Hidden Under the Covers

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A short story about a little girl being haunted by the monster in her closet.

Submitted: October 23, 2016

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Submitted: October 23, 2016



The little girl covered her head with a blanket as the doorknob started to rattle.  At first it was a slow, soft rattle that could barely be heard above the sound of the ceiling fan, but it started to get louder and more intense.  The doorknob was being shaken so hard that soon it would fall apart.  All of a sudden, the rattling ceased.  The little girl decided that it was safe to peak out from under the covers and survey her bedroom. 

She saw the toys that were scattered across the room, and clothes that had yet to be picked up by her or her mother.  The light that spilled in from under the door from the hallway made it clear that there wasn’t anyone standing outside that particular door trying to get in. 

That left only one other door in the bedroom: the closet.  The soft glow coming from the night light a few feet from the closet door illuminated the area of the floor that was clear of toys and clothes.  From what she could see there was nothing out of the ordinary.

She stared at the door for a couple of minutes before her breathing started to return to normal.  Her heart ceased trying to beat out of her chest and she started to relax again.  She returned to trying to fall asleep and chalked the rattling doorknob up to her overactive imagination.  A doorknob to a closet doesn’t rattle in the middle of the night; she must have fallen asleep and dreamed it.  That was the only plausible explanation, but at six years old she was too young to deduce that.

The night light started to flicker which caused a new wave of fear to pass through the little girl.  At first the light would go out and come back quickly, but the more it flickered the longer the gaps that brought a deeper darkness became.  It only took a matter of minutes before it finally gave its last bit of light and died as the child stared. 

The silent room became eerie as goose bumps started to crawl up the girl’s arms.  She decided that she had had enough and got out of bed and ran to the bedroom door to get her mother. 

“Mommy!” she yelled as soon as she got the door open and walked into the hallway of the small two bedroom house.  The mother had been sitting in the living room enjoying the quiet that she was afforded once she had put her daughter to bed. 

“What is it sweetie?” the mother asked with an air of exasperation as she had just sat down in her favorite spot on the couch with a glass of wine and the current book that she was reading. 

“My Mickey Mouse went out,” she answered quietly. 

“Your night light went out?”

“Yes, can you fix it?” she asked in her soft and tired voice.  Her mother was already marking her place in the book and getting off of the couch before she could be asked this question. 

“After you little missy,” her mom said when she drew even with her daughter and followed her down the hall to the bedroom.  The little girl, wearing pink pajamas with kittens all over them, led the way. 

When the little girl got to the door to her bedroom, she stopped on the threshold and saw that the Mickey Mouse night light was again illuminating parts of the room, while casting menacing shadows in other parts of the room.

“It looks like Mickey Mouse is working just fine.  Were you lying and just getting out of bed?”

“No mommy, I wasn’t lying.  He really went out I promise!” the girl answered her mom without hesitation. 

“I’m sure he did. Now get back into bed and go to sleep.  You have school in the morning,” the young mom said to her daughter as she tucked her in again.  “You had better not get up out of this bed again without a good reason, now good night Jenna.” 

“I promise he went out mommy.  I was afraid of the dark and came to get you,” Jenna tried to explain one last time. 

“Well his bulb might be going bad.  We will get a replacement for it tomorrow after I pick you up from after care, ok?”

“Ok mom. I’m tired now; I’m gonna go to sleep now.  I love you, good night,” she said which was followed by a large yawn. 

“Love you too, missy,” her mother replied as she kissed her on the forehead.  Jenna’s mom left her bedside and shut the door as she left the room. 

It was only a matter of moments until Jenna’s eyes were heavy and she had forgotten about the rattling doorknob.  Mickey Mouse continued to shine brightly as she slowly drifted off to sleep. 

An hour later her mother had long since finished her glass of wine and marked her stopping point in the final book of a trilogy that she had patiently waited for months to be released.  She was taking a shower so she didn’t hear the scratching at the closet door that woke her daughter from her deep sleep. 

It started slowly and softly.  When it began the only reaction that rose from Jenna was a quick jerk of her head and then she settled it back down on her pillow.  The scratching started to get louder and more savage.  Jenna was starting to wake up.  The great healer was starting to lose its hold on the little girl as the scratching came louder and faster now. 

Jenna woke to the scratching at her closet door.  It was the sound of long fingernails on a wooden door; even a six year old recognized the sound.  Again, goosebumps covered the little girl’s flesh, but this time it was coupled with a sense of dread and a cold sweat.  The cold sweat ran down the side of her head as she lay on her side.  It started to collect on her pillow as she stared at the door with eyes wide with fear.  She now realized that she hadn’t imagined the doorknob rattling.  It was silly for her to even think that she had imagined that the doorknob could have been rattled from the inside of the closet. 

The Mickey Mouse night light, that had gone out and come back on when she had brought her mother into the room, was still illuminating the floor right in front of the closet.  On this side of the door there was nothing out of the ordinary.  Jenna knew that on the other side of the door there had to be a creature or monster that was ready to drag her out of her bed and take her back to whatever world it came from. 

Horror at the thought of what had taken up occupancy in the closet wrapped its claws around her heart.  Shivers wracked her body as the scratching grew louder.  It almost had a mocking tone to it, intended to terrify her even more.  The scratching came louder and fuller.  At times Jenna could tell that it was only one long nail that was tracing its way down the wooden door, while other times it was three or four talons carving their way into the door. 

