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She believed him to be a rapist...

Submitted: October 24, 2016

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Submitted: October 24, 2016



The Illusion:

“The doctor will be coming soon sir. Till that please wait there” the receptionist said and pointed me a couch. I went to the couch and took my cell phone. My screen had my wedding photo. And Aishu, you are stunning. “How can you Aishu? How can you say me a rapist?”I thought.
The air gave whistles as I was speeding along the highway road in my new car. The road was not much crowded of vehicles and it gave me the chance to go at a speed of 120km/hr. The excitement of new car carried me away. It was full of baggage and luggage that we were taking it to our new house at Alwarpet, Chennai.
Aishu, my wife was with closed eyes as she was exhausted due to packing works. She is a stunning beauty and she really is a stunning beauty. Three years of love and one year of struggle for my love made my marriage possible. Yeah, I am married, just a week before and to add jealousy to you, I am just 24 years. Financially, being well settled due to my profession, my next part of life is nothing but to fulfill my dreams with ease.
The highway was calm and cool. I suppose that there is no other vehicle around me. My wrist watch pointed me 0.27 am. I looked at her eyes, it was sexy. Everybody will crave for her lips, but those hot two petals are now mine. And suddenly, the street lights started blinking, light and dark, light and dark, light and dark. A man with long hair and beard was visible to my eyes in a distance of 200 meter and he had no hands. His eyes were bloodshot and blood was goosing out from his nose. A sudden break, from 120kmph to zero, but now he is not here.
My wife woke up; thanks to seat belt, no injuries. I removed my seat belt, opened the door and came out. I looked around, he was not there. I just wiped my eyes and somebody kept hands over my shoulders. 
“This is why I said. We should not travel in nights” she told. I am not sure whether it was my wife. So, I just bent and viewed the car and she was not there.
“Huff, you are exhausted. That’s why it happens” she said in her sweet tone. “Keep calm and let me drive the car”
“You can drive the car, before that let me drive you first” I said and placed my hands over her hips. She replied with a shy; I tightened my grip a moment after her shy. My lips neared her cheeks and I slowly travelled to her lips and caught those two hot petals. She shivered and pulled me; “let us get inside” she said. It started to drizzle; we had awesome time together. 
Next day eve: Except our bedroom, other rooms were already arranged. “Dinu! Dinu! Quick, quick” she shouted. She was carrying a luggage which was heavy. I just urged to her and helped her to keep it down. She jumped from the chair and peeped at my eyes. “That suitcase should go to our bedroom and I must be there” she said. “Aishu! Get on to my shoulders” I said. I carried her on my shoulders and luggage in my hand and walked to my room. I put her down over the cot and looked at her eyes. 
She used her dupatta and dragged me to the cot and tied a knot. My breathe fell on her nose and vice versa and her eyes really looked damn hot with mascara. And then a suddenly a noise of braking glass, a tennis ball came straight and bashed my cheeks. I urged to the window and there were some boys playing. “Hoi, you broke it?” I shouted. “Uncle, but the ball is here” one of the boy shouted. “Hey, does he looks like uncle?” she shouted and threw the ball over him. “My handsome” she said and kissed me in front of all boys. Those days were the happiest days of mine.
3 months later: 
On a fine Monday morning, she came to my working room with a post. “You are going to America?” she asked. “It’s an official trip and I must go” I said after reading the post. “May I join you?” she spoke. After contacting my office, I came up with the word “No”.
I geared up for my trip though I am not much interested in it. Aishu’s friend, Rudhra told that she would stay with her for two months. Rudhra, is her classmate from her days of college, both had studied B.Sc Viscom. “We have decided to do a short film; I am writing the story, a horror story” she said after I reached America. At least she had somebody to be with her, and I had many to accompany me, my laptop and office mobile, office documents… “I am nothing without her” I realized. Loneliness gripped my life. The memories that I had with her from my days of love accompanied me here.
And finally, the day has come. I reached airport in the midst of heavy rain. I expected that the flight would cancel, but my guess became wrong. Though there is a slight risk, the pilot took off the plane. I arranged myself looked around to check if everything was all right. On spur of moment, a knife ratified to my eye lens, I just closed my eyes and hung my head down. I couldn’t notice who it was, but somebody is trying to kill me. And some fluid gushed out from my cheeks. I slowly opened my eyes.
“Mr. Dinesh, the doctor is on!” said the receptionist with her twinkling eyes. I opened the door, “Yes, Mr. Dinesh, Come in!!!” the Dr. Kotta Rao said, “so sorry for you and your story was pathetic!!!” But I couldn’t find any reasons for her behavior. “Yes, because of her, I am avoiding all meetings in my family.”
“No husband can’t bare his wife calling him a rapist”, he said. “What did she do when you were away?” he asked. “She was with her friend…and she did nothing. I guess…yes, she did something kind of an animation movie but she said nothing after that.
“Interesting, an animation movie? Like cartoons?” he asked. “May be sir” I said. “Sorry sir, not an animation movie, a kind of short film, horror genre I suppose”, I further said. “Today, I have an important discussion with a chief doctor. I will come to your home tomorrow” he said and left the cabin. I slowly moved to the parking and took my car and led to home. 
