Dap - A love so deep & wide. A joy so pure & fulfilling

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This poem flowed out of me when we lost one of our pets 6 months ago. I had so much I needed to share about him and the amazing addition he was to our family for his 2 short years of his life.

Submitted: October 22, 2016

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Submitted: October 22, 2016



Dap – A love so deep and wide

A joy so pure and fulfilling


Dap, thank you for you, the real life little boy like a dream.

Walking into our lives, so tiny, so cute, so cocky, so loud, so acrobatic, so funny

and just so beyond belief.


That day, you stole our hearts.

We cannot measure or comprehend our love for you.

You made us laugh, you shared your amazing

little spirit and bound us all together in a common joy.


Your little daddy and big daddy learned of deep love.

Grown men softened like marshmallows,

hearts abounding with joy in your company.

They could never get enough

Like a drug you drew us in,

your eyes of blue, your meow so loud, your muddy paws

your knowing humour, your intellect, your strength,

your wavy walk, your crossed paws,

your rolls of skin, your creamy pleasing fur

 bubba hanging on tight, a peter pan


We can’t stand one day without you Dap let alone forever.

But thank you sweet boy for you.

A lifetime worth of joy and love shared.

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