the Man Who Never Lived

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Submitted: October 22, 2016

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Submitted: October 22, 2016




Mary was a girl who could serve the world. She fell in love a rebel who rode off into the sunset by his self as soon as he found out she was pregnant. Not knowing what to do she went to the clinic to abort but back down at the last second thus Tom was born.

She struggled to raise Tom giving up on her dreams; all to make sure Tom had a good life. Seeing this lighted a roaring fire of motivation in Tom even at the young age of seven, to follow his dreams so his mom would be happy with the life she had.  He flew to school skipping grades and graduating early. He worked every day at Lowes while he went to school for medicine. After years of struggling in college he finally became a doctor. 

  He started at a hospital as an intern and saved many lives as he worked his way up to become chief. One day girl name Robin was rushed in with a bullet through her chest after saving her. They became close and later married and bearded two children. Finally reach one of his goals of becoming chief of staff he began opening treatments and studies and eventually found a cure for cancer.


During the time of his studies for a cure he pushed Robin to do things she never thought she could. She created two new charities Hunger No More and Homeless is the Past. Hunger No More .They were very petite at first but with dedication and hard work Robin made it two of the most promising charities in the world. Hunger No More went around the world making farms and feeding the poor, eventually ending world hunger. Homeless is the Past Is an organization where it built shelters and educated as well as supply jobs to the homeless and eventually made being homeless a thing of the past.


Now with all this going on, they still found the time to raise two children; a daughter name Lauren and son name Luke. Lauren grew up to become a teacher and later reformed education making the U.S. the smartest country in the world. Luke grew up to join the military and rose to the ranks to become secretary of Defense. With him helping the president they were able to finish wars and later in life started a policy with every other country called "World Peace."


  Now the family seems to have a huge impact on the world for the better and almost erased all the problems of the world. Now as Tom looked back on his life he smiled his wrinkle old smile feeling accomplished of his and his family life. As Tom reflects back he looks down only to notice his hand fading. In a panic, Tom tries to call for help but his voice seemed transparent. He tries to run only to realize his legs had disappeared as the rest of his body steadily faded until nothing was left. Seconds later, Ripples ran across the skies as the world began to change. His children vanished, erasing World peace and the new education system. His career gone, making cancer still exist and his wife dying on the operation table from the bullet the robber put in her. Her charity never exist making more people die from starvation and suffering. Many people Tom saved died as well changing the world for the better to the same as it was before he was born. Everything his family did was now erased all because Mary never changed her mind. She followed through with the death sentence she gave to Tom. 

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