Then Is Now

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Submitted: October 22, 2016

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Submitted: October 22, 2016



Then Is Now....


This is real, it is no dream, but absolutely true;

It’s hard to comprehend that I am me and you are you!


We’re both living, breathing people, not characters in a book,

we’re dealing with our problems, if anyone bothered to look.


Then is now and now is then, the time it grows distorted,

as time and time it seems to be my plans are surely thwarted.


It doesn’t matter where I go, or who I might just meet;

there’s only one who’s capable of helping me to beat


those fears and terrors down, to bring some sense of worth;

to make me turn away from being buried in the earth.


A confidence I cannot feel is what I really need to find,

not the willingness to be put down that dominates, I find.


Too much time, from past to now, from then until the present

has brought to me a feeling that I really should resent.


Sometimes I’ll serve a purpose when I do just what they say

but mostly I’m just made to feel that I am in the way;


a hindrance and a nuisance that just gets it all so wrong,

but in my head I drown it out, replace it with a song.


I’m not going to be beaten down, my mind will not be changed,

You are you and I am me and that I would not rearrange


for it’s you that keeps me going when things just get me down,

when everything conspires to make me feel like I’m a clown.


But time it is escaping me, it’s become my enemy;

the secrets that the future hold are not clear to see.








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