The lion and the hunt

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Submitted: October 24, 2016

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Submitted: October 24, 2016



Now you know I love you baby. Know I adore you, completely captivated by you. Don't ask me to prove it, you've seen me burn the only stretch of heaven I've ever been able to reach. My chest is an empty warehouse. Your voice echoes off of every surface, I can still feel the vibrations for weeks after.

Listen: I tied my heart to a cherry stem and went fishing with it.

Look: I'm about an hour away and I'm not sleeping again. The only time I feel alive is when the bass is up high and I can't hear myself breathe.

Its okay, it's fine. I get why you had to leave. But you know, right? You have to know by now. You're an ocean deep and brimming with God. I'm not religious but you're the only seraphic being I've ever seen with my own two eyes. It's enough to make me go to church if I didn't think I'd burn the second I set foot on the ground. What does the Bible say about girls who love too hard? I'd kill for you. Slip into the mud and get dirty, stay dirty. I'll annihilate everything I get my hands on. I'll pass through the earth like a hurricane, pick up houses and destroy lives. I don't care. Devote everything I do to you.

It's fine, you're the only thing I live for. You're a very rare person to come across; champagne personified, bright and bursting and completely effervescent. A whole universe cramped into one body, spilling and overflowing through your pores and your eyes and your lips. Make my limbs shake, baby. I love you.


But there's no point searching for yourself in a break up. Or a breakdown. And I am crumbling. My body some untranslatable failure. I am just a graveyard torn apart by a natural disaster titled with your name. This one isn't even on the Richter Scale. An unforgettable love. A story told throughout the decades? No, not a legend or a fable. Just a love as brief as beauty. Gone with the snap of your fingers. Gone like the sigh of a guillotine.

It's fine. I know now. My body cannot withstand the grief I feel the second you walk out the door. Your back to me, that's a mercy. At least I do not have to see your face when I fall. Like I had to the day I told you I had tumbled, stumbled, collapsed into love with you.

Listen: I am raw and have nothing left inside of me. I am devastated.

Look: you were the gun and I was the trigger, but what if I got it the wrong way around? You are the lion and the hunt. And I am the unsuspecting creature you prey on.

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