Some Thoughts On My Birthday

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Just some thoughts on my birthday about life and questions that have been asked by people and life itself.

Submitted: October 25, 2016

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Submitted: October 24, 2016



So ,here it is my 32nd birthday,thirty two years of life . It has been a long journey. A good experience. All these years there have been many questions.Some have been asked by people ,Some I have been asking myself and some have been put forward by life itself.  For some I have answers for some I have been  looking for answers.  People are very strange and so their questions.when people used to ask me, " what you want to do with your life ? or what is your aim in life ?"I used to reply " I want to become a doctor because my best friend wants to become a doctor too" .At that time I even  did not know what people do with their lives and when I came to know what people  do with their lives and when actually I found out the right answer, They have stopped asking me this question.At this point of my life most people now ask,"when your getting married?" on the contrary to previous question I did know at the age of adult eighteen why people marry and I  had the right girl in mind but nobody  ever asked at that time. Thats how people are  and they are  important part of our lives. Any way lets move forward to a question which I have asked myself. "How to trust people?".Some betrayed me, some were faithful. Some betrayed me  without any reasons. It does not matter they are your blood relatives or just unknown traveller. You will never know which one to trust.So, Just trust life instead of people.  If you believe life is beautiful than offcourse it is because of us  humans and every one deserves a chance,a beautiful life . Thanks that nobody  has ever  asked me about love.  Imran hashmi  love story  movie jannat was a hit, In real life if some one even tries to do something close to the movie  it will be a mad story. Strange that same people who liked the movie and made it a hit ,will dislike it if something similar happens in real life. We watch love in dreams , We read  love in stories,  we listen love in songs but we are still afraid of love in life. And finally comes to the question life puts forward in form of dreams.Dreams are very interesting . Just like ,"The Sun is a big cake and all that light and heat is because of candles burning  on it on my birthday" . Thats how,  I use to dream  every year  on my  birthday .Scientists will kill me but what they know about a man dreams? they are too proud of  their brain and dreams are from heart. It sounds so stupid. The sun can never be like my dreams, but it is not useless to have such dreams. as instead of the Sun I  can  make my cake looks like it .Just, few more candles, and more yellow fruity flavors. The cake can never feel hot as  the Sun, but I can make it taste hot. That's how it goes  just keep on watching dreams and find a real way to approach these dreams  in the real life . I guess its time that I should ask a question from life. 



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