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a story of a life line.

Submitted: October 23, 2016

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Submitted: October 23, 2016






One day I awake, it was in the middle of October, it was a quiet day during 20th forgotten where roses were scattered and dandelions flying on the sky, it was such scenery.

Till I decided to walk around, it was raining outside so I grab my umbrella and then I head out. I go to a place where no one wouldn’t want to go during rainy days, it was such fun going there, I t gives me the luxury of time and isolation (cause I’m anti-social), and then I started writing my stuff, doing the only job I know.

Suddenly a rainbow came out. I stared it for a while and marvel the beauty of it. Wish that tomorrow would be wonderful then I head home.

The next day was raining again so I decided to head out to the park, there was a girl sitting at a shed where I usually stay, waiting for the rain to stop. So I sit to my comfort place and started to write down the words, then suddenly out of nowhere she recite a poem

“When the rain would stop could I be the same,

When everything is broken could it be restored again

If I lose something could it be found

Then if I ever couldn’t hear a sound It would be a best.”

Things have been awkward after she recite it and I look at her, she’s just reading it loud while holding a book. I felt nostalgia of it, because rain is like a beer bittersweet depends on the people who drink it. After hours staying at the shed I head home. (never talk to strangers)

The next day I met her again on the park and it was raining again she’s reading a book so do I, I carry my note book with me, a light came out and I follow it with my eyes and it reflected on her face, a picturesque face both lovely and sadness. (but I don’t talk to her)

till I decided to stop on my writing and start drinking a coffee, then I look at her while I drink my coffee (well I sounds like a stalker but she has a lovely face) I couldn’t resist not to look at her. She ask me if I need something (I felt guilty on looking her) I said “no” but my eyes couldn’t help I always ended up to look at her. Then she ask again I, till I ask her what are you reading and it started with it.

It was a first week of November north wind started to chill, people visited and cleaning the graves of their love ones as the all-saints and all-souls day approaches it was a nostalgic and can’t help to think the girl I saw back on the park during the rainy days.

She answer “I read anthologies of our own national writers” (well I’m not famous yet so she never knew I was a writer) I replied “wow, I never thought that you’ll read those things” (maybe I offended her by those words) she glared at me, then se head out. . . I wish I could see her again while staring at her back.

The next day I headed to the publishing house to meet the editor-in-chief. It was sunny day again and I saw her Walking with someone, talking something, at a distance I could see her smile and I ‘ve felt jealous.

So I walk away. It was raining again so I headed to the park. There she is sitting on that place so I said “good morning” she replied “good morning” I sat on the same place it made me fulfill in a moment. Then she recite a verse again.

“light is my life

Sight of my fat

e Wight is my lord.”

She read a poem that has a deeper meaning and I ask her about it but its more metaphor answer. Then I recite a verse one of the poem that I make.

“as memories Of memoirs

Found lying

On the sands Of time.”

She started talking at me then, after then, after then seems like we are talking all day then so on. We talk each other every day while rainy days continue, then somebody turn off the switch and sunny day came I head to the park to look if she’s there but, she came only during the rainy season.

I remember the guy that she’s with before during that time I submitted my papers, can’t help to think what relationship, do they have. I saw them again together holding hands laughing, together like a hero and heroine on the story. (heart sting) I turn back and head home while, walking on the corner, tears starts falling, like those rainy days we shared. I couldn’t help but to cry harder.

Sunny day continues till one day it started raining again so I headed to the park, then there she is sleeping more vulnerable, fragile and pale (that’s my impression of her at that time) so I sat nearer and watch her sleeping I felt happy, that we have those moments, that her boyfriend is not with her (I think selfish that those time wouldn’t end, forever.)

She wakes up sleeping on my lap, she ask me “why I’m sleeping on your lap?” I answered “you look exhausted so rather than sleeping on that hard wood it’s better here” she laugh and said “it’s like a novel or a romance movie” haha. . . she laugh harder and I laugh also.

Rainy days continues as I ask her if she have a boy friend, she said “I don’t have”, she tell me that she has a sister and their twins, identical, so all worries have been lifted. ( I think I have a chance)

The next day I go to the park wore my new clothes, gel my hair, spray the newly expensive perfume and carried a flower and chocolate, I know she will be there waiting for the rain to stop. I ride out. All preparation is set, I know it, this is the day, I will do it today she will be mine ( what a motivation go for it! ! ! go ! ! !) I arrive at the shed but she’s not there, so I decided to wait, wait, wait for hour after hours till the sun down. (all hopes are crash)

The next day it’s December 23rd Christ- mass is near people are decorating their Christ-mass trees. Couples are walking around, parents buying gifts for their children. Love is everywhere in this city, so I head out to the coffee shop to do my job, while writing, I remember those days.

After that day I could only hope that she was there, so I could tell her how I feel towards her. I stay all day on my house. The next day I saw her at the same spot, I sat near her and ask her name ( well she smiled) I’m Diana at last I know her name so I tell mine I’m Erick nice to meeting you Diana (we smiled each other) start talking , talking , talking (want to keep her all day ) then sunset came so it’s time to part ways, it’s ironic to watch her walking away (Go! Go! Go! Chase her! ! !) My feet suddenly move towards her direction and my arms hug her tightly like a picture on a movie. I shout so loud “I LOVE YOU!” Please stay with me, don’t leave me. She turns at me and said “yes” I replied “Huh” she said it again “YES! ! ! YES! I’ll stay with you, always hoping that rainy days wouldn’t end.” Our tears are falling down while we both smiling and holding each other! ! !

I awake in the late January, starting to view the world with my eyes, the finish book had been published. Deciding to go to some place familiar at the park where I place the settings of the story but she’s not there. It’s ironically when I think the grave that I visited on November was her own.


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