Nightmare One

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All Of Nightmare One Acts I-IV

Submitted: October 24, 2016

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Submitted: October 24, 2016



Nightmare One

I close my eyes

I fall asleep

Time goes on

I start to dream

I’m in a room

It’s All bright light

I’ll see you soon

You’ll be alright

My hand goes out

It gets a grasp

It’s a shout

It’s my wrath

It slowly grows

It slowly raps

Around my throat

Into my past

Into my thoughts

Into my mind

I scream alot

It’s my crime

Walls are splattered

Crimson hands

Lives that mattered

There I stand

I then stood

In monotone grey

I’m no good

That’s where I stay

I close my eyes

My heart beats

There were  lies

I was deceived

Here I rise

I’ll make a change

You’re ignorant

I’m deranged


Is all I hear

The ringing persists

In my ears

They can’t Resist

And yes I bleed

It’s the one thing

We all need

I see you

You see me

This time it’s not in a dream

I go home

Once again

Repeating the same pattern

So here I go

Cuz here I am

Back to the beginning…

I close my eyes

I fall asleep

Time goes on

I start to dream

I slowly rise

It slowly creeps

I shall die

In this dream

This time it’s

A bit different

I’m in a dimly lit

Room filled with monsters

It’s my cell

Do I belong here

I then reach

For a hand

All I see

Is crimson

There lies my demons

I feel pain

I’m dead again

I look around

Sorrows found

It builds up

Now I’m drowned

In this river of sadness

I’ve embraced all my madness…

Now I must be insane

No more metronome

Ticking away

Cuz I can still hold the rhythm

Even now it’s a monotone

Living here kills of boredom

Yet I still remain unknown

In this world that is grey

You never get to see the light of day

The only thing I’ve got to say

Is change your ways cuz

When you don’t you’ll wish for death

It’s worse than being in Macbeth

It’ll more than drive you crazy

Cuz you’re lost

There’s no escape

Too many walls

I’m too late

It happened again

I’ve been framed

Bloody hands

Their to blame

Walls are splattered once again

I’ve been battered to regain

All my terrible memories

Of the times were

Hate got the best of me

So now I sing…

I close my eyes

I fall asleep

Time goes on

I will not dream

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