A Prostitute's Guide to Success

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The influx of technology into Silicon Valley brought unaccustomed luxuries to many residents, along with a craving for fast money and sex. As a young single mother, Tanisha Nicole Billops worked in this flashy setting for years. But at age twenty-seven, she found herself in financial ruin, contemplating suicide. What went so wrong so quickly?This honest personal account goes deep into the author’s past, starting with her beloved grandparents’ story, and depicts her experiences coming of age as an African American woman in San Jose.
Billops had to grow up quickly in a world that wouldn’t cut her any breaks. A professional model at the age of fourteen, she dealt with depression and used promiscuity as a way to fit in. As she made her way in the alluring culture of Silicon Valley’s rich and famous, she spent time as an exotic dancer, a prostitute, and a girlfriend of NFL players.
In this powerful memoir, Billops relates her struggles with poverty, racism, and other obstacles with the brutal honesty of someone who dealt with the challenges head on. The self-acceptance and success she ultimately found along her bumpy journey will inspire readers who are facing adversity to carry on.

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Submitted: October 23, 2016

What happens when the parties end and the photographers go home?
As a young woman in Silicon Valley, Tanisha Nicole Billops was a professional model who dated NFL players and an exotic dancer with celebrity clientele.
Her memoir takes us behind the scenes, revealing controversial secrets of the sports and hip-hip industries. Behind the public façade, not all is as it seems, and the temptations money can buy can quash morals touted under the spotlight.
Billops shares eye-opening, gritty truths about the lifestyle and her own experiences and offers bittersweet lessons learned through depression, motherhood, and prostitution. She also takes a candid look at the modern African American family, as well as the effects of poverty and racism on young black women.
A Prostitute’s Guide to Success offers uplifting advice for readers struggling to achieve their dreams—plus a backstage pass to a world most people only glimpse on TV! Read Chapter