Jenna did the only thing that she could do and covered her head with the blanket and squeezed her eyes shut as tightly as possible.  She lay in the bed with the blanket tucked in around her as tightly as she could get it.  Her eyes remained closed while she did this so that no part of her was out from under the blanket.  Just like most children, she held firm to the belief that if she was under her blanket, she was safe from any monster. 

She wasn’t sure how long she had been under the blanket because she couldn’t see the clock that had been on her night stand for the past year.  It could have been a matter of seconds, minutes, or hours that she had lain there when she heard the slow creak of the hinges of her closet door.

She started to shiver despite how warm she was under the blanket.  She heard someone or something slinking its way out of the closet.  Jenna could hear the heavy steps of the monster making its way to her bed.  She could feel a hand being placed on the bed.  The hand traced the outline of her body in the bed just to taunt her. 

She had squeezed her eyes closed when the hand began running around her, but now she cracked her eyelids and could see the outline of the creature through the blanket because of the night light. 

The shape was the like a big burly man, but as it walked around the bed again she could see what looked like quills on its back.  It raised its hand and she could see claws from its hand.  Jenna thought there was something wrong with the hand and it took her a moment to count that there was only four fingers.  Four long fingers that extended from what could only be described as its hand. 

The monster extended its hand and started to run its claws down the blanket near Jenna’s face. 

Her face was frozen in a silent scream under the blanket as she watched the progress of the claws work their way down the blanket that covered her face.  The tent that was created above her face when she covered herself started to sink down with the weight of the hand.  She watched it trace down her face again before she slammed her eyes shut again. 

Jenna had no idea how many times the hand traced down her face, but the moment that the claws touched her face covered by the blanket, she could only do one thing: scream.  She screamed louder than she had ever screamed before.  It was a piercing scream that penetrated its way through the walls of the house and reached her mother within a second of it leaving her mouth.  It reached her over the sound of the running water in the shower and caused her maternal instincts to take over. 

Her mother ran out of the shower barely having a piece of mind to grab a robe on her way out of the bathroom.  She rushed down the hall and threw open the door to Jenna’s bedroom.  The screaming was louder in the bedroom and had continued for longer than she had expected. 

“Jenna what is it?  Stop screaming and tell me what happened,” her mother said as she tried to be heard over the ear piercing screams. 

“Mommy! There was a monster in the room and it was trying to grab me!  Don’t let it take me! The monster came from the closet!” Jenna exclaimed in one breath as she threw the blankets off of her face. 

Her mother took a look around the room and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.  The clothes that Jenna had worn earlier that day were still scattered on the floor from when she changed out of them to get ready for bed.  Toys were still placed haphazardly around the room waiting for someone to trip over them.  However she did not see any person or monster hiding in the shadows in the bedroom. 

“Did it go back in the closet?”

“Yes it ran back in there when I started screaming!” Jenna answered still scared out of her mind.  Her mother turned on the bedroom light and made her way around the debris scattered throughout the room.  When she got to the closet she noticed that the Mickey Mouse night light looked like someone had brushed up against it and turned it.  It had had been oriented up and down, but now it was at angle pointing towards the closet.  She chalked it up to Jenna playing when she was supposed to be in bed. 

Jenna’s mother opened the closet door and let the light spill in.  All she could see were the clothes that that were hanging on their hangers and the shoes that covered the floor.  She made a mental note to make Jenna clean up her room and closet the next day.  The only thing that was not in the closet was the monster that Jenna claimed had tormented her.

“Jenna, there is nothing in here.  I have told you before that there are no such things as monsters.  You didn’t need to scream like that.  You had me worried.”

“There was a monster in here.  I promise.  It made my Mickey Mouse go out earlier and it rattled the door and scared me.  Then it came out here and was clawing the blanket while I was under the blanket!” Jenna tried to explain to her mom.  No matter how hard she tried to explain, the fears of a six year old couldn’t be understood by an adult. 

“I’m sure you just had a bad dream, Jenna.”

“No, mommy it was real and it wanted to eat me!” Jenna nearly yelled at her mom. 

“Don’t yell at me.  I know you are scared, but that is no reason to raise your voice at me, do you understand?”

“Yes, mommy, I’m sorry.  I’m just really scared.  Can I come sleep with you tonight?”  Jenna asked.  Her mom marked the note of fear in her voice and thought that the nightmare that her daughter had had must have really shaken her. 

“That’s fine.  Come on.” Her mom replied exasperatedly. 

Jenna jumped out of her bed and made her way out of the door before her mother could have turn around.  Her mother closed the closet door behind her and left the room, turning out the light as she passed the switch.  When she entered her own bedroom, she saw Jenna under the blanket in the middle of the bed. 

“I’m going to go finish my shower and then I’m coming to bed.  You had better be asleep by the time I come back out here.  You have school in the morning, little missy.”

“Yes, mommy, I will be asleep before you get out of the bath.”  Jenna answered with a yawn.

Her mother made her way into her bathroom and found that she had left the water running when she rushed out of the bathroom.  She disrobed again and finished her shower.  She took a few extra moments to take a deep breath to help relieve the stress and worry that had knotted itself inside of her at the sound of the scream. 

When she had finished her shower and put on her shirt that she slept in, she made her way into the bedroom and saw that Jenna was asleep just like she had promised.  Exhaustion started to sweep through her body and she crawled into bed next to her daughter. 

It didn’t take long for her eyes to grow heavy and she started to slip down the path that led to sleep.  Right before her body had made the final commitment to sleep; she bolted upright in bed as the doorknob to her closet started to rattle violently.

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