Everybody moved out a month ago.  This building is slated for demolition.  They are building some sort of condo project.  Rich white man doing some gentrifying.  Oh and I paid the old guy at the diner to tell you he was my neighbor.”

Chucky tugged hard on his restraints.  “That old bastard I am going to kill him!”

“Chucky you can’t kill somebody who is already dead.”  Mary gashed his face horizontally.

“Hmmm… maybe I will play tick-tack-toe on your face.  What do you want Chucky X or O?”

“You are not going to get away with this you psycho-bitch!” Chucky was blubbering.

“Why Chucky you are calling me psycho? “  Mary pulled out a long 16 gauge needle.  “Maybe I am.”  She held the needle up in in the light and admired its shine. “Did you every gouge out an eye?Or maybe just prick it like the center of a fried egg.”

She put her hands on her hips.  “If I remember correctly in all your murders I think it was the only body part you stayed away from.  You have some problem with eyes Chucky?”

Chucky was breathing hard and rocking hard in his chair.  She was right.He could eviscerate a pregnant woman and eat a taco right after.  But eyes….they always freaked him out.  He was getting contacts once and when the optometrist tried to put them in his eyes he nearly killed the guy.

“Yes I think I will poke out your eyes?  Just think you could be famous as the world’s first blind serial killer.  And if you have trouble in continuing in your chosen occupation I am sure you can find something in the ADA that will help you get the necessary accommodations. “

Mary stuck the needle up near Chucky’s eye and slowly pushed it closer.  Chucky whimpered like a helpless puppy.  He rocked his chair with an insane fury.  And Mary stopped.Something was wrong with Chucky.  His image was losing its fidelity.The interatomic forces that held his being together were weakening and his atoms were fizzing off into space. 

As soon as Chucky’s partial disappearance started it stopped.  He was whole again. “It has begun.  I think our session is over Chuckster!” Mary smiled.  She cracked his skull with her bat and all went black for Chucky.

Chucky awoke in his bed and his head was sore as hell.  Make it two lumps please.  What was he going to do?  Until that damn Mary broad appeared on the scene things were going pretty well.  His killings were efficient, well planned and went off without a hitch.  And they were very fulfilling.  The dumb pigs were nowhere near to connecting him to the murders.  He was going to receive a sizeable windfall upon his father’s impending death. 

He needed to find a solution to this problem.  Think…Think….A devilish smile came across face.  “I got it.” Chucky bounced out of his bed and went to his father room.  He pulled a package of Marlboros out the drawer of his nightstand.  His father was addicted to the things.  Ever since he was admitted to the hospital he has been pestering the staff for just one cigarette.  His father’s emphysema required him to have Oxygen therapy.  If he could get Mary back to his hospital room he could use the oxygen and the cigarettes to start a fire that would burn them both up.  Oxygen and smoking related fires happened all the time.  

Nobody in the hospital knows who the hell Mary was so she was obviously an imposter.  When her charred corpse is found in the fire the mystery woman Mary will appear to be just some schmuck that brought his father some cigarettes and got consumed by the blaze.  He liked fire; he had a period in his youth when he burned all sorts of stuff. 

He would find the old man from the diner and have him relay a message to Mary for her to meet him at the hospital tonight at midnight.  He would have him say that he had enough running and hiding from the law.  That he was ready to turn himself in, but he wanted to meet with her one last time to confess his sins.  He knew Mary was too smart to not know something was up, but he also knew she couldn’t resist a challenge from him.

Chucky arrived at the hospital thirty minutes early and hid in an empty room.He had put a small wireless spy camera looking down a corridor in a direction which Mary would have to come.  And he waited. 

He saw her on his video screen.  She was early.  The arrogant bitch figured she was going to get the drop on him.  When he saw through a crack in the door that she had just walked past he sprang out of the closet and from behind her wacked on the head with an aluminum bat.“Pay back is a bitch, bitch and I like the sound of an aluminum bat.”

Chucky pulled her back into the room.  He had a set of street clothes for her.  He figured it would be more realistic if Mary’s charred corpse had regular clothes.  He really had to restrain himself when he removed her nursing outfit and replaced them with the woman’s cloths he stole from behind a Salvation Army story.  She really was a hotty and he could have had a real lot of fun dismembering that body.  But this was business.  He had to follow the plan to the letter if he was to successfully execute it.

He stuffed the nursing outfit including that disgusting cap, which he had to tear off her head; the damn thing didn’t want to come off. Everything went into a hazmat bag destined for the incinerator.  Mary would soon also be incinerated he thought happily.

He threw Mary over his shoulder and went into his father room.  He closed the door behind him and dropped Mary down onto the floor.

