'Duh, Too Much, Media!'

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'Earth to media, come in, media!'

Submitted: October 24, 2016

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Submitted: October 24, 2016



What's happening in the news today? Oh, only the man with big hands,

every second of every day, there's nothing else happening, in ALL the lands.


So nice of the globe to stop spinning for the last year or so,

to make way for The Donald, and his oversize ego.


'Cause, Lord knows, we the people can't handle more than one

story at the same time, or else our brain will explode, and we'd come undone!


War, genocide? If it ain't here, we pay little to no attention.

Give us still-another story of self-centered pretension!


We crave the surrealism and bravado of Donny's unreality show,

cause it never makes us sick enough to stick a fork in our eyes, don't you know!




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