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L'amour de 2 peuples

Submitted: October 23, 2016

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Submitted: October 23, 2016



Damabiah - Pagan angel of coastal regions and maritime affairs. But 4 (Dutch 4, vier, pron. fear) not inlanders, travelers know how enchanted a journey from the sea is. 

Cycles of time pass as the modern gween electric boats in the bay of a ouestern French port town move about, offering a much desired acoustic sound under their hoods. The town is famous for offering the artistic krafts of Benelux for the rest of the western world to see. 

Vandaag (today) Aust?ja, whos name means 'Goddess of bees' is becoming anxious as she is seeking her Dutch lover of twee (2) years. Their favorite animals are Française birds, as their birds, like the Français, don't use their final word sound: it's a chirp sound like 'twee,' not 'tweet.' Lesser known to many outsiders is that the Arabian migratory vaart (voyage) birds must learn French or other European sounds, otherwise it's a backword sounding 'tweet,' sounding like 'teewt.' The sound is not real charming, but can be a cause for laughter, un occurance rare on dit.

Aust?ja had been waiting specifically twee years for more intense courtship: birds and the bees. Vandaag marks 2 years, 2 months and 7 days. She hopes she shall become a mother within a year. She knows life enjoys life within itself. She has been preparing for the offering of a new being, a being that will help 'perpetuate a species so beautiful it, like fire, might have to learn to exist to infinity,' by learning a few skills that will ease the burden on her lover. 

Little known to Aust?ja is that her mariner mate is on a corps mission this evening. He prefers an early spring child: 'early spring children learn language as flowers bloom, leaves form, and birds chirp once again,' he thinks. He has bought hand crafted soap made with some raw honey to prepare for the special evening. They both enjoy it with raw honey, they once stated it in a letter in Français. After their bath, and their summer ritual of checking for fresh fruit in the neighborhood jardin, the sandy blond, blue eyed lover takes Aust?ja to a fairly quite area not to distant from the coast. It's by a rock formation with trees near where he shall explore, caress and till her jardin, and in passionate time fertilize her female blossoming flower. Nature shall abide in all likelyhood...'only if we hear a twee or tweet,' there mutual energie believes. 

They lie together under the moonlight for a few hours that pass so majestically. The evening is cool and the sea is kalm. Aust?a quietly offers a prayer to Damabiah, 4 she knows...she knows if you put his initial at the end of a Français thank you it's 'sea seed.' Some time passes with gentle gusts from the northwest. Before they discuss leaving her mariner lover also prayed. He has called upon secrèt Dutch energie: Mar-I-Ren-S, calling upon mother, hopefully, eggs, un prayer to Saturn). He desires new healthy life. Male or female is fine to him, he is prepared to invest proper energy into harmony. 

We musk bee beautiful enough...things must be qvite beautiful. 

Le Fin
try Damabiah - Flowers Planet (Hernan Cattaneo and Martin Garcia mix)

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