“Chucky it’s after visiting hours.  What are you doing here?  And who’s the girl?”  He didn’t recognize Mary when she was not in uniform.

“Dad I have been feeling real bad about things and I figured I would bring you a peace offering.” Chucky pulled out a Marlboro cigarette.”  His dad’s mood instantly lit up. 

“Oh I am not supposed to have them in the hospital.”

“Don’t worry about it.  What is it going to give you cancer?”  Chucky smiled.  “And I disabled the smoke detectors.”  Chucky kept thinking just take the damn thing.  It’s your last chance.  I am offering you a last smoke before your execution you stupid fool.

“Okay….you twisted my arm.”  Sammy took the cigarette and Chucky offered him a light.  Sammy sucked in the smoke and swallowed with an orgasmic pleasure.  When Chucky got closer Sammy noticed the cuts on his face he got from his exchange with Mary.  

“Where did you get the cuts on your face? You are not killing cats again?”  Sammy sighed. 

“No I am not killing cats!”  Chuck replied angrily.  I graduated from those childish activities years ago he thought.  If you only knew what glorious achievements I have accomplished over the years you would be proud of me for once.  He paused for a second and realized he was wrong.  He knew he wouldn’t.That he would think his acts heinous and like all the others he wouldn’t understand.  He would probably be the first one to turn him over to the cops the fucking son of bitch.  Well he will get his the bastard.

“And who is girl and what is wrong with her?” Sammy’s concern returned to Mary

“Just some junkie from the street I was fucking around with that overdosed. “ 

“Chucky what are you doing?  That girl needs help immediately.”  He reached for his call button.  Chucky immediately ripped the button out of his hand.

“You ain’t calling nobody.” Chucky smiled.  He took his father’s oxygen mask and turned the valve on the tank up high, placed in on the bed and poured a small amount of accelerant on top.  He then pulled a torch from his pocket, lit it and started a fire.Soon the whole bed was a blaze and his father was screaming in terror.

“Add Nurse Mary to the fire and we have beach, blanket, barbeque.”  He picked up Mary’s unconscious body and threw her onto the burning fire.

“Have a good smoke Pop. HOOHAHAHA.”  He turned to leave and came to face to face with Mary who was awake and dressed in her nursing outfit cap and all.” 

“Where did you… How did you?”  Chucky asked stunned.  The flames on the bed turned off like somebody turned off the knobs on a gas stove.  Chucky’s appearance turned translucent and pixelated.  He began to fizz.

Sammy looked on simply in shock.But now it wasn’t just Chucky that was changing, but the room around him.  He noticed his monitoring equipment was gone.  He still had an IV in his arm but the plastic pouch was replaced by a glass bottle.  There were pictures of Disney characters on the wall; Mickey, Mini and Goofy to name a few.

“Do you remember this room?”  Mary asked softly.

“Yes when I was boy, when I was hit by a car.  I was in this room.”  

“This used to be the Children’s Ward.”  Mary smiled.

Sammy took a deep breath.  No emphysema.No sickness.  He looked at his arms and legs and he was young again.  He was a thirteen year old boy.  He started to get out his bed, but fell back.

“Take it easy.  You are scheduled to be discharged today.  But you will still need physical therapy before you can walk again.”  Mary put her hands gently on his shoulders.

“I don’t understand.  What is happening?”  Sammy was panting.

Mary looked away reflectively “Duality of nature….Good and Evil.  All things in our existence need to be in balance.  If you probably have noticed things have gotten pretty bad in the world.Things have gotten too evil and this needs to be offset.  Chucky is very evil.  Even worse than you know.”

“I am sorry Nurse Mary but you are not making any sense.”  Young Sammy scratched his head confused.

“Actually things are quite clear.  Chucky’s entire existence needs to be erased.  He was a mistake on a cosmic level. His evil acts need to have not happened.  And you get a second chance at life to boot.”

“I get to relive my life.  What is to stop me from having Chucky again?”

“Oh it won’t happen again.  The universe doesn’t make mistakes twice.”

“There have been evil men throughout history.  Why Chucky?  Why not Adolf Hitler?”

“I don’t know why it’s Chucky.  It’s not for me to decide or even to know why.  I am just the instrument of execution for this action.”

“Do I any choice in this?”

Mary was dumbfounded.“Do you want to go back to your deathbed?Do you want to trade your life for Chucks?  You didn’t know this, but Chucky killed dozens of women.”

Now it was Sammy turn to be dumbfounded. “He killed people?  I know he was a bad, sick person, but I didn’t know he was a killer.  How could I have missed it?”

