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Fate it's a funny thing don't you think?

Submitted: October 24, 2016

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Submitted: October 24, 2016



Its wasn’t as it looked in the movies or how it was written in the books but for me, for us the imperfectness of it made it perfect. As we stood there yelling, screaming, eyes tearing the words got soft, and the clear shouts turned into broken sentences. I moved closer to her, one step for me, one step for her and as we made it to the middle and the words were barely whispers, her forehead leaned down to rest on mine.

“I am so sorry” her southern drawl thick and smooth.

“I know, I know, me too” my clipped New York accent said back to her. Her arms looped around my waist pulling me in even closer as to make sure I didn’t slip out of her grasp. I didn’t mind because my hands to found themselves on her, clutching onto her black leather jacket not letting go. As we stood there a small giggle left my mouth quirking me lips into a small grin.

“What's got you laughing down there?” she softly said.

“I was just remembering when we meet. Out of anyone you could have picked on the train platform you picked me.” I said, I looked up and saw a small smile on her lips. “if we hadn’t met that day none of this wouldn’t happen but you choose me a small bit of fate happened that day. Yeah, I like that, fate, I was fated to meet you and you were fated to meet me.” Her smile broke out into lopsided grin and as my eyes flickered to her lips and back to her eyes, I saw them darken before she came closer even more. I tilted my face towards her and stood on top of my toes as we bumped our way to our first kiss. First our noses brushed into each other setting off small giggles from both of us before finally, tentatively our lips met. Hesitant at first, pulling back slightly but after they hit me like a freight train. As we broke apart in need of air, I pulled her back to me to kiss her quickly again before pulling back.

Her eyes opened and looked into mine her smile seeming to fill the entire room with light. “wow” is all she breathed out bringing her hand to touch me cheek. I opened my mouth to say something but my thoughts were all muddled up. She laughed softly as she brought me closer into a hug her chin resting on my head. Then I remembered that I hand my notebook and pen with me, I could write it down. I was always better with written words then those said.

I turned in her grasp and bent down to my bad and grabbed my pen and notebook. Her arms still encircled my waist pulling me into her chest as her head now rested on my shoulder. As I turned to look at her. Her eyes looked back into mine with curiosity. I kissed her cheek and she squeezed my waist in response. “Patience is a virtue you know” I said. She again laughed her body shaking vibrating through mine. I quickly wrote down everything I wanted to say to her making sure that she didn’t read it. When I looked up to check to see if she was looking I just saw her looking at me. My cheeks became hot and red as I looked back down and again she laughed and just kissed my cheek.

As I finished what I wrote I pocketed my pen and turn back around to face her handing her my notebook. As she took it I leaned forward and rested my head on her chest circling my arms around her waist. The note said:

When her eyes meet mine for the first time on that train platform I knew there was something different about her but I couldn’t say what. When our eyes meet again right before our lips I finally figured it out. You make it feel like the constant chatter in my head finally stopped. You create this peace around you and in me that I could never replicate. When we kissed, it was if time stopped and all the white noise disappeared around us. But amazingly for the first time in years you made me feel completely happy and content.

She pulled back from me and rested her forehead again on mine. “but you know, wow, covers it too” I said.

She just leaned down and kissed me again smiling the entire time and as we pulled back for the second time, she said “I like the word fate to”.

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