“She calls me a rapist. I don’t know why, something has shaken her during my absence. But she was fine in the initial days of my return” I thought.
 “The red fluid was his sauce, and he was playing with knife; thank god it didn’t hurt me. “Cute little boy! You cannot do this!’ I said to him. He blinked with his eyelids. I slowly tapped on his back and arranged myself in the seat.”
“Where did this fucking problem started?” my brain stroked. 
“In the Adventure hall, I paid a 12000 and had arranged for an adventure game. It is like playing a fiction game in your real life. “Come on sweet heart, we have to be there on 7 pm” I said. “Coming, coming” she shouted and she slipped on the way. Her head hit against the pillar. I ran up and made her get on, “Okay?” said I. “Everything right!” she said and came to car. On the way of travel, she fainted. I just sprinkled some water and she woke up. “Are you fine? Can we go there?” I asked.
“Nothing, I am just tired, we can go there” she said. “And that terrific building was in ECR. I don’t know how they made it. It was just dark under the hot sun, completely dark. We have to wear a white cloth over us so that a sensor will detect us and activate its functions. We were just in the gate of the building. “You have to come out to the other side by 9pm so that you will win gifts. Exactly 2 hour sir. If any problem on the way, just press “END” button on this remote.” he said; followed up with a sum of rules and regulations and gave an instruction paper. We just nodded for every word. “Hopefully, I will meet you at the end” he said and left us. 
Rule 1: Go and keep your hands on the gates. The gigantic gates had been inscribed with owl scripts. As soon as we touched the gates, the eyes of the owl scripts turned red and heavy irony voice struck in the building. “Just decide one more” it stated. The gates slowly moved. “Ha Ha, There’s a something for my hunger today” a cruel voice stated and a window in upper floor brightened with yellow color. “She smiled at me and said, “It is not so horrific”. We walked in a few steps, and when I kept my feet at a particular stone, an arrow with fire came facing us. She held my hand tight. Just a foot before my legs, the arrow fell down, but bats surrounded us and started making heavy noise. She was scared and hugged me tightly. I just shook my hands and it was virtual bats, created by computer graphic. “Aishu, come on, just a graphic”. She stood up and we took few steps and reached a place where we had pillars on both side. As we walked across, each pillar lit with fire. The lion inscriptions in the pillars were majestic. Correspondingly a horrific music was played. We walked together and reached the big door. 
Rule 2: Loudly Say “Mehuba lik tho basti” by keeping your hands in the rings of the door.  “Aishu, keep your hands on the door” I said and she did. “Come on, say! ‘Mehuba Lik tho basti’”I said and she followed. A moon brightened up, eagles suddenly pointed us and came with heavy force. It scratched her dress and just in a moment, all eagles flew away. Only silence and darkness pervaded all over the place and we both walked together a few distance. Abruptly, she fell down; candles brightened, a loud laugh, a villain laugh. A man, his face was burnt, skin was melting and his eye sockets were hollow; blood gushed out from nose; his cheeks had many nails; blades hung in his hands; legs are on fire. He was holding her with a sharp broadsword on her neck. “This is not in the game. I am real; prepare yourself to get burnt” he shouted and the building echoed. I just took a step and a dozen arrows surrounded me. We were confused whether it was real or reel .I was in her right side. She looked at her left “Help me Arjun! Help me”, she shouted. “Arjun? Who is that?” I thought. And again he roared like a thunder; she fainted and that virtual man disappeared. 
I pressed “THE END” button; lights switched on, just took some water and sprinkled on her, unfortunately I didn’t notice that her shirt button has loosened. She woke up, jumped and said “Somebody, help, he is trying to rape me.” I just neared her, “Hey, I am your husband” I said and held her hand; officials arrived. “You killed Arjun, my love for your lust.” she said. “Arjun? Who is that fucker?” I said. “See, you have killed him and you are trying to rape me” she was saying with heavy tears. “Now get off you….” She came to say something and I just slapped her, again she fainted.
I took her to the hospital, from then she started to treat me as a rapist, so I called her friend, Shalini to stay with her for few days. I never saw her after that incident though we were living in the same home. She tried to escape one day, but fortunately, neighbor caught her. We lived like sun and moon in the same sky.
I reached my home, parked my car and I straightly entered into her room, “Aishu, please…” I started to say something. “Why are you coming to my room, Goutham? Again trying to rape me? I am just leaving you because you are Shalini’s husband.” she said; I couldn’t speak anymore, just came out of the room. My lovable wife thinks her husband as someone’s husband and also believes him to be a rapist. 
  “Sometimes, she is saying that she wants to meet Arjun. She says Arjun is her love. I could not get even a single guess from her words. We never had a friend named Arjun. I think that you know tomorrow is her birthday” Shalini said after I came out of her room.  
The only solution is to check what she did during my absence. So I started to search her short film works. I called Rudhra who did direction for the movie with her. She sent me the 7 min movie through Whats App. She said that only half portion of the shooting was completed.  
