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Submitted: October 24, 2016

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Submitted: October 24, 2016





After the death of their parents in a car accident, Makiko and her little sister Miwa move at countryside to live with their grandparents during the summer holiday.

Because Makiko is studying all day for the faculty admission exam so Miwa is bored all the time, walking around the house and the garden but nothing seems interesting, until she finds an old book in the attic.

She spent all night reading and in the morning she finally finish reading it and discover a time travel symbol on the last page. Just to waste her time she draws the  symbol on the floor but then a tornado is approaching and takes their house away.

When Makiko and Miwa wake up and look out on the window none of them recognize the place. They get out from the house and looking around a tall forest can be seen, mountains not that far away and a beautiful river in the proximity, but then from the sky warriors riding flying tigers surrounded them and took both of them, prisoners.

In the village, the leader's son got a shoot with an arrow and his wound are bleeding, Makiko see what they are trying to do and stop them before they kill the kid. The leader let her out of chains and she helps the boy named Toki.

Because she saved his son, Jin, the leader of the clan let Makiko and her sister free.

Miwa tells them about the book and the symbol she draws and brought them there, and the only thing they want is to go back home, but until then Jin allows them to stay in the village.

A messenger from the north arrive in the village and let Jin know that the bulls started moving from the north so the hunting is about to begin, but Toki let his father know that he won't be there this year because he wants to help Miwa and her sister.

The three of them arrive at a cave man, deep in the mountains and ask for his help, this one sees the magic inside Miwa's soul and only finding the 4 ghost will help them go home.

To find the first ghost they travel to the east, to the land of 1000 lakes. With the last money Toki have they take a flying tiger and arrive in the east. Spending the night at a local tavern, a man from there get into a fight with Toki and want to robber him. From a table, a warrior with blue eyes, wearing a black cape is ready at any moment to defend the kid, but then Toki put the man to the ground and start laughing. He was born a thief if someone really thinks he can be robbed then they are crazy. The bartender kicks that guy out and gives Toki and his friends meat and rice to eat for free.

Miwa keeps staring at the blue eyes guy, but none of them said anything.

In the night, the three of them sleep in the same room, but Miwa wakes up and with a candle she goes outside and meets Rihan, the guy with blue eyes, the 1st ghost. Together they go to the underwater to do a quest to find a rare flower, and when a sea monster attack Miwa she have to order to Rihan to save her.

Rihan uses the flower to discover that the second ghost is somewhere in the swamp and he is in trouble. With no money left, they try to work all day but is impossible to gather enough so Toki decides to robber a lord so they can take a flying tiger to the swamp.

When Rihan insists on going in a way and Miwa in another way they get in a fight, but they decide to split up search around the swamp. In a small house Miwa and Toki find a young man, they recognize him as the second ghost but he is too wounded, bleeding but he keeps asking them to save his brother.

In the swamp Rihan and Makiko find the 3rd ghost, a warrior with green eyes, fighting till his last powers, so wounded, trying to kill the swamp shadow monsters. Rihan gets in the fight and help him but then the 3 of them go back home where Makiko is trying to do her best to save the kid's life.

Tatsuya and Kazuki, brothers and together with the second and third ghosts. Since their parents died, the life in the swamp was horrible, fighting to survive every day, but they knew they have to wait because one day someone will need their help.

Everyone wait two more days at the old house so Kazuki can recover, then he tells them the story that no one ever had seen the 4th ghost, people say he might not even exist, and the only one who can offer them a clue is Kifune, the switch from mountain Seta.

On the road Makiko gets even closer with Kazuki, they ride together and in the night she sleep near him around the fire. When they stop by Arata lakeKazuki gets in a fight with his brother and arrive by mistake in the girl's part of the lake and he finds Makiko there. When he excuse himself and want to leave, she stops him and starts crying in his arms.

Rihan knows that something is strange and because Miwa is nowhere to be seen he go to search for her and in the end he find her in the attic, with tears in her eyes. First, she refuses to talk but then she tells Rihan about her parents and the accident, about her grandparents and their cat, and how afraid she is that now she is only a burden for her sister. Then Rihan tells her his story after his village was burnt to ash he was on his own since then, wondering the lands and waiting to find that someone who need his help.But then, the truly reason Miwa was crying about is the fact she is not sure if she wants to leave this place and go back home, but Rihan promises her that no matter what decision she will take, the ghosts will always be there for her.

While crossing the city a bunch of dudes gets into a fight with them but Rihan and Tatsuya beat the shit out of them and Toki steal their money without anyone else noticing.

When they arrive at the mountain a thunderstorm begin and they take shelter in a cave, and the only one happy about it is Makiko who can spend more time near her precious Kazuki.

In the middle of the night, Miwa wakes up and take the road to downhill. Tatsuya notices her and follows her, so he arrives just in time to see her jumping in the lake. Tatsuya makes to take her out from the water and just then the girl seems to realize what she was doing. In no time they are surrounded by wolves, the ghost get injured but his flames kill all of them.

In two days they find the witch but she almost killed them with a rock rain. When Rihan defeats her she accepts to help them and in order to find the 4th ghost they need to bring her something that she deeply desires- the wings of a 300 years old eagle that live on top of the mountain.

Kazuki is in charge to stay with the girls and Toki, while Rihan and Tatsuya go to find the bird.

While waiting, Miwa follows her sister and see her crying and telling to Kazuki how much she would like to stay there, if the situation would be different, maybe they could be together. Toki find Miwa hiding near some rocks, crying that she really don't want to leave, and then Toki tell her not to, if she doesn't want to return back home, then she should make a new home here...with him, be her side.

When Rihan and Tatsuya return with the dead bird everyone is quiet, but all of them are shocked to find out from the witch that Miwa is the 4th ghost. She is the one who summoned them, the one who need them, and the one who keep them all together, even if she is just a 14 years old kid.

The witch start preparing everything so the girls can return to their homeland, and the last ingredient is the blood of the 4th ghosts. The guys cut themselves and let the blood fall into the glass, but when Miwa have to do so, she refuses. She starts yelling at her sister that if she really wants so badly to stay with Kazuki, why is she so quiet, why is she not saying anything, then at Toki, and in the end she hates herself for not saying anything all this time. All the trip was a waste of time because she never wanted to return to that horrible place again.

But Rihan hug her and tell not to worries, they all had been waiting for the day when the 4th ghost will appear, and now that she is there, they will do everything to protect her.

With no clue what will happen next they travel back to the city, but suddenly they notice a bunch of robbers attacking an imperial caravan. All the guards are killed and a beautiful young lady is threatened by those idiots.

Rihan and Tatsuya smile so creepy and ask the guys if they are looking for a job in the imperial guard, then they just attack the robbers and beat them until none of them can move. Scared the girl confess that she is Yukina, the future empress, she is trying to arrive at the palace to get married to the emperor, but all her soldiers were murdered.

Miwa step forward, help her to stand up and tell her that from now one, nobody will do any harm to her, because they will be her private guardians, and no one will be crazy enough to mess up with the 4 Ghosts.

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