Lost Memoirs Chapter 1 10/23/2016

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

a boy who once lived far away suddenly moved to a small town in japan. only to find what he was looking for.
blake baker is a half english/japanese boy who once lived with his mother and father when suddenly his parents broke up.

the story takes place at a town far from the main cities of japan where blake's mom was born and raised.
there, he moved with his mom.
blake was sad at first but when he finally made friends with a girl Alisya Natsuki in his class. his world will totally change

This is a little script for a manga


Chapter 1: Mysterious


"You can't heal your heart once it's hurt, But you can patch it by moving on." 
"Mom!!" As he yelled down the stairwell of his house
"Yes, Blake?" Reacted Ms Baker to his son Blake Baker
Blake said "My boxes are ready!"
"Just put them down there, They will pick them up" Said Ms Baker
"Is it really fun there?" As he asked
"U-Um, You'll see!"as his mom reacted quite fakely
A contractor soon came and picked his boxes up as soon he came from the door up to his room
"Are these the last ones?"as he picked up 2 of relatively light boxes
"Yes, those are my clothes and collections" 
A small bracelet slipped and fell from the box
Blake acknowledged the bracelet and walked towards it
He realized something and held the item towards his chest
"I hope she still knows me" blake said with a sad voice


"Wow!! This house is surely bigger than the last one huh, Blake?" As Ms Baker asked
"Mhmm.." as he told her
"Whats wrong?" As she replied
"You are still upset huh? I'm sure you'll find some friends at your school! don't worry." says Ms. Baker
"Yeah--i hope so.." as Blake replied with a low volume
He then went to his room and saw a pile of boxes and a bed
he walked towards his desk and pulls out the drawer
he then took a bracelet out his pocket and puts it in the drawer
He walks towards his bed and sat
-Door opens- 
"School is starting tomorrow" as his mother reminded him
"Okay, mom" he replied
His mom closes the door
"New School and friends, huh?" as he spoke to himself


[08:00 in the morning the next day]
-Alarm ringing-
Blake turned off his alarm as he stood slowly
"first day is today, huh?" as he puts his uniform on
he opens his drawer at his desk he then took the bracelet and puts it on
"Just for luck" in his thoughts
"Blake! Wake up! Breakfast is ready" as his mom yelled
He went out his room and went downstairs

As he was eating his breakfast he looked at the clock[08:36] and realized that he was almost too late for school 
"Crap, School starts at 09:00" as he said
He then ran towards the door and wore his shoes on
"Im going!" as he said towards his mom
"Good luck, Blake!" As his mom said
He ran out the door and went towards his school


-School Bell ringing-
As he arrived at school
"Just in time!" he said

Sign[Class 2-A]
"Class, We have a new student" as he heard from the teacher from the hallway
"Come on in"
He walked in and the eyes of the class started gazing towards him
A girl(Alisya Natsuki) sitting next to the window looked at him and was surprised to see him
"Class, this is Blake Baker, He just moved in from England" As the teacher introduces him
"Nice to meet you." as blake said with a nervous voice
"Blake there aren't many seats left, ah I see, you can sit next to Alisya Natsuki"
Blake walked towards the seat next Alisya and sat down
"Alisya right? Alisya Natsuki?" He asked
"Mhmm"as she said with a smile on her face
"Nice to meet you, Alisya"
Alisha blushes
"Nice to meet you too, Blake" as she replied with a light voice
Alisya looked towards his wrist and notices the bracelet
"Where did you get that?"as she pointed her eyes at the bracelet
"O-oh this? An old friend of mine gave it to me back in England, It's a good luck charm" as he answered her question
Boy interrupts, boy happens to sit behind Blake
"I'm Haruko Ryouichi, nice to meet you! You can call me Hako" as he introduces himself with an excited voice
"Blake Baker, Nice to meet you" as blake replied
Haruko came close to Blake
"You really are special, huh? Alisya already has interests in you, she normally doesn't hold conversations with everyone" as he whispered at Blakes ears
"Why is that?" as Blake replies
"She normally doesn't talk to people, she often sits there and watch as the seasons came by." said Haruko
"I can't deny though she is really pretty" after Haruko glimpsed at Alisya to check or she was listening
Teacher Interrupts
"Okay class lets start" as the teacher began
"Alisya can you start reading at page 31"
Alisya stood up and started to read
"As he was walking towards the hope he was looking for, he grabbed his heart once more and prayed for guidance"


-Bell ringing-
"That is todays lesson, remember to make your homework and in two weeks we will have our mid terms exam" As everyone left the class
"Blake why not eat together" as Haruko asked blake
"Sure!" as blake replied
Blake looked at Alisya as she was looking kind of lonely
"Should we let her eat with us?" as blake asked Haruko
"I don't know, she always prefers to eat alone during breaks" as Haruko replied
"Does she have any friends?" Blake asked
"No, She doesnt talk at all so the kids in our class cant keep up to make a conversation with her." As Haruko replied
"Blake Baker, Class 2-A Come to the Administration room please" as the broadcaster announced
"Seems like i need to go"as he said with a smile


As blake was walking towards the main road he saw Alisya walking all by herself
At the road he saw her at the opposite side
"Blake!" Haruko came yelling
Blake looked behind him and saw Haruko running towards him
"You also live in the south part of town?" asked Haruko
"Yeah, I guess so?" Replied Blake
"Okay, Well lets get moving"
Haruko walks and blake stayed for a second and looked towards the spot where Alisya was walking and realized she wasnt there anymore
"Blake you coming? Come on!" as he was looking behind him
"Y-yeah, wait up" blake said
"You seem to have an eye on Alisya, Huh?" said Haruko
"I just have this feeling that i have met her somewhere but still cant remember." said Blake
"You must be mistaking, nobody even knows a thing about her" as Haruko replied
"Yeah.. im just mistaking things, i think.." as blake said
"Oh, Im going to the right here." as haruko said in a hurry
"I'm just going straight down the block" says Blake
"See You tomorrow!" as Haruko takes his farewell
"See ya!" as blake waves back
When Haruko was out of sight
"Do I really know her?" as he was talking to himself


-Door opens-
"Mom! I'm home!" Blake yelled
No response
"Maybe she just did some errands.."as he told himself to calm down
he walks to the livingroom to see if there is dinner
as he opened the door
he saw his mom laying on the floor unconcious


Submitted: October 23, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Jayke Goma. All rights reserved.

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