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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  No Houses
Miriam's life is not exactly a unique one. She's one with the crowd, no real accomplishments, and well not so much as a hint of care for the outside world in the first place. She's just the average, bored out of her mind young woman with the need of excitement.

This kind of excitement is what she needed after years of blending into the crowd.

This is the first story in a collection of short stories in a series.
edit: I will put the rest of a collection in "novel" format because Booksie doesn't allow me to add chapters on short stories.

Submitted: October 24, 2016

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Submitted: October 24, 2016



Devil Deals

“So you’re telling me, if I make this pact I can have any power I wish?”

A woman lays down on her back, her head hanging upside down. She stared at the other’s feet. She didn’t worry about choking on her chip or the food somehow coming back up to escape its acidic grave. She munches loudly on the thin yellow crisp, while paying attention to the explanation.

Oh yeah, her soda. Definitely needs to wash down the excess salt from her tongue. The fizziness died hours ago, so no popping of each bubble on her taste buds. She sits up to drink the last drop and watches with a sliver of care.

“Of course,” the hellspawn hisses. He strides towards the bed and lifts her head up, “Any power. So long as you give me your body.”

“Are you possessing me, so I get these powers?”


“So, you have a magic spell?”


“Oh, are you going to—?”

“I can explain that after we seal the deal, Miriam!” Exasperated, the demon shuts his eyes for a moment before his next thought, “Look, I get your body and soul and you get a power you wish,” he huffs, “Got it?!”

“But you said body first. You’re taking my soul, too?” Miriam tosses the ouija board reader from one hand to the other hand. She twirls the plastic triangle in her right hand, “That’s inconsistent, you know.”

“That’s it!” the incubus slams his scaly palm against her mouth. His eyes light with ashy fires that crackle like a fireplace snapping for more firewood. He sighs.

She sits quietly and mumbles a question. Sounded like one at least what with the fluctuating tone at the incomprehensible sentence.

“Stop asking so many questions,” his face scrunches up into a contained ball of yelling, “Listen. You and me, we’re making a pact. You will belong to me. In exchange for your body and soul, I can give you powers. Capiche?!”

She mumbles again and nods.

“I have a question,” She raises her hand like a child in a classroom, “I wish I could ask you a question because I’m confused about this and I won’t be confused anymore if you answer my question,” Miriam wipes her face free from any weird demon substances that might have gone on her. Do demons even sweat or produce some other liquid? She will never know, but that’s not the right question to be asked at this moment, “But you’ll get mad at me so I can’t ask my question and if I can’t ask my question, then I’ll be confused on what decision I’ll make and you shouldn’t be confused on what your options are about. And that’s why I should ask a question, but you’ll get mad and—.”

“Okay, fine! What is your question?!”

“How do we make this happen?”

“Oh my god!! Are you serious?!”

“But I thought you didn’t believe in god.”

“That’s not the point here!”

“But...it’s a contradiction to your belief. I mean I don’t think you wanna get Satan mad. Because you’ll get in trouble and we won’t be able to make a pact,” Miriam smiles somewhat cluelessly. She was for sure confident, though that this demon was in fact a contradiction.

Why did she summon this guy again?

The demon pinches the bridge of his nose, “Just… let me show you.”

Summoning a demon requires drawing the five point star in the middle of the room. Took a couple of tries and a few references from online, but Miriam made a decent one with doubtful connecting lines. A circle traps the star and a few lavender candles from the DIY store sat at each point.

She drips blood from a peeled band-aide. Look, it wasn’t her fault that the stapler was just above her hand! Her coworker was the one talking to her and the stapler was just waiting to put her hand and pages together. Only a slight injury though. The worst part was ripping the staples out or was it the stapler itself that was still stuck, but hey a freebie is a freebie.



“Miriam Beydoun. Do you accept my offer?” the incubus lights his hands with blue flames on each crease of his palm.

“I’ve got nothing better to do, kiddo,” she smirks. A crooked one with the edges bent at forty-five degrees.

The ouija board reader clanks to the ground. Plastic clinking onto the wooden slab. It bounces twice, now with a crack in the middle of the glass.

She grabs the demon’s hand tightly. Each flame licked at her own bigger palms. Her veins lit up with sapphire roads, leading to her head scarf. Winding paths shine in her dark brown eyes, individual ways of flowing canals

The demon pushes Miriam against the wall. His claws digging in between her knuckles forcing her onto the bed.

“Wait a minute,” Miriam speaks during her transformation.

The incubus pauses, “Don’t tell me you’ve changed your mind!”

“No,” she states, “I’m just not into guys...you know. It’s just my lifestyle. Curves on a girl are my kinda thang. I know you have some like changing powers, so could you transform into a girl for this? I know where this is all going to lead. I’m not a psychic, but I’ve read a shit ton of books detailing this process. K, thanks,” her grin shines brighter than even the physical link between familiar and master.

“Anything for you, dearest Miriam,” in a snap, the demon shortens to the same height as her. Her robust chest presses up against Miriam’s, “Now are you satisfied?”

“I won’t be until we’re done with this. You’ll get my official seal of approval later. You can continue,” she heavily breathes in the surging powers. It infects her organs, her bones, and the specific cells.

She could see.

She could see it all.

She could see all of the orbiting planets in the Solar system, rapidly going around and around, stopping at points to meet with one another.

Earth days pass back and forth. Reverse to the day of her birth. Forward to today when she contacted the now succubus. The spinning of the world tears her apart when forward and reverse battle with the Milky Way in a tug of war.

Miriam, bound to the Earth, overcomes her confusion and pain with pleasuring  optimism of this pact. So far, the benefits are quite higher than expected. She screams when forward movement pulls her closer to it. Her body fills with a dazed glee as she is lifted by forwardness. It empties out the other thoughts. Even logic escapes her head and into the cosmos, to only return later.

Hours proceeded as minutes kiss her goodbye. The seconds push her closer to forward motion, the climax, the Big Bang.

The deal was done.

With a groan, she wakes up to the sunshine reflecting off the plastic ouija reader to her eyes, half lidded. The light scatters all over the room, especially with the crack in the middle.

Last night...Last night was it even a real—?!

Miriam notices a sticky note on her small white bedside table. She crumples the note, when she grabs it. The table bangs and a few chips on the edge fall onto the carpet. Eh, the monsters under her bed can take care of them tonight.

Unflattening the note, she finds a crude drawing of a stick figure holding a...stick? Or was it an extension of his arm? The figure’s arm was too long for it to be more arm. Maybe whoever drew this was shit at proportions.

~The name’s Randon was at the bottom of the picture.

She turns over to her right, then left. Wait, right she turns again.

Against the TV, a decorated scabbard of gold and royal purple waits for its new witch to hold them in mighty hands.

© Copyright 2020 TheWritingFreedom. All rights reserved.

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