A letter to you on your birthday

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For anyone who needs a reminder on their birthday.

Submitted: October 24, 2016

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Submitted: October 24, 2016



Here’s to you,

You’ve made it another year on this wonderful planet we call earth and whether you’re happy about it or not, its something that deserves to be celebrated. Every year on the eve of your birth is a reminder of the process that got you here. As adults, we all know where babies come from, but we rarely think about how special each birth is. The complications and factors that could’ve arose in the steps of the birthing process make the fact that you are actually here, quite magical. Some babies never see past that process, but you did. Every single day is a gift to you; a gift that you can choose to do anything with. Every single year is an even bigger gift. Birthdays are markers for all of life’s accomplishments. When a baby reaches its first year, we celebrate that the child started to grow its teeth and began walking. When a young adult reaches twenty we celebrate the farewell of the teenage years and welcome on adulthood. These celebrations continue indefinitely through our years on earth and long after we’re gone through our families that remain. Many people often don’t like birthdays because they are reminders of getting older or that we’re alone but neither of those things is negative. Getting older is a sign of a life well lived. It means you survived the days you didn’t think you could. Being alone is a measure of your strength. It means that even if you don’t think so, the universe believes you can. If you think no one recognizes you, I do. If you think no one appreciates you, I do. If you think no one is celebrating you, I am. Every life is special and no one should be taken for granted. So today I raise my glass to you. Who ever you are, for it’s your birthday and that means you made it another year.

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