Movie title: REVENGE: “Arjun, how can Goutham do this to me? He knows that I am in love with you. Then how can he suppose to do it to me?” the movie started like this from the heroine. “Harini, what the shit going to happen by always thinking that one bad incident? Yes, he tried to rape you; so what? Just delete it off from your memory, we are nearing our engagement, tomorrow is your birthday” the hero said and held her hands. “Love you darling!” she said scratching his hands. “So, where can we party tomorrow? Invite your friends and we will have fun; Lee Meridian?” he asked. “I just want to be with you, only you, full day” she said. “Ok, then we will meet at the Old palace, I will arrange something for you” he said and left the place, bidding bye. 
Next day, they both met at the Old palace, a long forgotten building. There are many myths about the palace, but they are young bloods. He tied her eyes and took her inside. “And, now, this is for you” he said and removed the knot. Truly, that was a great place to celebrate her birthday, the mix of antiques and modern arts. A black forest cake was in the table, and suddenly “Happy birthday Harini”, her friends shouted. “They will leave once we cut the cake” he said as she stared at him. And the palace turned to a pub, snow sprays started showering everywhere, paper blast and everytyhing. She cut the cake, loud cheers followed; they decorated the face with creams. “We’ll leave you out here, have fun, cheers” said her friends, hugged her and left the palace. Arjun neared her, pinched her cheeks. She replied with snow spray, sprayed all over his face, he did the same. Both of their faces had snow spray, he held her hands tightly, neared her; his face neared her face, and finally reached her lips. 
Tup, Tup, Tup; 3 bullet shots; Arjun fell as a corpse. “Goutham!!!” she dazed with horror in her eyes. Goutham was standing in front of her with a cigarette and pistol. “Yeah, Goutham, your Goutham…”he stared at her; “How can you do this to me?” Tell me Harini, how can you do this fuck to me? I am yours; you are mine. Who is this cheap third rated person between us? Tell me ma, tell me” he said and held her said. “No, No, I can’t do this” she said with a frozen tone. He inhaled the smoke. “Hey, hey, hey, you cannot say this. If you want to live, then I am your only option. No more choices” he said and exhaled the smoke on her face. “No, Goutham, I have respect over you. Now we will take Arjun to the hospital, please Goutham, please” she pleaded him. “Aahan?” he asked her and went to his corpse. He slapped Arjun’s two cheeks with his hands. “See, see, see, just see he died, he cannot come again” he said and gave a wide eyed look. She ran to his body, “Arjun! Arjun! ”, she cried. “You too die with him”, he said and took his cigarette and did a blow straight to her face. A spark reached her face and lit the snow spray, her face burnt, she started to shout, and he took a blade from his pocket. She scratched all over her hands and legs, blood gushed out, the flame in her slowly disappeared. She ran all over the room with pain, agony and stress with her melting face. “Just go to hell to be with him” he said and gave her remaining three shots to her chests. She fell on the floor.” The video ended.
And, now all came clear to my mind. For writing story, she has stretched her mind, in the due course she has fell as prey to the character. She strongly believes me as that rapist as I tried to be close with her in the adventure hall. And she lives in an illusion that there is a real life Arjun. I should not have left her lonely here. I should not have gone to America; absence of my love has done this all to her. “How much love she had over me?” tears slowly ran down to my cheeks.
I called the doctor and narrated everything to him. “I will come to your home tomorrow.” He said and left me a beep tone.
 “Aishwarya! I have said to not to leave him lonely. Yesterday, he came up with a new story, but an awesome one. He checked my blood pressure and blood sugar level”, the doctor said to her. He then prescribed some medicines. My mom was in my home that day.
“Doctor, can you explain me in detail?” she asked. “Amma, he has already explained everything to me and your son” she said.
  “No problem, I will explain ma. Living in a two world at a same time, that’s his problem, it’s an illusionary disorder. He believes something strongly that it is happening in reality; but he never knows that’s all his imagination. When he is lonely, he goes complex, he cannot free his mind. Your son left his lovable wife here; while he was in America, he just could not tolerate her absence. He always thought that she should be with him, but when it is not happening, he thinks that she has left her and he also comes up with reasons for that. All these things are happening when he is in rest or while sleeping. Sometimes, a real character may interfere his imagination. And that’s me. Thank god, he came to a psychologist. No problem now, he is recovering from it!! Soon he will completely recover from it”, he said and left the home.
After sometime, a phone came to our landline; actually we had an intercom system. At the same time, two persons can listen to a call. She was down and she took the phone as soon as it rung. After seeing “Doctor” in the screen, I took the call in upper floor. She or doctor never knew that I took the phone. 
  “Don’t tell this to your husband”, the doctor started like this. “Tomorrow is your birthday in his illusion. In the story you i.e. is your character in the story believes him a rapist. And in the short film, the girl died on her birthday. But if his both illusion collides, he may try to kill you” he said. “What are you saying doctor? What will happen to me?” she asked.
“Who know what is there in next chapter?” he said and left a beep tone. 

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