Awaiting The Golden Age

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Book "Awaiting the Golden Age" is an aid in making the first step to improve body, spirit and life. The book was born while traveling in Himalayas. Author wanted to depict and explain the road he and many others walked. This road heals the wounds of the soul. Spiritual things - are hard to explain. They have been experienced by many, however to convey the message and especially write it down is not easy. Author wanted to do that in the simplest form , through visualizations and associations. The main question that arise for many over time "What is the purpose of my life?". This book was written so that reader would start to question, look for answers and would move towards different road, than the road that is being pushed on them by the environment or the prevailing culture. In this book there are described 49 yoga's exercises, which can be performed by any age practitioner who wants to reinforce their health.

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