“Don’t blame yourself. “ Mary consoled. “Chucky was quite clever.  He fooled a lot of people including the police.”

“You still didn’t answer my question.  Do I have a choice?”

“Surprisingly you do.  The universe will have to rebalance some other way.  But why would you make such a choice?” Mary asked.

“He is my son, my only child.  The only thing I have left from my life with Betty. My wife.  She was such a good woman.  I didn’t deserve her.  When she was alive I didn’t appreciate her enough,” he lamented.  “How could we have produced such monster like Chucky?”

“More the reason to take the opportunity you have been presented with.”  Mary urged.

“What will happen to Chucky?”His body was fizzing violently like an out of control chemical reaction.

“If you choose to live your life again Chucky will be no more or more exactly never been.All his actions will have never occurred.  All the people he killed will not have been killed.”  Mary explained.

“And if I choose to go back to my old life?”

“Well Chucky will go to jail and his killing spree will stop.  I will supply the police with a sample of his DNA and Doreen’s cap with Chucky’s blood on it.  But all of the evil he did cannot ever be undone.” Mary shook her head sadly. 

“This is really too much to take in.”  Even in his injured state he felt his youth.  His vim and vigor was something he had not experienced for a long time.

“Will I meet Betty again?  Will we fall in love and get married again?”

”I can’t answer that?”

“I suppose it’s the right thing….” He stopped.

A thirtysomething red headed woman walked into room with a gregarious smile and a stack of DC Comics.  “Mom mm!”

In that instant young Sammy had forgotten all about old Sammy.  His life had begun again, full of promise, full of hopes and aspirations.  Chucky had faded totally into oblivion forever.  And Mary was just another Nurse.

“Have a nice day.”  She left Sammy alone with his Mom.  She exited the hospital to reemerge back in the present. She wondered if she would ever again be called upon to rebalance the universe.  She wondered if maybe the world will someday go too far in the direction of good and she have to inject some evil into it to level it off.

She walked along 9th Avenue on her way back to her apartment and noticed how the streets were so clean.  All of the garbage was gone.  There were no homeless people or prostitutes.  There were trees she didn’t remember.  There were a couple of squirrels squabbling over an acorn, but not a single rat.  The buildings that were in much disrepair before looked almost pristine. 

She turned around the corner of a building onto 12th street and plowed into a woman.  The woman fell to ground.  “Oh I am so sorry.”  Mary apologized.

Mary offered her a hand to help her up.  The woman was dressed in a fancy beige two piece jacket and dress.  The woman looked oddly familiar.

“Cherry is that you?”

The woman was clutching a bible.  “No my name is Cherelle Watson.  Do I know you?”

“No….You look a little like someone I used to know.  But again I am so sorry.  Oh you dropped your hat. ” Mary reached down and picked up the hat.  “What a lovely hat.”

“Yes I just bought it.  It is a bucket cloche hat.  I love the sequins and the floral arrangement.  Do you like hats?” Cherelle asked gently stroking the fabric of her hat in admiration.

“Yes…Yes I do?  I love hats…caps.  You might say I am the goddess of head adornment.”

“Please my dear no worshiping of false gods,” said Cherelle both concerned and irritated.

“No I believe in the one true god.” 

“Good I wouldn’t want you to burn in hell honey.”

Mary’s attention turned away from Cherelle and to alley in which the deceased souls of Chucky’s victims had confronted him. I wasn’t the same.  It was clean; the trash cans were covered and upright.  The urine and rotting garbage smells were replaced by some sort of floral scent.  But she noticed someone standing just outside the shadows.  It was Chucky!  He was dressed in tattered clothing.  His pallor was white and although he said no words he communicated with an evil sneer.

“You don’t belong in this world.  You don’t exist.  You never did.  Go back to the bowels of oblivion you son of a bitch!”  Mary screamed furiously.  Chucky stepped back into the darkness and he was gone.  

“Honey, Honey.”  Cherelle was shaking Mary.

“Huh…I am okay.” Mary smiled

“You looked like you saw the devil my dear.”

“No…no.  It was just a dirty rat in the alley.” Mary replied.

“Oh yuck.  Not around here.  Anyway I am on my way to my church.  In the house of the lord all are welcome.  Would you like to come?  Today’s sermon is on how past sins can’t be undone, but shalln’t be repeated”

“Yes…yes I would like that.” She offered her arm to Cherelle, but she politely refused.  She didn’t want people to think she was one of them homosexuals. 

Maybe this world could use a few adjustments.  Hopefully a return of Chucky wouldn’t be required.  











© Copyright 2018 Frank Zannini. All rights reserved.

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