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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

A man dies, he then has to relive his life up to his murder.

Please review! I would like to know things that I should work on or if you liked it or not. Thank you for reading.

blackness, that's all there was. Blackness. Not to be confused with darkness which would mean that there Once was light but complete and utter blackness. There was no pain like I  thought there would be, before i died yes there was a lot of pain When i was gutted then hung from a tree by a strange man in the park. I should be angry. I should be horrified. But all I could feel was warm, and happy. 
i closed my eyes, opened them and i was embraced in light. I looked around.
"the gates of heaven." I started walking towards the giant golden gate in aww of its beauty.  As I looked around a strange glowing man appeared in front of me. 
"God? Is that you?" 


It was a week before my ninth birthday and my dad and I were camping off of a lake. We were canoeing down the lake staying just in sight of the shore. 
"isn't this fun." My dad sighed, happy to be on vacation at last. The water was so crystal clear and smooth it felt like we were riding on glass. We sat there in silence for hours wile we were catching fish and slowly paddling around the lake. We came across an wide opening to a shallow river. As we turned into the river  we found a tree that had fallen into the water the branches sliding across the bottom of the canoe as we paddled on top of the water. A little wile later, Dad suddenly stuck his paddle into the murky mud and the canoe slowed to a stoped.
"left or right?" Dad asked pointing to the fork in the road. "And hurry it up, I want to get back to camp so we can cook up all the fish that we have caught. And mom is waiting for us."
"uhhh...right......" I said uncertain. Before I knew it we were going down the right path at a steady pace.
the next thing I knew I was under water my lung filling with water as I struggled to stay afloat. My hands slashed through the water as I found a rock and clung to it for dear life.


I was eighteen and I was sitting staring at my dads grave remembering the day that he died. The hiker couldn't save him in time. He said that he was lucky to be able to save me. 
"why did they go down this path?" the hiker muttered under his breath. His words echo into my head. It was my choice to go down this path. My choice that let him die. My choice that ruined my birthday and every birthday after that. My choice. I will never forget the name of that hiker. Jefferson. 


I was at the hospital wait for new for my wife and my baby. Pacing back in forth almost wearing a path into the carpet floor. 
"my wife is having a boy," said a strange man as he put down his newspaper. " we are naming him Jeff jr." i then realized who that man was. The strange man with a giant nose and big blue eyes, the person who saved me and not my father. Jefferson.
"Jefferson?" I asked clearly amazed in the way that fate let us meet.
"uhhhh.....I have to leave....." Jefferson said folding his newspaper sloppily. 


I was at the park with Ann, my daughter, and my wife, Jane. 
"Daddy!" My daughter ran towards me, " can we play ball?" 
"sure." I answered I threw the ball at her and it hit her head and bounced off into the woods. "Go get it." I coaxed her. 
she ran in the woods and was gone from sight in a matter of seconds. 
"you let her go in the woods alone? Jane asked looking at me like a crazy man.
I quickly revised my mistake and walking into the woods looking for her.
"Ann! Ann!" Where are you? 
"I'm right here da......." Ann replied getting cut of by an unknown force.
"Ann?" I ran to the last place where I last heard her voice.

the last vision I see, I see Ann running to her mom, Jane clutching her in her arms wile I  whispered "Jefferson?"

Submitted: October 24, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Bdaigneault. All rights reserved.

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