Dear Me,

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Nightmare

Submitted: October 23, 2016

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Submitted: October 23, 2016



I wake up, stretch, and look around. T….this looks like my old room.. What’s going on? I go down stairs and look around. It’s my old house from back before everything happened. I look around even more and seen them. “MOM! DAD!” I run up to them and hug them tightly. “I…..I knew it was all a nightmare! I just knew it! I knew you couldn’t be….” All of a sudden they were fading away and the walls were covered and dripping with blood. I scream “MOM, DAD! NO! PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME!”

I gasp for air and jump up were I’m sitting on my bed. I run my shaking hand through my hair and look at the clock. Ugh it’s only 4:15 in the morning but I can’t sleep after that.

So I get up and get dressed in a pair of jeans and a black laced shirt, then puts makeup on. I grab my stuff for school and my journal off my desk, and then head down the stairs. I try to sneak out the door so I don’t wake Julie up. Then I get outside and walk down the sidewalk until I approach a park. I sit in front of a tree, check the time and opened my journal; beginning to write.

 Dear Me, October 14, 2017

Right now it’s 5:30AM. I have my first day at a new school at 7:00AM. I’m nervous to go to a new school; surprise, after all I’ve been through and how many new schools I’ve went to; I’m still nervous to start a new school. It doesn’t help that I’m starting a month after the school year began. The main thing that is so nerve wrecking is when everyone asks you your story. Like “oh why did you move? Did you get expelled or something at your old school? What was your old school like? Where did you come from?” The real reason why I move most of the time is because someone usually starts to get suspicious and think my parents abuse me or something so we move so they don’t catch on.

However, this last time I did get expelled… I mean I didn’t mean to; or I wasn’t acting out to get attention from my parents or anyone like some say, since it was the time the two bone heads were getting divorced. But these guys started making fun of me and I was fine with it and whatever. But when they started talking about my parents that’s when I snapped. I grabbed one boy and slammed his face against my knee and broke his nose, another one I twisted his arm and broke it, the last one I broke his leg by grabbing his arm and slamming my foot in his knee, hard forcing it to go backwards. I guess you are not allowed to do that; noted. Well if it was for attention my “parents” noticed. I got beat big time for that one. Then the parents of the boys pressed charges against me and I went to JDC. Well no one tried to mess with me in there after one girl tried to grab my butt and I broke her nose and arm. Nevertheless, I did meet the police officer that was there that day when everything changed and he got me some work when I got out. I’m not allowed to tell anyone that either. My whole life just seems like a big secret, a lie.

I hope no one found out that I went to JDC for three months…. Jacob (the police office that got me a job) made sure no one could find the records but I’m not sure. I don’t know what I will tell people if they ask though. I guess I will figure it out. I hope no one really talks to me today cause I’m not in the mood for anyone’s bull shit today especially after the whole nightmare I had this morning… Well its 6:20AM so I should go to school and have a look around. Try and learn to love yourself.

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