The Fall of Idealism

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Submitted: October 22, 2016

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Submitted: October 22, 2016



It’s hard when


wishful perceptions of others

comes crashing down

crushing our spirits, our hopes.


It’s hard to

face the fact that


don’t believe in

our causes as

much as we do.


It’s tough to have to

process the truth of

others’ reality

when we think

it’s not as

compassionate or


as our own.


(And sometimes

injury comes from

someone in

our own group,

albeit inadvertently)


I wish there was

a switch

to turn on

feelings and attitudes of

forgiveness and understanding

towards others’ indifference,

an easy way to

stop the screaming

inside my head:

“What’s wrong with you,

you selfish people!

Why can’t you/don’t you/want to

Get it?!”


But there is no switch.

We have to work through it and


replaying wrongs

rehearsing imaginary conversations

silently cursing,

and move on to


or at least tolerance

of their condition

and decide whether to stay and

work for change

despite the odds or

take the high road by not playing “the blame game” and

move on;

“If they haven’t gotten it by now . . .”

Sometimes that’s just the way it is.

And everyone isn’t like that;

It just makes it that more refreshing when we meet them.


Truthfully, it doesn’t matter,

it’s not worth the suffering.

Let God handle it now,

renew your mind with better things.

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