a life in a stranger city

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my first effort at story writing.

Submitted: October 23, 2016

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Submitted: October 23, 2016



A life in a stranger city

Everyone in their life has experienced living alone at some point of time in a stranger place. But that is not at all but teaches you some valuable life lessons which will help you a lot in a future. This is such a story of a guy who goes to stranger city in search of his career.

At first it sounds ordinary because everyone nowadays went out of their comfort zone in search of better opportunities to secure their future. So this guy went to some other stranger city where everything is new for him. The people, their culture and their language too. At first it seems that everything is difficult for him to adjust in such new environment but as the time passes he became familiar with the city and the people. This gave him some hope but not that satisfaction which he wants. As the time passes on he became too much familiar to that city and he feels connected with that city like an eternal part of it.

And now he is no more stranger to that city where at one point of time he thinks that this is totally a new place for him.

This teaches us that at first everything seems to be stranger to us but time will heal everything and once again make you feel like you are an eternal part of it.

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