Us Humans

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Submitted: October 22, 2016

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Submitted: October 22, 2016



She sat by the window and witnessed the ascent of the sun, saw it peek over the distant mountains as if to shine a light upon the falsities of love. She stared then at her own reflection and smiled, for she knew that regardless of what others had said, she was now her own woman, strong enough to understand when to succumb to primal instincts, yet mature enough to realize that sometimes one must simply surrender to uncertainty. Looking at another reflection in the window, this one belonging to the man whom she had spent the night with, she realized that her love for him went beyond earthly desires. His presence showed the woman that, despite being a wife and a mother, she still possessed the ability to let go, to take risks, to be a woman not restrained by false morality. Being with him tapped into a side of her that had otherwise remained dormant; that aspect of character constantly gnawing at her stale soul; that faint voice of consciousness whispering how she needed to make room in her heart for boundless love, love that wasn't tied to a written document or a vow, but one that was free in choosing how to manifest itself - sometimes through the flesh, other times through words whispered into the ears of the night. It was this love, pure and naked, that appeared weak in the light of logic, yet appealed so much to a gentle heart. And her heart was indeed gentle. But who could understand the thrill of riding these uncertain waves? How could those friends who called her a slut truly comprehend that the woman had, in her heart, a place for not one, not two, but many a man to love and admire?

She sighed and shook her head. The sun now illuminated the white caps of earth's jagged teeth. Soon the time would come for her to leave. Soon her husband's alarm would go off. She thought of her husband in bed. Was he sleeping on his side or on his back? Was he having a dream or a nightmare? What if he woke up and needed her there, or even worse, what if the night before he had woken up from a bad dream only to see that his wife wasn't there? But then she remembered that she could also rely on her other lover to get through tough times. He, too, was for her a source of strength, even if no legal document legitimized his presence in her life. The matter was in fact much simpler than documents and paperwork: in her heart she had space for two men, and all she desired was to share her love amongst both of them, to look into her lovers' eyes and tell them that there is so much more to life than marriage and family. Love for her was free. Love for her soared through the skies. Love for her seldom settled upon a branch. Even so, she was bound to this earth and to the finite borders of adult life. Thus she stood up and got dressed. The time had come to leave. Her old lover would have to wake up also, for today was Thursday and it was his turn to drive his kids to school. The woman came close to waking him up herself, but thought better of it and left the room.

In the hallway she hesitated. For reasons she couldn't understand, she was overcome by the urge to leave the building through the fire escape, despite the warning that told her otherwise. So she headed to the left instead of right. After letting out a deep breath, she smiled and pushed the emergency door open. Thankfully, no alarms went off. She climbed down the fire escape even though there was no fire to speak of.

Inside the motel, her old friend woke up and watched her run across the parking lot in the ashen morning, get in her car and drive away. Had he more time to sit around and ponder, he would have revered in his pensive mood, wondering to himself why human beings caused each other so much pain. But he was a devout husband and a responsible father, and he knew that if he waited around any longer, his family would most likely notice his absence. So he, too, left the motel room, following in the footsteps of his secret lover. In the hallway he turned right with no hesitation, waited for what seemed like an eternity for the elevator, and descended from his Heaven to where time awaited his arrival.

No one watched him cross the parking lot to his car, for the motel room was now an empty shell of what it was the night before. With their departure, the couple had deprived the room of life and luster. Silence began to nestle upon the bed, wrapped itself like ivy around the legs of the table by the window, settled like dust on the lampshade and the tablecloth. In the empty room silence befriended time, and out on the streets people slowly began their daily hustle, walking to and fro under the protective eyes of the scorching sun, all missing something abstract, desiring something unknown.

Yet they held on to this confusion that was life, feared death despite its immediate release.
And thus they strode on, these finite beings with infinite desires.

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