Runaway Character Assassination

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A silence in front of this universe lasted for centuries as we understand the depth of our life within. Sometimes this is a day like never happened as childhood yet you may feel this sometimes in your life. Change the path towards your right approach. Let us consider this as your next day away from this runaway. :)

Submitted: October 24, 2016

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Submitted: October 24, 2016



You and I come from a traditional clockwork of history,

My pilgrimage on this route met many visitors from whom written with you in my mind a lot belong to many from your childhood towards managing of three worlds in your life,

Before a saffron of loved affairs you may spent time to offer something better to the world still no way be not its ends,

This timing suggest what a big life has made headlines in the newsroom of our reading wall,

Here this is a poem of your life when you develop within towards maturity,

I call this as runaway character assasination,

When you are locked for one more evil act unseen,

You may know an angel within will question this man in the mirror,

A conscience so bleeding fill the mind without like none else in these thoughts,

You wake up restlessly feeling you have been betrayed,

Many times you dont know what you are doing this moment,

You submerge your thoughts quashing emotions silently for the person within gracing against a hollow mind in a sound world alienated inside feeling to be unworthy towards living this life,

Reasons may feel sleepless in a time your will breakdown for bondages of choices you have made till now,

One day if you cannot rest your brain as it wash away itself with only silence in every thought,

For your family you were important than anyone ever lived,

Today they are besides you without any making of examination,

Who will be killing you within ?

You dont want to blame anyone but ask God why this experience expelled your minds peace ?

Have you ever wished if you got a second chance to move away this burden like a stone laid on your soul within ?

In this Church if you name your teacher for any grants of hopeful life again in thanksgiving peace,

Do you feel time will heal all wounds made in this play you are awakened for all dump on this shore ?

Killing you within cannot be cure,

But you feel it is unavoidable as it happens without any sign of awareness,

Far from any existence resigned from the job life gifted you here,

Once you feel this pull of character assasination,

You will implode emotionally feeling you are nothing worthy to be alive,

If you question your heart for an answer it can never give you back in the entire resource of creation,

You feel deep within you one angel ever loved you has a sense of responsibility for what you have done,

Time send you a request you may not have been aware if a day till now,

You may observe someone near your conscience giving you a voice of selfless expression,

Here you simplify everything inside the world you see as someone looking down for a suggestion,

After character assasination you feel all this so alike like have happened now,

Today back in lifes new door there is a pay you already had paid for beneficiaries who have supported you here,

Now you are not again a defaulter of values but past still remains may outlive your journey in a credit of all supportive memories like a figure in the blank cheque you can fill for living everyday,

Yesterday you were timed for a reasoning that this family keeps its bookvalue in all the gestures you have paved from the time you always are a gift for this home,

This home you live now is still the same never angry for all the claims not copied from assembly of its journey but for the special person you are in their life as someone always known for a big smile under the first hug of love wrapped from deep within your family moments,

You never can be away without rising for this love teacher laid his entire possession of faith away for your days ahead,

For our last days God listened this entire story from a teacher on the cross for His ultimate sacrifice for all hope,

God did knew what may have happened yet still burned away the candle for a new grant of peace,

Those path from white smoke towards darkness of ignorance of the true self within still fleet its army behind your days,

Yet God promised wellbeing in His shelther,

Where God never fails how much will be loved for this creation from the source of the energy gifted within your hearts wish,

Day out in this farm field may be wildest,

You may again consult something irrevocable,

Yet love gave you reasons for all His incarnation in your family,

Here you light a home for a billion summary of an offer time made in your lifes duty ahead,

Your world outside is still the same yet different episodes make it unconvincing to believe you should be prepared not to repeat those mistakes again,

If you send your weaver to collect grains in this field you have made one lifes harvest,

Tomorrow may God give you in accordance for your hardwork until you understand that service in a world you live is no free away from the darkness of evil doers,

From a time shining light in your lifes backyard call you seriously to change the outlook of a living,

May making this life simple gift these cherished days together to light those twinkling stars in the night sky with a hope you are here living united with a working God,

Let those days harvest love more inspiring the peace within boundless counting that this is a life,

When you grow up all angels may make us loved in blessings and generous in donation for our living universe traveling on the path of truth,

For this is a moment you may live in sublime peace till the ends of fullness in this gifted life you are here. 

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