Peeping Tom

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I had to write this for school, please give feedback and be honest.

Submitted: October 22, 2016

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Submitted: October 22, 2016



Darkness.  For most this means lack of light. For me it is different. I am different. 14-year-old girls aren’t supposed to know darkness. But I do.

However, on that idyllic morning in June, darkness was almost non-existent. The sun rose, breathing new life into the sleepy town of Faycliff. I got ready and left for school.

When I returned a man and his son were moving next door to me, the house I had always known to be empty. Following my mum’s request, I went to see if they needed help unpacking. That was the first time I saw them.

I was greeted by a boy, he said his name was Tom and he was 15. He said a lot of things, most of which I didn’t hear. It was his eyes.

They were vortexes, imprisoning me in his menacing glare.  As I looked into them, everything changed.

I quickly made an excuse to leave. I had to think. But first, I had to stay safe. Even as I locked the door of my warm, safe haven of a home, I still felt it.

Thunder rumbled angrily as rain trickled down the sharp, cold windows.

It had begun.

That night, I lay in bed, feeling the darkness all around me. I tried to sleep, yet I couldn’t. Not when he was there.

He thought I didn’t notice him. I did. My eyes were closed, but I could see him cautiously creeping around the cocoon of my bed. I heard his every move. I even tasted the glee in his breath. How?

I just could.

Even as he left, I knew it wasn’t over. This was darkness and the only way to truly get rid of darkness is to be the light.

The next morning was nothing like the previous: the sun was no longer breathing new life, but maintaining the pain felt by those who are living.

I saw Tom at school. How did he get there? I had no idea. But he was there. I needed to do something but I couldn’t.



School was as normal as it could have been that day. It was only at the end when it got dark.

Very dark.

Tom approached me. He said he liked my house and asked if I would like to join him on the walk home.



I knew then. I knew he wanted me. That the darkness wanted me.

I ran to my street and straight into his house. It was open. He had been planning this. I found my way to his room and waited.

Tick. Tock. Time went so slowly.

But then he came. He pretended nothing had happened. That’s what he was like.

Until the very end.

I said it was an accident. I lied. The police found out the truth eventually.

They put me in this place. A place full of blinding lights and lustrous white walls. But no matter how hard they try. I only feel one thing:



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