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A very lost ship of ghosts, or is it?

Submitted: October 24, 2016

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Submitted: October 24, 2016




Two men stood alone.  At the bottom of a deep cave.  Therein lay the oldest ship ever found intact.  No one expected to find a schooner from before the time of Scot.  It was deemed from time of first Queen Elizabeth.  White sails remain unfurled.  It must have been sailed into the ice cave.  Most of the interior of the cave was pure rock.  The place was a time locked find, of the century.


Cam Brown wiped his hairy chin.  Then said, ‘we are stuck down here.  Look the ice has fallen in as we fell’.

‘How much air to you reckon we have?’ cringed ginger head Tom.

‘Oh a few hours yet,’ breathed Cam, ‘let’s explore the ship.  I have no signal on my cell phone.  We might as well see what we have here.’


Both men looked like penguins in their paratrooper style clothing.  A path of ice was found onto the deck of the lost vessel.  A glimpse of sunlight could be seen at the front of the ship.  The last crew must have turned it.  Before they left or died.  There were no signs of life or bodies.  Perhaps they found a way out and died in the snowy, and lethal, Antarctic.


Tom and Cam placed down their backpacks.  Nearby lay wooden steps down into the bowls of the ship.  It was all next to the ship’s wheel.  On the wheel was the name, The Green Rose.  Tom filmed it onto his body cam.  All that they saw, Tom took pictures on his cell phone.  Cam spoke at what he saw.  The Wheel, the steps and the darkness within the ship.


Tom filmed the only way out of the cave.  A vertical line allowed a splinter of the morning sun.  The light did not help down the stair.  Torch apps showed the way.  No gold, no treasure and no bodies.  A chart showed the features of the Schooner.  It could haul whales for money.  They would be taken to a port near to Australia.  This was some 400 years ago. 


Cam also noted that several cannons were placed around the vessel.  A surplus of gunpowder could be used against the law of the sea.  Time was ticking for the pair.  The Green Rose gave Cam a plan.  He asked Tom. ‘how many explosives do we have in your bag?’

‘Why? Are we going to kill ourselves,’ Tom smiled with glee.

‘Maybe!’ Cam sighed, ‘or we can get the hell out of here.’

‘Hell sounds good to me,’ Tom bit his lip and filmed himself, eyes wide open.’

Cam showed Tom the sketch of the ship interior.  Two large cannons were placed above water line near the astern.  If they pointed them high into the roof of the ice house, the fall could cause a riptide, that would push the ship out.  Cam explained more, before this event, they had to clear the way out.  If they could place explosives onto the ice wall.  Then fire a cannon at it.  The opening should be cleared..


Tom grimaced, ‘What if that does not work?’

‘Then we can wait here, for 400 year for help to come.’


The schooner rocked and creaked gently.  Some ice had thawed.  Allowed the vessel to bob about.  Tom had lit a fire on the ice.  Thanks to some old timber and a lighter from his pack.  The cavern was slowly melting.  Cam stared at the roof.  It was cracking and chunks of ice were falling onto the ship.  The men had no time to wait.  Tom was ordered to set their plan into motion.


Outside, high in the sky.  Fighters scarred the area.  Searching for the missing scientists.  The Australians were missing for two hours.  When the light of day ends.  The search could end also.  Along with the lives of the learned men.


From Melbourne a frigate was sent to patrol, as near as possible, to the Australian sector of Antarctica.  The Captain gave the two men 48 hours of searching time.  No one knew about the ice cave.  No one alive knew of the ship called, The Green Rose.


From the bow of the Rose, Tom hailed ready to Cam, who was right next to him.  With a hand pick,  they had repositioned a lone cannon that was on the deck.  After Cam had rock climbed up the ice wall.  Then pinned some explosive caps used to clear areas of icebergs.  Then the bearded men lit the repaired fuse, powder and cannon.  A ball shot out.  Smashing into the crack in the white.


The cave rumbled.  Then a rock fall filled the bow of stone and snow.  The blue water grew in mass.  The sun was met by the water, a small lake was made outside the ice cave.  The grave of the Green Rose had been opened.  As Cam went with Tom to the rear of the ship, a groan was heard.  Tom shook, was it the ghosts of the past, returning to the lost whaler.  Cam patted his brother.  ‘Come on Tom, just one more explosion and we can sail this find out of here.’


Two black cannons erupted from below decks.  The cannon balls flew high into the ceiling.  Massive bricks plummeted.  The cacophony filled the arena.  The men were deafened.  The stood by the ship’s wheel.  When more weight fell into the water.  Under currents pushed forward the ancient vessel.  The light green wooden planks and beams, cracked and croaked.  One more push moved the men out into the ice flow.


Tom released the main sail.  As a back draft breathed upon the billowy white sheet.  The wind and tidal force drove the schooner through the flat frozen water.  Cam sensed something wrong.  Time had preserved the ship formed with ice.  As it melted into the Southern Ocean, the timber splintered away.  A strong threat of drowning was feared by famous brothers of ice expeditions.


It was at this time that a shrieking jet reported in.  The sight from the approaching frigate was like a dream.  The Captain sighted the lilac wreck of the Green Rose.  As life preservers fell like confetti for the sea stricken men, shards of the whaling ship, sank into the surf.  It had taken 48 hours to find the adventurers.  Cam was surprised by this.  As he reported later his story.


The air rescue took the brothers away, as the Green Rose sank beneath them.  The white sail and green flag, capsized along with the ship.  All filmed by Tom’s body camera.  Praise for the lost vessel went live around the world.  A buoy was left so divers could retrieve the find some other time.


The Captain of the frigate watched the film in his cabin.  There sat Cam and Tom, with hot mugs of coffee.  There with the radio officer.  They watched the time inside the cave.  The recording read three hours.  Yet it took two days to find the men.  The men were confused by this fact.  This mystery. 


Then Cam showed the last log of the whaler ship.  The Original Captain wrote, ‘Time waits for no man.  Who ever finds my ship.  I promise to save you from my plight.  And I take these words to my grave, if we do not find help, above.  God bless all who sail in, The Green Rose.’


Tom asked the Captain, what the words meant.  The time serving officer explained, ‘That was not a promise or vow.  That was the Oath of a Captain.  Lost at sea.  That was the Captain of the Green Rose.’


Some time later, Cam and Tom appeared on TV in Melbourne.  The revealed the find of the century.  Many things were recovered from the ship.  Historical items.  Fishing tools.  Dropped coins and graffiti from the lost crew.  This was the strange tale and mystery of the schooner, the Green Rose.







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